The best resorts in Greece with sandy beaches: rating, list with names and photos

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The best resorts in Greece with sandy beaches: rating, list with names and photos
The best resorts in Greece with sandy beaches: rating, list with names and photos

Greece is a resort widely popular among Russian tourists. It is famous for its exotic nature and incredibly beautiful beaches. Let's talk further about those resorts that have the best sandy beaches in the country, offering decent conditions for recreation.


Rating resorts

Modern tour operators offer a wide range of tours to the islands of Greece and the resorts of this country, located in the mainland. The ranking of the best of them includes:

  1. Crit.
  2. Corfu.
  3. Santorini.
  4. Kos.
  5. Athens.
  6. Halkidiki.
  7. Athens.
  8. Sitonia.
  9. Thassos.
  10. Mykonos.
  11. Peloponnese.

Let's take a closer look at each of the listed resorts, as well as a list of the best sandy beaches available on them.

Relaxing sandy beaches in Greece
Relaxing sandy beaches in Greece

Ranking of the best beaches

Which beaches are worth visiting for an unforgettable vacation? In the ranking of the best beaches in the countryincluded:

  1. Elafonisi.
  2. Balos.
  3. Mitros.
  4. Perissa.
  5. Paleokastritsa.
  6. Tsambika.

Elafonisi and Balos are resort areas located on the island of Crete, Elafonisi is an incredibly beautiful place strewn with pink sand, mixed with white in some places. There is shallow water here, and the water is constantly warmed up to a comfortable temperature, making the beach perfect for families with children. As for Balos, it is located in a very beautiful and cozy place, surrounded by mountains. The coast of Balos is presented in the form of a small bay, protected from the wind. Despite the fact that this place is rather difficult to access and has an underdeveloped infrastructure, it is one of the most popular beaches in Greece.

The best resorts in Greece with sandy beaches
The best resorts in Greece with sandy beaches

Mitros is a beach located on the small island of Kefalonia. Rest with children is not recommended in this place, as there is a great depth in the coastal part. On the coast of Mitros, you can relax on fine sand, mixed with white pebbles in some places.

Perissa is one of the best beaches in Santorini. Its coast is famous for its crystal clear and always warm water, black sand, as well as the fact that the resort area has a large number of entertainment venues and restaurants that serve delicious traditional Greek cuisine.

Fans of gatherings in taverns should definitely go to Paleokastritsa beach, the coast of which offers a wide range of unique establishmentsCatering. Actual entertainment here is a walk on the water on a rented boat. Some excursions are organized to the nearest caves.

And finally, a few words about another popular tourist beach in Greece - Tsambika. It is located on the island of Rhodes and stretches along the coastline for as much as 800 meters. The entire area of the beach is covered with golden and pink sand, and the coastal part of the sea is famous for its shallow water.

Features of holidays in the resorts of Greece

Special attention should be paid to the main features of holidays in the resorts of Greece. It is important to understand that almost all of them offer a well-developed infrastructure, as well as cleanliness and picturesque beaches.

Tourists who want to spend their holidays in an environment full of romance are best to consider resorts located on the Greek islands, of which Thassos, Mykonos, Kos, Crete, and Corfu are considered very popular. Fans of ancient sights should plan a trip to Rhodes, and lovers of luxury - a direct road to Corfu.

Those who want to explore as many sights of this historical region as possible should pay attention to the coastal parts of mainland Greece, where life begins to rage with the onset of sunset. Tourists should not forget about vigilance, even though Greece is a country with a low crime rate. Walking along the streets of cities, it is necessary to remember that the public consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited in the country. Moreover, when choosingsouvenirs for friends and family, it is important to exclude from the number of purchases those that may be of some value or antiquity - the discovery of such at the airport will entail the imposition of a fine in the amount established by local law.

Practice shows that visiting the beaches in Greece is carried out mostly free of charge. However, it should be borne in mind that the use of infrastructure here is paid, so you won’t be able to do without money.


If you want to visit the best Greek beaches, you need to take a ticket to the island of Crete. It is here, according to experts in the field of tourism business, that the best sandy beaches of Greece are located, located in the resort regions of Heraklion, Rethymnon, Lassithi and Chania.

It is worth noting that it is in Rethymnon that the best sandy beaches suitable for families with children are located: Damnoni, Plakias, Polirizo, located in one locality - Rodakino. In Greece, sandy beaches for families with children can also be found in the region of Heraklion - there is clean shallow water off the coast, and Keratokambos, Gouves, Gournes, Agia Pelagia and Kataliki are considered the best areas for recreation.

Greek resorts with sandy beaches for relaxation
Greek resorts with sandy beaches for relaxation


One of the best resorts in Greece with sandy beaches is the island of Corfu. Its coast is famous for the presence of a mass of coves, the beaches off the coast of which are ideal for families with children, because, in addition to being distinguished by their shallow water, the water here warms up very quickly and for a long periodmaintains a fairly high temperature.

The best beaches in the resort region of Corfu are Dassia and Agios Stefanos. Each of them boasts a gentle entry into the sea. No less popular are the beaches of Nissaki, Arillas, Paleokastritsa and Gouvia.


This is a unique region in Greece, on the coast of which you can find beautiful beaches with colorful sand. So, in particular, on the beaches of Perissa and Kamari, one can observe a black cover, which was formed due to an extinct volcano located not far from the coast. It is worth noting that Russian tourists are very fond of this place for its picturesqueness.

The best resorts in Greece with sandy beaches rating
The best resorts in Greece with sandy beaches rating


The small island of Kos, located in the waters of the Aegean Sea, also offers tourists a large selection of beaches and flowering gardens located next to them. It is noted that the predominant number of recreation areas on this island is covered with soft and clean sand.

The most sought after beaches in Kos are Agios Fokas, Paralia Parrantes, Mastichari and Kardamena. According to most tourists, Lambi Beach is ideal for a family holiday.


It is known that in Greece holiday resorts with sandy beaches are located near the capital of the state - Athens. In addition to beautiful beaches, there is a large selection of upscale 4-5hotels, which provide for an all-inclusive vacation. Within the city itself, you can find a large number of cozy restaurants, as well asother interesting establishments.

Speaking of beaches, it is worth noting that the best of them are located on the outskirts of the capital. Voula, Glyfada, Akti Vouliagmeni, and Faliron are among the most adapted for tourist recreation. In addition, after visiting Athens, tourists can visit the luxurious Astir and Alimos beach clubs.


The ranking of the best resorts in Greece with sandy beaches includes Kassandra. This resort is located on the peninsula of Chalkidi, in its western region.

As for the beaches in this region, their total length is more than 50 km. As noted, here you can find both ennobled and wild areas for recreation, and there are also private beaches assigned to the territories of hotels in the region.

The best beaches in Kassandra are Kallithea, Nea Fokia, Mudunu, Paliouri, Solina and Kassandra Palace, as well as Pefhokori. It should be noted that Kassandra is a unique region in Greece with the best hotels. With sandy beaches, it offers 4-5 holiday destinations such as Alkionis Apartments, Calypso, Blue Bay and Dionysos Hotel Apart & Studio.


The peninsula of Halkidiki is included in the list of the best resorts in Greece with sandy beaches for relaxation.

The peculiarity of the peninsula itself is that its coastline resembles a kind of trident, in each recess of which there are stunning beaches suitable for a pleasant pastime for tourists from different regions of the world. By the way, here is one of the main attractions - Mount Athos,however, the territory of this object is closed for free visiting.

Tourists should be aware that beautiful sandy beaches can be found on either side of the Halkidiki peninsula. All of them are ideally equipped for recreation and have a developed infrastructure.

Greece sandy beaches for children
Greece sandy beaches for children


Despite the fact that Sithonia is famous for its mountainous and forested terrain, in this region you can find excellent beaches, ideal for relaxing with the whole family or in a friendly group of friends.

The peculiarity of the beaches of Sithonia is that they are all located in the very depths of the bays, due to which the formation of storms is completely excluded. The best sandy beaches of Sithonia are Perfohori, Kriopigi, Kallithea and Afytos.

Greek mainland

Speaking of the resorts of mainland Greece with sandy beaches, it is certainly worth noting that the best of them are located on the right coast of the Thermaikos Gulf. Speaking about the left side of the same bay, only those places for recreation that are formed in the Paralia-Katerini area can be distinguished as worthy.

The Riviera also has some decent sandy beaches, but it is worth noting that some of them are interspersed with pebbles. North of Athens, you can sit on a beautiful and very comfortable beach in the small town of Nea Makri. Moving from Athens along the mainland in the direction of the island of Aegina, you can also get to the beautiful shallow beaches. By the way, here you can also enjoy real pistachios, which are recognizedthe most delicious.

Mainland Greek resorts with sandy beaches
Mainland Greek resorts with sandy beaches


Greece hotels with all-inclusive sandy beaches can be found on the Peloponnese peninsula. It is here that the length of the coastal strip, covered with soft and clean sand, is more than 10 km, and if you move south from the town of Nafplio, you can enjoy the sun lying on the sand and pebble beach.

The Greeks themselves prefer to relax on the beaches located between Kalogria and Finikundas. This fact is not at all surprising, because it is here that you can meet long sandy spits with a shallow entry into the clear and warm sea.

Would you like to see something very interesting? In this case, you can visit the beach, located within walking distance from the town of V altaki, washed by the warm Lakonikos Bay. This recreational strip is quite wide and long, and not far from the coast, vacationers can observe an abandoned ship, which is considered a local landmark.


A popular resort in Greece with sandy beaches for relaxation is considered to be Rhodes - an island that boasts a real abundance of upscale holiday destinations in demand among tourists from around the world. The most popular resorts here are: Tholos, Faliraki, Pefkos and Tsambika.

Besides this, the island of Rhodes is ideal for those who are very fond of excursions - its square has a large number of attractions.


Among the best resortsGreece with sandy beaches for children includes the island of Mykonos, the coast of which boasts a large number of beautiful and clean areas for relaxation with shallow water. Tourists who want to relax here should be aware that during the daytime beach life is seething in Mykonos, and in the evening there are a lot of bars, nightclubs and restaurants that quickly fill up with people who want to have fun.

Greece all inclusive sandy beach
Greece all inclusive sandy beach


Thassos is another island located off the coast of Greece, offering a decent holiday for tourists from around the world.

The picturesque coast of Thassos is covered with small white pebbles mixed with soft sand, and is also very indented. On the most beautiful beaches, you can find a huge amount of coniferous vegetation, as well as unusual mountain landscapes, which often attract the attention of fans of exotic photo shoots.

When planning your vacation on the beaches of Thassos, it is worth considering that this island is located as much as 6 km north of the Balkan Peninsula, because of its rather cool climate.

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