"Boeing 777-200" ("WIM Avia"): cabin map, best places

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"Boeing 777-200" ("WIM Avia"): cabin map, best places
"Boeing 777-200" ("WIM Avia"): cabin map, best places

Many Russian companies have purchased small but comfortable aircraft from the American company Boeing for charter and regular flights. Consider the layout of the Boeing 777-200 (Wim Avia) cabin, we will figure out which places can be called the best and which are the worst. The cabin of this aircraft is divided into several parts, but all its seats have only one comfort class - economy class. The main differences between the places are the proximity of the toilets, kitchens, partitions and an emergency exit. They also note the convenience in those places where you can freely stretch your legs and lower the seat to a supine position.

Location of special facilities

Before choosing a seat in the Boeing 777-200 (Vim), it is better to consider the layout of the cabin in advance. This will provide an opportunity to better understand where the office space is located in the cabin. Two toilets are located in the nose of the aircraft and one in the middle. But here, too, there are differences in comfort.

boeing 777 200 wim air cabin diagram

Toilets at the beginning of the salonlocated behind the partition and actually do not interfere with passengers. There is also a kitchen in the bow, from which people can hear the noise of dishes and the smell of coffee. Another room is located at the very end, in the tail section, this can be seen on the layout of the Boeing 777-200 (Wim Avia) cabin. Also, after the 9th and 19th rows, there are emergency exits, which also has its pros and cons, which we will discuss in more detail later.

Best places

The most comfortable seats are usually considered remote from office space, where neither sounds nor smells of the toilet and kitchen are heard. It is especially worth considering when buying tickets for passengers with children, tall citizens with long legs, people with problems of the genitourinary system. Everyone on the Boeing 777-200 (Wim Avia) cabin map can preview and think over convenient places for themselves, depending on the needs and tastes of an individual person.

boeing 777 200 wim air cabin layout best places

Some like the very first row. Firstly, it is located right behind the cockpit, the toilet is nearby, the kitchen is nearby, you can be the first to get food or coffee, chat with the flight attendants, but there is one “but”. A small table is attached to one of the armrests, which cannot be removed. It turns out that one armrest cannot be used. But still, passengers like these places due to the fact that you can stretch your legs well. However, people are not advised to take tickets near the aisle, since in the Boeing 777-200 from Wim Avia, the cabin diagram shows that there are two toilets in the bow at once, but it can still beaisle to form a queue to the bathroom.

boeing 777 300 cabin layout best places aeroflot

Even in terms of seats, the 10th row is considered good. There are not three, but only two seats on each side of the aisle. In front - the passage to the emergency exits. You can perfectly stretch your legs forward without disturbing anyone, get up and go to the toilet, while also not disturbing anyone. However, even in such beautiful places there is one “but”. According to the safety rules, in such best places on the scheme of the Boeing 777-200 cabin from Wim Avia, passengers with children cannot sit down and take hand luggage with them, put a bag in the aisle. The emergency exit must be free at all times. The bag will have to be kept on the top shelf above your head.

Seats of average comfort

The main part of the cabin has the usual standard and the same level of comfort seats. These are places from the second to the eighth row, from the 12th to the 18th and from the 22nd to the 39th rows. One difference is a small feature of these aircraft. In the middle of the cabin (but, unfortunately, it is not known where exactly) there is one row, which has no portholes from two opposite ends. But many people do not call this a minus of the cabin, apparently, because of the fear of heights, and there is less cold from the glass.

Worst places

Previously, the best places on the scheme of the Boeing 777-200 cabin from Wim Avia were considered. It remains to understand what kind of seats are considered uncomfortable? Seats in the 9th row are considered bad due to the fact that they do not recline for rest, as there is an emergency exit at the back. Safetyit is strictly forbidden so as not to block the hatches. In the 19th row - the same principle, but there the seats can be lowered slightly, but the backrest angle is minimal.

Also considered bad places at the end of the cabin. This is the last 40th row. The back rests against the wall. Of course they don't go down. Moreover, at the end of the plane there is a strong hum from the engines and it is much cooler than in front.


The same Boeing 777-200 was purchased by another Russian airline called Nordwind. This liner has two types of seats - business class and economy. They were bought for long flights and are designed for heavy workloads. It can carry up to 393 passengers.

how to choose a seat boeing 777 200 wim cabin layout

Let's take a closer look at which places are the best on the layout of the Boeing 777-200 cabin from the North Wind. Of course, the most comfortable seats are in business class. There are only 6 seats, a huge legroom - 127 cm. The seats are installed in pairs. After this class, there is a dividing solid partition. Behind it is the economy class.

boeing 777 200 cabin layout best places north wind

The seats are arranged in three columns (3 - 4 - 3), between them there are two aisles 74 cm wide. Passengers in the 5th and 6th rows cannot straighten their legs, and I don’t really want to look at the deaf all the way barrier in front of the eyes. But the seats in front of the emergency exits (12th and 14th rows, 38th and 39th rows) are always considered less comfortable, since their backs do not fall. Seats lastthe rows also do not fall, they rest against the wall of the tail compartment, so it is better not to take the 57th and 58th rows, if possible. Especially if the flight is long.


Let's finally consider the best places on the layout of the Boeing 777-300 cabin from Aeroflot. For long-haul flights to America and China, the number of seats has been increased to 402. The cabin is divided into three classes: business, comfort and economy.

boeing 777 200 cabin layout best places north wind

Seat comfort depends on the fundamental principles described earlier. We will not repeat. Consider comfort class. Here, each person has his own lamp and monitor, a folding table. The seat slides forward without disturbing other passengers.

boeing 777 200 cabin layout best places north wind

But the best seats on the Boeing 777-300 cabin map from Aeroflot are business class seats. A personal menu is given, many additional features and entertainment. But the price, of course, is appropriate.

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