Flight to Dubai: flight times, routes. Moscow - Dubai flights

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Flight to Dubai: flight times, routes. Moscow - Dubai flights
Flight to Dubai: flight times, routes. Moscow - Dubai flights

When planning a long-awaited trip, tourists try to take into account all sorts of nuances, get acquainted with the peculiarities of the country, choose a good hotel and a trustworthy carrier. Often the price and time of the flight are of fundamental importance, especially for families with children and the elderly. In the article, we will consider how a flight to Dubai differs, its cost and travel time.

Distance Moscow - Dubai, Moscow airports

The distance from Moscow to one of the best resorts in the United Arab Emirates - Dubai - is 3,682 kilometers. On average, the liner overcomes this path in five hours. When choosing Russian airlines, the flight time from Moscow to Dubai will be just over five and a half hours.

Some tourists prefer to travel with transfers in order to save money, however, most still choose direct flights:

  1. The fastest way to get to Dubai is with Air Arabia. Planes fly from Domodedovo Airport to Sharjah.
  2. AircraftAeroflot Airlines depart from Sheremetyevo Airport straight to Dubai.
  3. Passengers who find it most convenient to depart from Vnukovo Airport are advised to use the services of FlyDubai.
  4. Aircraft of one of the world's leading airlines Emirates takes off from Moscow's Domodedovo airport.
  5. moscow dubai flights
    moscow dubai flights

Path options

To save on the trip, you can choose a route with a connection. The flight time will increase slightly, but the costs will decrease. In addition, this option is relevant if tickets for a direct flight are sold out. The best of these methods is offered by Qatar. With a short connection in Doha, the Moscow-Dubai flight will take just over 7 hours.

FlyDubai airline provides a choice of flights via Tbilisi, Bishkek or Prague. Accordingly, the cost of the flight, the time of connection and the total flight will change.

UTair airlines fly from Moscow to Dubai with a transfer in the capital of Azerbaijan. The total flight time will be almost 8 hours. The price in this case is much higher than the cost of a direct flight, so this offer is unlikely to interest anyone.

Greek airline Etihad operates a flight with a connection in Abu Dhabi. The price of air tickets is quite affordable, and the time that you have to spend on the road is from 8.30 to 9 hours.

The Arab carrier Emirates, operating routes to Dubai, makes transfers in the largest cities of Europe (Vienna, Athens, Warsaw, Stockholm, Rome) and St. Petersburg. Depending on thethe place of docking changes the flight time. At best, it will be 9 hours, but the maximum is 34 hours on the road.

Aeroflot offers a choice of flights via Istanbul, Baku, Larnaca or London. The price of a ticket will be several times more expensive than a direct flight.

flight to dubai
flight to dubai

Choose an airline

If a person works with a travel company and orders a tour to Dubai, the flight is paid immediately. On the spot, employees will select the appropriate option and announce the cost.

If you decide to choose an airline yourself, we advise you to pay attention to the following nuances:

  1. Travelers who value comfort and high-class service are advised to choose Emirates as their air carrier. These are airlines that have proven themselves to be among the best in terms of service. Even when flying in economy class, passengers are offered private movie viewing, internet access and great food.
  2. Another air carrier from the UAE is FlyDubai. It offers more budget flights. At the same time, their principle is based on a low price, since the cost of a ticket is formed from the choice of a seat, meals are paid separately. However, for passengers flying in business class, all services are included in the ticket price. Despite its specifics, the airline offers good service. There are screens built into the backs of the chairs on which you can track the flight, for a fee you can watch the proposed films on them.
  3. Domestic airlines Aeroflot and Ural Airlines offera standard set of services, including drinks, snacks and a delicious dinner. If we compare both carriers, Aeroflot has a better reputation.
  4. Kenya Airways is characterized as a company with friendly staff, delicious food and affordable flight prices.
  5. But about the budget classification companies Azur Air and NordStar, opinions are the most controversial. Passengers remain dissatisfied with the untidy interior, uncomfortable seats and luggage handling.
flight time moscow dubai
flight time moscow dubai

Road straight ahead

Direct flights to Dubai from Moscow are operated by the following popular airlines:

  1. Aeroflot.
  2. Emirates.
  3. Azur Air.
  4. FlyDubai.

Among the listed airlines, several organize charter flights: Azur Air, Emirates, NordStar.

The travel time for a flight from Moscow to Dubai on direct flights is five and a half hours.

Fee for two adults in economy class is:

  • Aeroflot – RUB 24,000
  • Flydubai – RUB 25,500
  • Azur Air – RUB 25,500
  • Emirates – RUB 61,000
  • AirArabia – RUB 22,500

Road with transfers

A flight with transfers is suitable not only for travelers who want to save money on air tickets Moscow - Dubai, but also for people who urgently need to fly on a certain date, but there were no empty seats. In whatever city the docking is carried out, a transit visa is not required. If you want, as they say, to kill two birds with one stone and stay in a transit city for a couple of days,you need to take care of a visa in advance, because without it you will not be able to leave the airport.

The cost of a flight for two adults in economy class with transfers will be:

  • Turkish Airlines via Istanbul - from RUB 22,000
  • Etihad via Abu Dhabi – RUB 25,500
  • Azal via Baku – 30,000 rubles;
  • Uralskiye AL through Yekaterinburg – 31,000 rubles
  • Air Astana Cjsc via Astana – RUB 33,000
  • Pegasus via Istanbul – RUB 35,000
  • Gulf Air via Bahrain – RUB 39,000
  • Egyptair via Cairo – RUB 45,000
  • Saog via Muscat – RUB 52,000
  • Uzbekistan Airways via Tashkent – RUB 60,000
  • Finnair via Helsinki – RUB 65,000
tours to dubai with flights
tours to dubai with flights

Choose a flight

If travel time is of paramount importance, it is recommended to choose direct flights among Aeroflot, FlyDubai, Emirates, Kenya Airways. Flight delays for these companies are extremely rare, flights are mainly operated from Sheremetyevo Airport and last from 5 to 5.30 hours. FlyDubai also flies from Vnukovo.

If you choose in terms of price, quality and flight time, Aeroflot takes the lead, it offers the most affordable air transportation, without delays and with a good level of service.

If it doesn’t matter how long and what route the journey from Moscow to the UAE takes, but first of all you want to buy a ticket at the lowest price, flights to Dubai are provided by Turkish Airlines, Etihad Airways,airlines, Azerbaijan. By purchasing a ticket in advance, you can choose the most advantageous option.

airfare to dubai
airfare to dubai

Dubai Resorts

You can go abroad both on regular vouchers and on "burning" ones. In the second case, the price of a holiday in Dubai with a flight will be lower. The cost of regular vouchers in a 3-4hotel for seven days for two adults with a flight will be approximately 2-2.5 thousand dollars. "Last-minute" vouchers are sold for half the price.

The following resorts are popular in the UAE:

  1. Jumeirah. This is the central area of the city of Dubai, including the famous coastline with islands in the form of a palm tree. It is considered one of the most luxurious holiday destinations in the United Arab Emirates.
  2. Al-Barsha is the business and entertainment part of the city, for connoisseurs of city life and great shopping. Here is the largest shopping center Mall of Emirates. In addition to numerous shops, there is a ski resort on its territory.
  3. Jebel Ali. A zone of actively developing hotel recreation. Despite the fact that the area is located half an hour from the city center, it is very quiet and peaceful here.
  4. Down Town is the most modern part of Dubai with entertainment for all tastes and ages. The famous Burj Khalifa skyscraper, which entered the book of records as the tallest building, is also located here.
  5. Deira. The old tourist part of the city, here are economy-level hotels from 2 to 4 stars. There are shopping centers, beaches and a market in the area.
  6. Bur Dubai. History Center. Once it was a fishing villagetherefore, most of the attractions are concentrated here. A bay flows between Bur Dubai and Deira. The hotels here are very different: from economy to luxury, the infrastructure is well developed. Since initially the width of the roads and parking spaces were not taken care of, huge traffic jams can be found on its territory.
flight moscow dubai travel time
flight moscow dubai travel time

How to save on flights?

To make your flight to Dubai as pleasant as possible and not have to save on the quality of services provided by the carrier, you should pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • tickets should be bought at least two months before the planned trip, so you can save a lot;
  • if you choose a low-cost carrier and refuse to carry luggage, food and seat selection, you can reduce ticket costs;
  • use search engines, allow you to compare prices and choose the best deals;
  • flight prices may change several times a day, the best time to find available tickets is early morning and late at night;
  • in order not to miss the profit, you should monitor the promotions and discounts of tour operators and airlines.
holidays in dubai price with flight
holidays in dubai price with flight

What else to consider?

Which route to choose for a flight to Dubai, the tourist determines independently, based on personal considerations and financial capabilities. Experienced travelers recommend giving preference to flights with connections where the transfer takes no more than three hours orlasts more than a day. When choosing the latter option, the airline provides the passenger with free accommodation and meals.

UAE is a country with a Muslim religion, so when you visit it, you must show respect for local rules and traditions. You can not take pictures of passers-by without their consent, drink alcoholic beverages in public places and go drunk outside the hotel. Such offenses are punishable by fines or imprisonment. The import of potent medicines into the country is prohibited.

Otherwise, travelers enthusiastically share their impressions of the trip and flight to Dubai, note the high level of service and the friendliness of local residents.