Pyramids in Cairo: history, description, excursions, photos

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Pyramids in Cairo: history, description, excursions, photos
Pyramids in Cairo: history, description, excursions, photos

Ancient Cairo, which received the poetic name "the city of a thousand minarets", has collected the best achievements of ancient civilization. The modern metropolis, which attracts crowds of tourists, surprises with its mysteries. The unique property of Egypt is the majestic pyramids, which have become the hallmark of the state that arose on the banks of the Nile. They remind posterity of the former greatness of local rulers.

The greatest architectural monuments of antiquity, located near the capital of Egypt, and to this day inspire awe. Looking at the monumental pyramids in Cairo, photos of which excite the imagination of any traveler, you begin to think about how much effort and time was spent on the construction of mysterious structures.

The funeral cult in the religion of the ancient Egyptians

The religion of Ancient Egypt, which formed the worldview and culture of the people, was a collection of various cults that underwent numerous changes. It was characterized by an abundance of gods, includingpharaohs were subject to deification - the lords of the state, who, according to ordinary people, were mediators between heaven and earth. The ascension to the throne of a new ruler was the beginning of a new era. The kings, who were in charge of the welfare of the country, received the greatest inheritance - the Egyptian land, which they had to keep as a priceless treasure.

Unique archaeological and historical monuments
Unique archaeological and historical monuments

It is no coincidence that the funeral cult occupied a special place in the religion of Ancient Egypt. People believed that death is the beginning of the afterlife. For it to be successful, certain conditions must be met. The main thing is to save the body, which was the receptacle of the immortal spirit of the deceased. A unique technique of embalming was invented, which, allegedly, was taught to the priests by the patron of the dead - the god Anubis.

Royal Tombs

After the onset of the physical death of the pharaohs, their bodies were mummified, because only in this case the spirit that left the body would unite with it and continue to live. If ordinary tombs were built for ordinary people, then for the deputies of God, giant pyramids were erected on earth, which symbolized the ascent of the heavenly ladder. Inside the labyrinths, in hard-to-reach chambers, both a sarcophagus with a mummy and objects that would be useful in the afterlife were placed.

Giant pyramids, which were a kind of "stairs" on the way to heaven, were not built at all in order to show the creative abilities of the masters of that time. The tombs of the kings, always distinguished by their size, symbolizedhigh rank of pharaohs in relation to all other people.

Tombs were often empty, and the mummies of the pharaohs were buried in places inaccessible to robbers. This fact did not at all prevent the pyramids from carrying out the function of ascending to heaven the rulers who acquired immortality. And after death, the kings received divine status.

Attraction included in the list of the seven ancient wonders of the world

Cairo's most famous tourist attraction is the Pyramids of Giza, located on the outskirts of Egypt's capital. This is a whole complex of monumental structures, consisting of important monuments of civilization. Inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, it is located on the Giza Plateau, a part of the virgin desert, in the sands of which a unique evidence of the greatness of the culture of the ancient Egyptians is hidden.

Dwellings intended for the afterlife of the pharaohs have long been the hallmark of the country. These are the oldest buildings in the world that have survived for posterity in a satisfactory condition, and each visitor will be able to touch the history of mankind, while feeling the connection of times.

The most interesting tourist site

The complex of ancient monuments includes the tombs of Mikerin, Khafre and Cheops - the second pharaoh of the 4th dynasty of Ancient Egypt. It is known that he was a cruel ruler who directed all the resources of the state to the construction of his "home after life." The pyramid of Cheops in Cairo, created from several million even blocks, is the most interesting object of this place. It was built in three stages over several decades and, according toAccording to historians, the completion of construction took place in 2560 BC.

In the large-scale construction of antiquity there are three burial chambers, one of which was supposed to become the tomb of the king. Modern archaeologists have discovered a sarcophagus made of pink granite without a lid. The mummy of the pharaoh was missing, and this was a huge disappointment for the ministers of science, who concluded that the ruler was buried elsewhere.

Pyramid of Cheops (Khufu)
Pyramid of Cheops (Khufu)

The height of the monumental building is more than 146 meters, and the weight is about 6 million tons. It is considered one of the largest structures erected in the history of mankind. More than five thousand tons of limestone and eight thousand tons of granite were spent on the construction. It is curious that three small satellite pyramids are located around it, which, most likely, were intended for the wives of the pharaoh.

Mysteries of the monumental structure

You can talk about the pyramid of Cheops for a long time, but any story will be incomplete, because it keeps a lot of unsolved secrets. It seems incredible, but the ancient Egyptians knew the geometry and the so-called golden ratio, which was reflected in the proportions of the pyramid in Cairo and its angle of inclination. To this day, the method of its construction has not been unraveled, as well as who exactly acted as a labor force in those distant times.

Scientists have found that the top of a giant structure is directed to the North Pole and "looks" at the North Star. There is even a version according to which an amazing ancient monument onis actually an astronomical observatory. It is not clear how the ancient builders were able to calculate everything so accurately, because they did not have special instruments. It is no coincidence that supporters of mystical theories claim that giant structures are the work of representatives of alien civilizations.

The tomb and its secrets

The Pyramid of Pharaoh Khafre (Khafra) is the second largest. With a height of more than 136 meters, it immediately catches the eye due to the remnants of the cladding at the very top. Tourists will not be able to get inside the pyramid in Cairo, so you can only get to know it from the outside. It was plundered 4,000 years ago, and the mummy of the pharaoh disappeared along with the jewels. Although some researchers suggest that it simply was not there.

Inside the building there is only one burial chamber with an area of 71 meters, in which there was a sarcophagus. Two tunnels lead into the room, connecting with each other not far from the entrance.

Pyramid of Khafre (Khafra)
Pyramid of Khafre (Khafra)

Its main feature is the good preservation of the mortuary temples built next to the tomb and covered with sand. In one of them, archaeologists discovered a unique statue of a ruler made of diorite, an igneous rock. The pharaoh sits on the throne, and behind him is depicted in the form of a falcon the god Horus. In total, about 200 sculptures of Khafre of various sizes were found, thanks to which contemporaries know what he looked like.

Here you can look at a limestone slab weighing more than 400 tons and admire the skill of ancient builders. It's hard to even imagine how they movedgigantic lump.

Tomb of Pharaoh Menkaure

The smallest building located on the Giza plateau, in the suburbs of Cairo (Egypt), is the Pyramid of Menkaure, where tourists are not allowed to enter. Due to its modest size (61 meters high), it does not arouse much interest among tourists, and it was once called the most beautiful of the three. Clad in red granite and white limestone, it made a huge impression on people.

Pyramid of Menkaure
Pyramid of Menkaure

The architectural masterpiece was covered with sand, which ensured its good preservation. Next to it are three small pyramids, one of which was intended for the wife and sister of the pharaoh. And the rest were unfinished.

Archaeologists have found several statues depicting the ruler. But the most curious was the composition called "triad" - a sculpture of a formidable king surrounded by two goddesses (Bat and Hatkor).

Menkaure and 2 goddesses
Menkaure and 2 goddesses

The only entrance to the pyramid is at a height of only 4 meters. Scientists are not interested in the burial chamber itself, but in a nearby room with six niches. There is not a single assumption about his appointment even now.

Several ways to get to the pyramids of Giza

Since the greatest architectural monuments are located within the city, you can get to them from anywhere in Egypt. How to get to the pyramids in Cairo? Travelers who prefer to explore the sights of a colorful country on their own can take buses numbered 900 and 997, which run fromadministrative center towards ancient Memphis. However, for tourists, city minibuses are considered unsafe.

It is best to take the subway (second line) and get off at the Giza station, and from there you will have to walk or take a taxi for 10 kilometers.

Tourists are wondering how long it takes to get from Cairo to the pyramids? If you rent a car, which will allow you to freely manage your time, then in half an hour you can admire the unique sights. A day's rental costs approximately $40/2600 rubles.

Price and opening hours

Entrance ticket can be bought at the ticket office located at one of the entrances to the complex. Its cost is 80 Egyptian pounds / 300 rubles. To get into the pyramid of Cheops, you will have to pay another 100 pounds / 371 rubles.

Participants of organized excursions to the pyramids in Cairo buy a one-day tour (approximately 85 dollars / 5500 rubles), the price of which includes only the entrance ticket. Visiting the interior of the complex is paid separately. The ticket must be kept as it may be useful in some cases.

The Giza Pyramid Complex welcomes visitors daily from 8.00 to 17.00. In the Muslim holy Ramadan (the month of obligatory fasting, which in 2019 will begin on May 5 and end on June 3), access to tourists will be closed at 15.00. Opening hours in winter - from 8.00 to 16.30.

Tourist Tips

Those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases and claustrophobia (fear of closed spaces), hypertensive patients, asthmatics are bestrefrain from exploring the pyramids in Cairo.

You can spend a whole day visiting the entire complex. However, for tourists who only want to visit the tombs, one hour is enough.

It is worth remembering that only 300 people a day can visit the pyramid of Cheops. Therefore, those who dream of getting inside should come here early in the morning, when tickets are not yet sold out. Tourists are allowed in small groups, and you will have to wait at the entrance for about half an hour.

Pyramids of Cairo: reviews

According to tourists, they don't want to leave this amazing architectural masterpiece. The majestic creations of human hands are striking in their scale. Hundreds of thousands of lovers of beauty visit the unique complex, which makes a great impression on them. The most famous tourist site must be seen with your own eyes.

Of course, the greatness of the pyramids cannot be felt until you are close to them. In order to touch the greatest wonder of the world with their hands, people go a long way.

There are also dissatisfied tourists who are nostalgic about the past. They remember the archaeological complex as it was before it became a tourist area. At the greatest buildings of antiquity one could sit in silence, thinking about the eternal. And now, according to travelers, peace is only a dream.

Pyramid with a romantic name

The Giza complex is not the only pyramids located within the country's capital. In total, there are about 118 monuments of Ancient Egypt, but many of them have not survived and now representa shapeless heap of stones. Fortunately, time spared an architectural work, priceless for the world culture, unique in its form and construction technology.

The Pink Pyramid of Sneferu
The Pink Pyramid of Sneferu

The design of the Pink Pyramid in Cairo, located 26 kilometers from the administrative center of the country, in the village of Dahshur, outwardly looks the same as the masterpieces of Giza. However, it is distinguished by the low slope of the walls. A regular isosceles triangle has a height of 104 meters, and the size of its base is 220 meters. This is the first attempt to build a classical pyramid.

There are 5 unloading cavities above the pharaoh's burial chamber, between which stone slabs lie. This is done to evenly distribute the weight of a powerful structure.

Great creation of human hands

The third-highest majestic historical monument is lined with limestone, which takes on a beautiful pink hue during sunset. It is for this that the pyramid got its romantic name. It is believed that the construction of the structure, shrouded in a halo of mystery, is associated with the king Sneferu, who ruled in the 16th century BC, since inscriptions were found on the plates, where his name appears. It was a wise pharaoh who strengthened the borders of his state. However, the sarcophagus of the ruler was not found inside the Pink Pyramid in Cairo, so the question of the ownership of the tomb still remains open.

The entrance to the grandiose creation of human hands is located on the north side, a wooden staircase leads to it, alongwhich visitors get inside. Entrance is free, however, people should be careful, because there is a very high concentration of ammonia, and without a gauze bandage it will not be possible to see the sight. A strong smell can even lead to unconsciousness.

The burial complex in Dahshur is not very popular among tourists. Each guest will be able to safely get acquainted with the perfectly preserved ancient monument both from the outside and from the inside.

What do tourists say?

As visitors note, there is nothing to be afraid of if safety rules are followed. Just do not go inside those who are afraid to be in a confined space. The pyramid is completely open to the public, including the burial chamber. According to travelers, in the silent mysterious galleries you experience absolutely incredible sensations.

It is best to come here as part of an organized tour. This, according to visitors, is the cheapest and safest way. The cost of the tour is 33 dollars / 2150 rubles. The price includes transfer from the hotel, as well as the services of an English-speaking guide. How long does it take to get from Cairo to the pyramid on a comfortable bus? As travelers say, the trip takes no more than an hour.

You can take a taxi, but in this case you will have to pay the driver to wait for the passengers, since it will be very problematic to catch the car back. It is quite a deserted place, and is a potential danger for foreigners.

One hour is enough to see all the fun inside andoutside. And visitors to the country who are interested in ancient history are never disappointed.

New find

In 2017, Egyptian archaeologists announced a find that is approximately 3,700 years old. Found near Cairo in Egypt, the pyramid is in good condition. As scientists assure, the monument of ancient architecture, which is older than the famous necropolis in Giza, will present many more surprises.

Researchers who have discovered a passage leading inside the structure and linking ground-based rooms hope to find other parts of the ancient Egyptian necropolis.

Great masterpieces of world culture
Great masterpieces of world culture

The pyramids in Cairo are a monument to human labor and the knowledge with which the monumental structures appeared. The mysteries of amazing masterpieces will excite the minds of scientists for a long time, prompting them to new research.

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