Tourism in India: general information, tips

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Tourism in India: general information, tips
Tourism in India: general information, tips

Tourism in India is full of exciting adventures, captivating beauties of magnificent nature and architecture, as well as the opportunity to try one of the most diverse cuisines in the world. Those who prefer a classic holiday can enjoy a special atmosphere of serenity, basking on the warm sand of the endless beaches in the states of Goa or Kerala.

General information about the country

Introducing tourism in India should begin with a consideration of whether it is worth going to rest in this country. Our answer to this question is strictly positive. India is an amazing country with a rich history, beautiful scenery and endless entertainment for tourists from all over the world.

Before any trip, it will never be superfluous to refresh your knowledge about a particular place. What should people know about visiting India?

Tourism in India: general information

The capital of the country is New Delhi. The title of the largest city at one time went to the city of Mumbai, which until 1995 had a completely different name -Bombay.

India is a federal state comprising twenty-nine states, six union territories and one National Capital Territory of Delhi.

The development of tourism in India plays one of the most important roles in the economic life of the country. They love guests here and constantly worry about their comfort and convenience.

Do I need a visa to India?

Unfortunately, Russia does not have a visa-free regime with India, so all tourists must have a valid visa with them to travel. You can submit documents both independently and through special companies that organize tourism in India. For all the necessary information, we recommend contacting official trusted sources.

How much will it cost?

Do I need a visa to India?

The cost of holidays in India will vary depending on the personal needs of each individual tourist. Despite this, it is still possible to calculate the approximate costs. In the event that a tourist decides to fly to India through special agencies, he will be offered to pay a fixed amount that will cover the relocation, visa costs and hotel accommodation (plus he alth insurance). On average, an eight-day tour will cost you 45,000 rubles per person.

An independent trip to India can cost a tourist both cheaper and more expensive than the amount offered by special agencies. Again, it all depends on the time of the trip, the chosen place and personal expenses.

It is also worth noting that travel agencies often offer discounts and great deals, withwhich can help you save money. If one of our readers is thinking about organizing their own trip, then we can advise you to buy tickets in April or September - this is often the time when companies greatly reduce prices.

Hotel selection

The cost of holidays in India

When going on a trip to India, people, of course, begin to think about choosing a place to live. The number of hotels in this country is amazing. You can choose among five-star giants representing well-known world chains, as well as among local private traders. Both provide excellent customer service.

In India, there is a law that controls the construction of hotels so that visitors are always comfortable and safe. So, for example, the height of buildings should not exceed nine meters, and the distance to the sea should be 300 meters. Many Russian tourists speak positively about Oberois, Taj and Welcom hotels (large hotel chains). For more budget options, you can always use the services of popular online platforms that place ads from individuals (verified options).

What you need to know about the climate?

The south of the country is characterized by an equatorial climate, and the north - mountainous subtropical. It is best to come to rest in the middle of summer (July-September) or in winter. Mountainous areas located in the north can be a great place for lovers of skiing. Two such excellent resorts can be found in the cities of Manali and Shimla.

Journey throughIndia

Goa and Kerala

This is the name of the two largest states in India, where tourists from all over the world seek to get.

Goa is washed by the waves of the Arabian Sea. Due to the status of a former colony of Portugal, this state has a special European look. Hotels located in South Goa are considered more expensive - we althy tourists often choose them. In the north, this resort is especially loved by young people from the US and European countries. Underwater diving and recreation on the shores of numerous lakes and waterfalls are popular in Goa. There are also unique nature reserves and ancient forts.

Kerala occupies the southwestern part of India. It is here that there are three airports that receive international visitors. On the territory of the country, tourists can move around with the help of convenient rail transport. Kerala has many breathtaking places and landscapes: picturesque mountain peaks, nature reserves, cozy beaches and spectacular waterfalls. In addition to tasting gourmet cuisine and getting to know local folklore, tourists flock to Kerala for another important reason - the opportunity to visit unique Ayurvedic centers.

Development of tourism in India

What is Ayurveda? This is the name of the oldest method of treatment, which once originated in India. Ayurvedic centers offer you a unique wellness complex that pays attention to proper nutrition, medicinal herbs and various massage techniques. The mild Indian climate also contributes to the restoration and maintenance of he alth. During the local seasonrains, which falls between April and June, the air is saturated with useful moisture.

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