Types of hotel rooms: choose the rest to taste

Types of hotel rooms: choose the rest to taste
Types of hotel rooms: choose the rest to taste

Vacation is a wonderful part of everyone's life. Every employee looks forward to the cherished date when it will be possible not to go to work, but instead get on a plane and wave to hell.

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Today, tour operators offer, as a rule, two main types of recreation: sightseeing and beach. Going on the first program tour, you may not think much about the hotel, but put the main emphasis on getting positive emotions from sightseeing. But in the case of a beach holiday, you treat his choice with special attention. Everyone knows that hotels are classified by the number of stars, but within each there are different types of rooms.

Rooms for every taste

To meet the requirements of any category of vacationers, hotels offer various types of rooms. In hotels you can rent a standard (standard), superior room (superior), deluxe (de luxe), studio or apartment, family room (family room), suite (suit), honeymoon room (honeymoon room), presidential (president room), two-storey or maisonette (duplex, maisonette). Obviously, their cost will be different.


As a rule, this is the most inexpensive hotel room with the smallest footprint and modest furnishings. Consists of one room, bathroom and toilet. There are 1-bed and 2-bed standard rooms, but in some hotels it is possible to put an extra bed -

room types in turkey hotels

extra bed for triple occupancy.


Superior types of rooms in hotels - this is superior: more than a standard room, sometimes closer to the sea (if we are talking about club hotels or hotels of a combined type, when there is a main building, a high-rise building, and separate bungalows for several families). Otherwise, there are essentially no differences.

Family apartments

There are two types of family rooms in Turkish hotels: family room and family studio. The first option is a one-room apartment, larger than a standard room. They can accommodate up to 4 people (as a rule). A family studio consists of two rooms and accommodates more guests than a regular family studio.


The category of suit rooms also comes in different types: regular suite, junior suite, executive suite, senior suite. Such types of rooms in hotels in Greece, just like in any other country, differ from other categories in their square (they are larger and usually consist of a living room and a bedroom), they can have two bathrooms, they are distinguished by their original design (this is rather executive suite), and the furniture is expensive. It is also worth paying attention to their location in the building: as a rule, suites have a good view from the window.

Presidential Suite

These are the most expensive room types in hotels:

room types in greece hotels

located in the most prestigious place (for example, almost under the roof), with a huge area, several bedrooms and living rooms and more than one bathroom. The president room is furnished with high quality furniture. Often, guests who choose these types of rooms in hotels are provided with certain privileges that brighten up their vacation: free use of a mini-bar, infrastructure that is paid for by other vacationers, etc. Needless to say, the level of service in such apartments is simply incredible?

Obviously, with such a luxurious range of rooms, every tourist can choose exactly the type that will satisfy all his requirements and wishes.

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