Steel "Surgeon Razumovsky": description, cruises, navigation, photos, reviews

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Steel "Surgeon Razumovsky": description, cruises, navigation, photos, reviews
Steel "Surgeon Razumovsky": description, cruises, navigation, photos, reviews

Do you dream of an unusual and unforgettable vacation? Then walks and cruises on modern liners are perfect for you. Fun entertainment, water surface and unique landscapes - all this can be seen by sailing along the great rivers of Russia. The ship "Surgeon Razumovsky" is a worthy representative of specialized comfortable ships that take on board tourists and travelers.

motor ship surgeon Razumovsky
motor ship surgeon Razumovsky

History of the vessel

This grand structure was built in 1961 in Europe. German shipbuilders worked on its creation. The motor ship was designed at the well-known European shipyard (within the framework of the 588 MA project) in the city of Wismar.

The ship "Surgeon Razumovsky" is a luxurious four-deck ship, which is equipped with wide promenade decks. The decoration of the ship was done very carefully: the interior was given a special luxury, many of its elements are made of valuable rockstree.

But in 2007 the ship underwent a complete modernization, a grandiose repair was made, an additional fourth deck was added to the ship. In addition, experts have equipped it with the most modern navigation devices.

surgeon Razumovsky ship reviews
surgeon Razumovsky ship reviews


Truly, this ship can be called a giant, which has a high degree of safety. Its length is almost 100 m. The width of the vessel is 14.3 m, that is, it is very spacious on it. But, despite its impressive dimensions, the ship is capable of speeds up to 23 km/h, which is quite a lot for ships of this type. The main advantage of this giant is its ability to take on board a lot of passengers - 160 people at the same time. At the same time, the large area of the ship allows you to accommodate everyone in a separate cabin.


The ship "Surgeon Razumovsky" is a real full-fledged cruise liner that navigates the Volga River and is positioned as a comfortable boarding house for the whole family. You can visit various settlements, see the main sights of port cities, admire the virgin nature of the Volga steppes. Choose the cruise you like and the duration of the trip and enjoy an unforgettable vacation in the company of a professional crew of the ship. Astrakhan, Perm, Kazan, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, Volga cliff - you can visit all these cities while traveling on a comfortable liner.

The ship starts from Saratov. Notethat river cruises are becoming increasingly popular in Russia - it is interesting, safe, and the cost of such a trip is much lower than a vacation on ocean liners.

motor ship surgeon Razumovsky reviews 2013
motor ship surgeon Razumovsky reviews 2013

Sophisticated comfort for discerning passengers

Note that the ship "Surgeon Razumovsky" is famous throughout Russia for its comfortable cabins and the general decoration of the ship. Here you can choose any type of accommodation that suits you. The liner is equipped according to all European standards, besides, only this ship will delight vacationers with its comfortable balconies right in the cabins (boat deck). French comfortable beds, individual air conditioners, modern shower cabins - this is how the liner is equipped. You will be offered a choice of the following cabins:

  • Non-stacked doubles - these rooms are located on the upper deck of the ship. They have all the necessary furniture, two beds.
  • Two-room cabin - arranged on the boat deck. TV, bedside table and coffee table, chest of drawers. It is very cozy and spacious here.
  • Non-tier two-room - two beds, you can go out on deck. The number is located on the boat deck.
  • Single rooms - the main and middle deck of the vessel. Viewing window, one bed.
  • Cabins on the middle deck are comfortable lounge areas with a viewing window.
  • Main deck accommodations - extra comfort, French beds, all necessary furniture.
  • Cabins on the lower deck - cozy rooms to stay.

Luxury cabins will be at your service: comfortable rooms can accommodate 1, 2, 3 people - you can travel alone, or with the whole family or a cheerful company. "Surgeon Razumovsky" is a ship (reviews confirm this), which offers its passengers all the amenities: each cabin has a separate bathroom, washbasin, shower, air conditioning, wardrobe, radio and a small refrigerator.

motor ship surgeon Razumovsky photo
motor ship surgeon Razumovsky photo

Family Vacation

If you want to please your children with an exciting journey, then be sure to go on a cruise on the rivers of Russia. The children will be offered a variety of interesting entertainments. There are specialized playrooms for the smallest passengers. They are equipped with video games and educational toys, so every kid will find something to their liking. In addition, a system of discounts is provided for small travelers, depending on age. You don't have to worry about food either, you can order a special menu for children that the child will like. A cruise workshop, where the kid will be able to independently make souvenirs, children's programs and special watches for the smallest - all these activities are offered by the ship "Surgeon Razumovsky". Reviews in 2013 confirmed that it is very convenient to relax on a ship with children.

motor ship surgeon Razumovsky navigation 2014
motor ship surgeon Razumovsky navigation 2014

For adults

The ship "Surgeon Razumovsky", a photo of which can be seen on our pages, offers a comfortable and fun vacation foradults. What do you expect from a cruise? If you are a fan of active entertainment, interesting programs, noisy discos with excellent music, a specialized music salon are at your service. Various events are constantly held on the ship, where you can participate and even win prizes. Excellent organizers select entertainment for every taste, so there will be no time to be bored. Do you like to have a delicious meal in a gourmet restaurant? You will have such an opportunity, because the ship is perfectly equipped in this regard:

  • Upper deck – Volga restaurant and modern bar.
  • Middle deck - Kama restaurant.
  • Main deck - large bar "Neva".
  • Salad bar, sports bar.

The skill of highly qualified chefs will please any gourmet.

In addition to restaurants, you can visit the reading room or relax in the lounge. Well, for those who want to get a great tan at any time of the year, a solarium with modern equipment is open. And then you can soak in the sauna.

In addition, the ship has a mobile payment terminal, a souvenir kiosk where you can buy little things to remember this trip.

For people who prefer water sports, there is a rental of leisure equipment.

Additional services

In addition to a luxurious holiday, the ship is perfect for business meetings, seminars and celebrations at the highest level. Spacious halls, banquets and entertainment are sure to please employees and business partners of any enterprise. In addition, in such an atmosphere it is easier to arrange a person for dialogue. A professional team serves its visitors at a high level - all employees have received special training. And I would like to separately note the crew of the ship, because it is these people who provide you with security throughout the cruise, which is guaranteed by the ship "Surgeon Razumovsky". Navigation in 2014 includes many interesting routes and sightseeing tours.

motor ship surgeon Razumovsky photo of cabins
motor ship surgeon Razumovsky photo of cabins

Reviews of tourists

The ship "Surgeon Razumovsky", the photo of the cabins of which can be seen in the article, has become a favorite vacation spot for many travelers. Tourists note that traveling on a ship is a wonderful pastime. Unfortunately, the main disadvantage is the high cost of cruises, but travelers really liked everything else. An excellent team, attentive staff, comfortable cabins and a fun entertainment program - this is how the passengers of the Surgeon Razumovsky remembered the ship. The reviews also confirm that it is quite safe to travel on it, there is no information about incidents on the water.

Dear travelers, a vacation on a ship is the best way to restore your strength and get a lot of pleasant emotions. This is why boating is so popular these days.