Copenhagen airports - the air gates of the capital of Denmark

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Copenhagen airports - the air gates of the capital of Denmark
Copenhagen airports - the air gates of the capital of Denmark

Dozens of planes arrive at Copenhagen airports every day. Guests of the capital and transit passengers are received at two international airport terminals: Kastrup and Roskilde. They serve not only direct flights, but also connecting and connecting flights.

Airport flight schedules

The flight schedule is very tight and depends on weather conditions and the load of the runways, because of this, the flight schedule changes daily. All information about the changes is reflected in the online scoreboard.

Copenhagen airports are equipped with search engines that help you check the status of a particular flight, get information about ticket availability, and also book cheap tickets for low-cost airlines online. You can also clarify the check-in conditions for the flight and choose the option of connecting flights for transit passengers. Information is provided for all airlines serving both airports.

Roskilde Airport

Roskilde Airport is located 29 km west of Copenhagen. It was commissioned in April 1973. BasicRoskilde's function is to serve private jets, domestic flights and international charter flights.

Copenhagen airports

The airport has two runways with asph alt pavement lengths of 1500 and 1799 meters. They serve three airlines, the main one being Flexflight. There is a flying school providing meteorological services. Part of the territory is occupied by a unit of the Danish Air Force, which is engaged in search and rescue operations. The runways are used by them for training flights.

Roskilde airfield is a 30-minute drive from the capital. Passengers who fly here are often interested in the question of how to get from the airport to Copenhagen. You can get to the city by public transport: bus, train - or take a taxi. There is also a car rental service, so those who wish can drive to the capital in a rented car.

Kastrup - Copenhagen International Airport

Kastrup was built in 1925 on the territory belonging to the municipality of Thornby. This is the largest airport in Denmark and one of the largest on the Scandinavian Peninsula, it is only 8 km from the center of the capital, officially it is Copenhagen Airport.

Copenhagen airport how to get to the city

Kastrup's services are used by 63 airlines, the Scandinavian airline SAS is considered the largest. Flights are made to 111 destinations, of which 24 are intercontinental. Every year more than20 million people. In an effort to increase the flow of passengers, Copenhagen airports have set the lowest cost for air tickets, so many flights have low-cost status.

Currently, 3 runways are equipped here. Two of them, 3500 and 3300 meters long, are located in parallel. The length of the third lane is 2800 meters, it crosses the first and second. This arrangement allows you to take off and land at the same time, regardless of any weather conditions.

Kastrup Airport Terminals

There are three terminals at Kastrup Airport. The first of them serves domestic traffic, terminals 2 and 3 serve for international flights. All of them are interconnected. You can go from one terminal to another on foot in 15-20 minutes or take a free bus. Terminal 2 is the largest. It serves over 40 airlines.

Terminal 3 was built in 1998 and is the base for SAS airline. In addition to it, the terminal is used by 13 more companies, including Lufthansa and Scandinavian Airlines System. A railway station was built here. High-speed trains deliver passengers to Sweden and other cities in Denmark.

How to get from the airport to Copenhagen

In the premises there are counters for self-check-in for flights, if there is luggage, the machine issues special tags that are pasted on the suitcase before handing it over to one of the points of cargo acceptance.

How to get to Copenhagen

The plane arrived at Copenhagen Airport. How to get to the city, passengers decidenot difficult. Between terminal number 3 and the central railway station, high-speed trains run every 10-15 minutes. At the same terminal there is a metro station that will take passengers to the city center.

There are buses to Copenhagen, they stop at each terminal and leave every 10 minutes, starting at 4.30 am. The last bus leaves at 23.30. There is also a night bus that runs from Terminal 3.

Taxis are on duty all the time in the arrivals area. You can pay for their services by credit card or cash, the cost of a tip is included in the fare. In addition, there are companies that rent a car at the airport.

Airport services

Copenhagen airports are equipped with car parking spaces, most of which are under the roof. The parking lots are guarded and video surveillance systems are installed. There are bank branches, currency exchange offices, ATMs, post offices, as well as a large number of shops, cafes and bars in the premises of the airport terminals. A large business center is equipped in terminal No. 3 of Kastrup Airport.

Copenhagen airport scoreboard

For passengers who arrive at Copenhagen airport, scoreboards and self-service terminals make it possible not only to check the schedule, purchase a ticket and check in, but also familiarize themselves with the rules of low-cost, book a hotel room, study excursion programs in the capital.

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