Your unforgettable cruise aboard the ship "Georgy Zhukov"

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Your unforgettable cruise aboard the ship "Georgy Zhukov"
Your unforgettable cruise aboard the ship "Georgy Zhukov"

The peak of the popularity of cruise holidays was in the second half of the last century. Then, with the advent of package tours to foreign southern resorts under the all-inclusive system, people forgot about cruises. But all-inclusives with buffets and the exotic of the southern seas have become boring, and again cruises are in the spotlight! And this applies not only to expensive liners off the coast of Europe, but also to the ship Georgy Zhukov, for example, which makes its voyage along the rivers of our Motherland.

cruise on the ship Georgy Zhukov
cruise on the ship Georgy Zhukov

General information about the ship

"Georgy Zhukov" is a Czech four-deck ship with modern navigation equipment on board. The capacity of the ship "Georgy Zhukov" is 295 people. The length of the vessel exceeds 100 meters. The maximum speed of the ship is up to 30 km/h.

ship Georgy Zhukov
ship Georgy Zhukov


A cruise on the ship "Georgy Zhukov" is a comfortable journey in the best traditions of river navigation. You will be offered a choice of luxury, junior suite and standard cabins. All cabins, regardless of the level of comfort, have amenities (shower, toilet), air conditioning, window, wardrobe, radio.

Deluxe cabin is a 2-room suite with a convertible corner sofa, TV, DVD, refrigerator.

Junior suite can be either two- or one-room. Other conditions are practically the same as in a deluxe cabin (except for the appearance of the furniture).

Standard cabin is somewhat less spacious, but just as comfortable in terms of accommodation (except for the absence of a TV and refrigerator).

In addition, standard bunk cabins are available with beds stacked on top of each other.

As for food, the price of the cruise includes a full three meals a day from the menu or buffet style in the restaurant. When the ship is fully loaded with passengers, meals are provided in 2 shifts.

But you will not spend all the time in cabins. For your interesting and eventful leisure on board the ship "Georgy Zhukov" aerobics under the guidance of an experienced instructor in the fitness room, wellness procedures (herbal tea, massage, exercise therapy, oxygen cocktail, etc.) are provided, if necessary, a doctor's consultation and laboratory diagnostics are provided (for example, blood sugar level, etc.), library. On theon the open deck you can admire the views to your heart's content or sunbathe and breathe in the fresh air. Bars offer Wi-fi service.

In addition, you can hold corporate events on board the ship "Georgy Zhukov", for this there is a conference room, 2 restaurants, bars.

Cruise conditions

Cruise prices may vary depending on your itinerary, accommodation option and time.

Price includes:

• Accommodation in the cabin of the selected class.

• Three meals a day at the restaurant on board the ship.

• Excursions

• Cultural and entertainment program.

Drinks in bars, sauna visits, additional (not included in the cruise program) excursions and services are not included in the cruise price and are subject to additional payment.

Children aged 2-14 are admitted free of charge with meals included (no extra bed for children).

Cruise itinerary

The ship "Georgy Zhukov", reviews of which are positive, starts its journey from Nizhny Novgorod or Moscow. The cruise from Nizhny Novgorod includes a visit to the cities of Gorodets, Kostroma and Ples with sightseeing bus tours of the main attractions (the Samovar Museum, the Holy Trinity Monastery, the Museum of Landscape, etc.).

There are quite a lot of various cruises from Moscow on board the ship "Georgy Zhukov" with visits to the cities of Uglich (the Church of Tsarevich Dmitry, the Kremlin), Perm ("Palace of the Mouse", the memorial complex of M. Tsvetaeva,house-museum of I. I. Shishkin, B. Pasternak), Astrakhan (Museum "Fire Guard", Museum of Merchants' Life, several "green parking lots"), St. Petersburg (Museum Waterways of the North, Palace of Paul I, Museum of Wooden Architecture, etc.) in various combinations.

motor ship gsheorgy zhukov reviews
motor ship gsheorgy zhukov reviews

Whatever option you choose, a cruise is a small life with a lot of new acquaintances, emotions and impressions.