"Boeing 737-800" from "Aeroflot": cabin layout, best and worst places

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"Boeing 737-800" from "Aeroflot": cabin layout, best and worst places
"Boeing 737-800" from "Aeroflot": cabin layout, best and worst places

The Russian company "Aeroflot" is known for trying to acquire only new and proven cars in its fleet. At the end of September 2013, the company bought another car - Boeing 737-800. This is a new liner, just left the factory, belongs to the Next Generation type. This aircraft is considered a medium-haul airliner, which was named after the world-famous director of the puppet theater, the greatest artist and director - Sergei Obraztsov. In total, the Aeroflot team already has 27 such aircraft. They are all new, with excellent modern facilities and equipment.

aeroflot boeing 737 800 cabin layout

Passengers enjoy their time during the flight in comfortable and modern seats. You can be absolutely calm that you will not come across an old and sagging seat.Let's take a closer look at the layout of the Boeing 737 800 cabin from Aeroflot.

General information

This model from the Boeing family is based on the 737-400 type. However, it has been slightly modified. The number of seats was increased by 20 seats, and the aircraft body itself was lengthened by 6 meters. Now its length is 39.5 meters. This is a medium-haul airliner that can reach speeds of up to 900 km/h and can fly up to 4,500 km without landing. Two powerful turbojet engines allow it to climb up to 12.5 km.

Each Boeing 737-800 bought by Aeroflot (we will consider the cabin layout later) is given a name, traditionally these are great figures of art and culture of the Russian Federation: writers, musicians, artists, theater figures.

Salon scheme

"Boeing 737-800" from "Aeroflot" has two levels of seat comfort in the aircraft. This is business class with 20 seats and economy class with 138 seats.

boeing 737 800 interior layout

In the bow there is a bathroom and a kitchen compartment. There are two toilets in the tail section of the liner.

Business Class

On the layout of the Boeing 737-800 cabin, the first rows are comfortable business class seats. The seats are arranged in pairs in two rows with a spacious passage between them of 1 meter. This is convenient, since the passenger can freely stretch his legs forward, get up and go to the toilet, without hitting his neighbor. A monitor is installed in each chair. The passenger can watchwhat he wants, and not what is broadcast on the general TV screen, as in the economy class cabin.

The backs of the seats are conveniently lowered, the passenger can rest, lying reclining. There is a small table between the seats.

boeing 737 800 cabin layout aeroflot

However, travelers note the disadvantages of some places. On the layout of the Boeing 737-800 cabin, these are the seats in the first row, located closer to the aisle. Experienced travelers do not advise buying them, because when the cabin is completely full, a queue to the toilet may form in the aisle.

Economy class

On the layout of the cabin "Boeing 737-800" from "Aeroflot" economy class starts from the 6th row. The first row is located behind the partition that separates it from the business class. These seats are considered convenient, as there is a large legroom, however, for such convenience, the company estimates the cost of tickets for such seats more expensive by 1700-3450 rubles. (25-50 euros). Such places are called Space+.

Convenient and expensive seats are located after the emergency exit. These are seats in row 13, except for seats A and F, as they do not have one armrest. But even here there are special conditions. Passengers with children should not be in the emergency exit aisle, hand luggage should not be held in their hands, as it will block the passage, so you will have to follow the safety rules and put all things in overhead lockers.

boeing 737 800 jet aeroflot cabin map

In the middle of the Boeing737-800" from Aeroflot, you can see quite comfortable seats. But people in their reviews note those seats that are not very comfortable, this is especially important when the flight is long. Consider the worst seats.

Awkward places

In the "Boeing 737-800 jet" from "Aeroflot" there are seats on the cabin map that many passengers noted as uncomfortable. These are row 9 seats that do not have a porthole. Seats in row 11 do not recline. It is uncomfortable to sit in one position for a long time, the back gets tired. This fact is explained by the presence of an emergency exit behind the seats, which cannot be forced by something.

boeing 737 800 jet aeroflot cabin map

Passengers who got the last two rows in the cabin were also dissatisfied. These are the 27th and 28th rows. Not only is it always colder and noisier at the end of the plane, but there is always a queue for the toilet. But he is the only one in the whole huge economy class salon, and all 138 people will want to visit the bathroom sooner or later. And I don’t really want to constantly listen to the sound of a drain tank and splashes of water.

We hope that this information will help our readers to choose the most convenient places for themselves so that the flight is comfortable and enjoyable.

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