Which airlines fly to Crimea from Moscow?

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Which airlines fly to Crimea from Moscow?
Which airlines fly to Crimea from Moscow?

Not so long ago, Crimea became part of the Russian Federation, which immediately provoked a frenzied demand for holidays in this region. At a time when the dollar and the euro are constantly growing upwards, domestic tourists can only be content with local resorts, but do not underestimate them!

Crimea is a popular tourist destination, so the question of how to get to the peninsula is the easiest way for travelers to get there very often. Let's not hide for a long time and answer right away - the fastest and most reliable way is by plane, but we will tell you about which airlines fly to Crimea in our article.

Swallow's Nest in Crimea

Crimean airports

Before you start talking about popular airlines, you should familiarize yourself with the local airport terminals. At the moment, there are three airports operating on the peninsula at once:Simferopol, Belbek and Kerch. The latter does not serve civilian flights, and Belbek, based in Sevastopol, is at the stage of a global reconstruction, so now it is customary to consider only one operating airfield - this is Simferopol.

Simferopol airport

Ticket prices

The most common and at the same time the least expensive flight is the Moscow-Simferopol flight. There is no specific fixed fare here, so ticket prices fluctuate depending on the season. A round-trip flight will cost around 11-15 thousand rubles. If we talk about flights from other regions of Russia, then the cost will be doubled, since all flights, as a rule, pass through Moscow, and this, in turn, is an additional transfer.

The current prices can be found on specialized services such as Skyscanner or Aviasales, as well as on the official websites of air carriers.

Which airlines fly to Crimea from Moscow?

At the moment, only Russian companies are engaged in passenger transportation. Let's get acquainted!

  • “Ural Airlines”. A fairly popular company on the Russian market, it can rightly be called a giant of air traffic, since the list of possible flights on the company's account is definitely extensive. The only negative that can be found is the quick sale of empty seats in the cabin. Therefore, if you plan to use the services of this company, you should not wait long.
  • Uralairlines
  • “Aeroflot”. Those who are not familiar with this airline are probably not from Russia. Aeroflot is one of the oldest world-class companies, in addition, it plays the role of a fully state-owned enterprise. Aeroflot has several subsidiaries at once: Rossiya, Aurora, and low-cost Pobeda, which has recently gained wide popularity due to cheap tickets. It is also worth noting the nuance that Aeroflot flies to Crimea from Sheremetyevo, and this, in turn, significantly increases the average cost of air tickets.
  • The main air carrier of the Russian Federation
  • S7 Airlines. No less popular air carrier on the territory of the Russian Federation, performing both domestic and international flights. It is based at the country's major international airport - Domodedovo. It boasts cheaper flight prices than Aeroflot. If you are planning a flight from the regions, then the company has planned connections through Moscow in advance, in any case you will have to make a transfer.
  • S7 Airlines at Domodedovo

Other airlines

What are we all about Moscow and about Moscow? And which airlines fly to Crimea from St. Petersburg? Undoubtedly, the northern capital plays an important role in Russian air traffic, and Pulkovo International Airport serves thousands of different flights every day. There are several ways to get to Crimea from St. Petersburg: all of the above carriers through Moscow or using the services of a subsidiaryAeroflot company "Russia" straight from St. Petersburg to Simferopol.

It is also possible to fly to the Crimea from remote regions of the country. Severstal Avia regularly flies from Cherepovets to Crimea with a transfer in Moscow. Yamal and Donavia Airlines fly direct flights from Omsk, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Perm and Rostov-on-Don. Do not forget such carriers as Grozny Avia and low-cost carrier Pegasus Fly.

Many travelers are wondering: “Which airlines fly to Crimea from Nizhny Novgorod?”. Only the main giants fly from here and with a transfer in Moscow: Aeroflot, Ural Airlines and S7.

By and large, there are many airlines that regularly fly from Moscow to Simferopol. But it is also worth considering the fact that flights from Sheremetyevo Airport are many times more expensive than from Domodedovo.

Which airlines fly to Crimea from Moscow, Domodedovo?

Often the airport itself plays an important role for travelers, and therefore they take this factor quite seriously. The following airlines regularly operate flights to the Crimean Peninsula from Domodedovo Airport:

  1. "Ural Airlines". This company has more than 30 new airliners flying over long distances.
  2. S7 Airlines. The base airport for S7 is Domodedovo, so it is not surprising that most of the flights from Domodedovo belong to this company.
  3. Wim Airlines. The company is listed in the UN register. These are fresh liners and a team of realprofessionals.
  4. Red Wings. Red Wings boasts a new and improved fleet of mainly Boeing and Airbus aircraft.
  5. "Orenburg Airlines". This company takes part in the Aeroflot loy alty program, so passengers can get various bonuses for both domestic and international flights.

If you answer the question, which airlines fly to Crimea from Vnukovo, then there are quite a few of them. The most popular is Donavia, which operates connecting flights at Moscow airport from Krasnodar or Rostov-on-Don.

Season for airlines

During the summer, the demand for air travel increases many times over. All travelers fly to spend a well-deserved vacation during the year in warmer climes. Actually, for this reason, additional flights are officially introduced from May to September. Nordavia and Nordwind Airlines, which operate flights from Moscow to Simferopol Airport, also connect to all the above airlines.

Nordwind Airlines


As the saying goes: “The taste and color - there is no comrade!”. Therefore, each traveler has his own personal opinion about this or that airline. For our part, we can recommend Ural Airlines, as this air carrier provides affordable prices for everyone, and also has an extensive modern fleet of aircraft. Why believe in rumours? Try it yourself!

We hope that our article helped form your own opinion about the bestair carriers regularly flying to the Crimean peninsula. Enjoy your holiday and new discoveries!

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