A great place to relax - the Kaluga region. Recreation center for vacation: which one to choose?

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A great place to relax - the Kaluga region. Recreation center for vacation: which one to choose?
A great place to relax - the Kaluga region. Recreation center for vacation: which one to choose?

Kaluga region (Russian Federation) is very often visited by tourists from all over the country. Finding a place to stay is hard enough. The article will present good options that will not greatly affect the pocket of vacationers and help you spend your vacation in a great mood.


"Golitsyno" is located in an ecologically clean area and is an eco-club. Its exact location is the village of Semenovka (Kaluga region). The recreation center is 30 km away from the center. The territory of the complex itself stretched for 44 hectares. There are many plants planted here, so there are no problems with landscaping. The infrastructure of the base is also well developed.

Golitsyno will be an excellent solution if you need to spend a relaxing and memorable vacation. You can come here both with your family and all alone.

Kaluga region recreation center
Kaluga region recreation center


Kaluga region hosts a lot of guests. The recreation center "Golubka" is a cozy place,which to visitors is somewhat reminiscent of a Russian village. Residents are accommodated in a wooden house, made in the national style. The first floor has a veranda. It also has bedrooms (there are three of them). The set of furniture that is located in the living quarters may vary depending on the requirements of the guests. By default, there is a table, chairs, bedside tables, tables, etc.

You can rent a house as a whole or rooms separately. Children under 5 can stay for free, while children aged 5 to 10 have a small discount.

Meals are available at an additional cost. The menu is dominated by dishes of Russian cuisine. All food used in the cooking process is homemade.

recreation center forest kaluga region
recreation center forest kaluga region


Recreation center "Lesnoye" (Kaluga region) is a complex on 682 hectares. There are numerous meadows, a forest and more than 10 lakes on the territory. Civilization is far from this base, which captivates many tourists. Plunging into the atmosphere of silence and nature, you can forget about pressing problems for a long time.

The recreation center offers a huge list of entertainment. Thanks to this, people will find their vacation more eventful and enjoyable. Qualified specialists work with guests, which will allow organizing all events competently.

"Lesnoe" - base, consisting of 96 rooms. There are suites, and standards, and junior suites. All rooms are spacious and bright.

Food is provided in a restaurant where 300 people can eat at the same time. The chefs here cook not onlynational dishes, but also Italian, French, Caucasian and others.

recreation centers kaluga and kaluga region
recreation centers kaluga and kaluga region


Unfortunately, not all recreation centers provide he alth services. Kaluga and the Kaluga region as a whole is a place where sick people often come. They will be able to have a good rest and gain strength while staying in the Milotichi complex.

Next to it is a natural park. The territory itself is as clean as possible, there is healing air here. You can relax here at any time of the year, without exception. Guests are accommodated in cottages, which are made entirely of wood. The area of each building is 80 sq. m. The interior used environmentally friendly materials, the design resembles a country style. The following services are included in the price: meals and a couple of wellness treatments.


Because of the incredibly beautiful nature, the recreation center "Ugra" constantly receives many guests. The Kaluga region has long been popular with tourists. The complex is located on the coast of the river of the same name. If guests appear in a large company, then they are offered to live in a cottage; in the event that a small family arrives, the administration settles them in hotel rooms.

All accommodations are for 2 people. From furniture here you can find chairs, cabinets, bedside tables, chests of drawers. Shower and toilet are in every room. Heating is provided during the cold season. Hot water is always available.

Food is provided in a cafe-bar located on the territory of the recreation center. You can cook on your own in the kitchens, whichavailable in rooms.

recreation center ugra kaluga region
recreation center ugra kaluga region

Pine River

The country hotel is located on a beautiful river, the "home" of which is the Kaluga region. The recreation center provides a wide range of services, ranging from entertainment to wellness treatments. The staff is more than hospitable, nature delights new guests, and the rooms smell of pine needles.

Visitors are accommodated in cottages that have two floors each. They can accommodate no more than 40 people at a time. If necessary, the property can provide a baby cot.


The Sosny recreation center is located near the Oka River (Kaluga Region). Here you can spend your holidays with your family and colleagues. Weddings, corporate parties, graduations, banquets, other holidays - all this is organized on the territory of this complex. There are many pavilions and benches here. There are cafes, saunas, halls. There is a zoo where you can find a rabbit, a pig, a raccoon. Guests are accommodated in cottage-type hotels.