Germany airports: list, description. International airports in Germany

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Germany airports: list, description. International airports in Germany
Germany airports: list, description. International airports in Germany

One of the most visited countries in Europe is Germany. Tourist and business trips are carried out both by land and air transport. The most convenient of them is, of course, air transportation. It is this method of travel that has been chosen by millions of people on our planet, and it is for this that there are about four dozen airports in Germany, including several international ones. With the best airlines offering passenger flights to Germany, any trip will be comfortable, pleasant and leave a lot of positive impressions.

Airports and airlines

Pilot next to the plane

The largest German airline is called Lufthansa. It is based at Frankfurt Airport and flies from all international airports in Germany. They make more than 1300 flights per day to different countries of the world. Also here you can meet such airlines as Aeroflot, Air France, Alitalia, China Airlines, China Eastern Airlines and others. Here you can meet planes known throughoutthe world of airlines that turn travel into a pleasant trip.

Daily, more than 1,000 planes take off from German airports and head to different cities of the world. No matter how many airports there are in Germany, no matter what airlines serve them, each passenger will have a pleasant journey, quality service and unforgettable impressions. There is no doubt about it.

How many airports does Germany currently have?

In total, there are about 40 airports in Germany, among them there are both international and regional, military and government. Some of them serve more than 5 million people a year - these are international airports such as Hannover, Stuttgart and others. And those that serve up to 1 million passengers annually are the airports of Siegerland, Lübeck, Kassel and others.

Which German cities have the largest airports?

The four largest airports are located close to the most important urban and industrial centers of the country. The airports of Munich, Düsseldorf, Main and Berlin are not only the largest in the country, but also the most in demand. More than 1,500 flights depart daily from here to various countries and major cities in the world.

Each of the four airports hosts more than 10,000 people daily. Each airport has a convenient transport interchange, thanks to which passengers can get to any corner of Germany by train, train or bus.

Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt airport

Most airline passengers use the services of Germany's largest airport - Rhine-Main. Flights from it are carried out both cargo and passenger. Due to the large number of passengers, the airport occupies an honorable fourth place among European airports, but in terms of cargo transportation it is the first. It was one of the first airports to use an automatic baggage sorting system, which greatly accelerated the boarding and flight process. The airport in Frankfurt is the point of connection for a large number of flights that operate across the Atlantic.

Frankfurt am Main Airport has 4 runways, each with its own characteristics and purpose. Due to the presence of two large terminals and one small one, the airport accommodates a large number of passengers waiting for their departure. Moving between terminals is possible due to the presence of a monorail. You can also take the shuttle bus every 10 minutes.

Franz Josef Strauss Airport Munich

Munich Airport

Among international airports in Germany, the second largest airport in terms of importance and the number of passengers served is Franz Josef Strauss Airport, located in Upper Bavaria. Repeatedly this airport was recognized as the best in Europe, and in many respects entered the top three airports in the world. This airport is one of the largest in Germany. It hosts over 9 million people moving within the country.

Munich International Airport receives a large number of tourists who flew in for excursions and ski holidays. Here is the base of the Lufthansa airline, which operates flights to major cities and airports in Germany and other countries of the world.

Düsseldorf Airport

Düsseldorf airport aerial view

The largest airports in Germany, no matter where they are located, are high-tech buildings, comfort and pleasant service at all levels. The third largest airport is Düsseldorf, located seven kilometers from the city of the same name. It also receives international flights from all over the world. Thanks to a successful transport interchange, passengers of all airlines can continue their journey through Germany by any convenient land transport. The airlines Eurowings, Airberlin and Germanwins are based here. These companies operate many flights daily, not only from Dusseldorf Airport, but also from other airports.

Major airports include those located in Wiese, Frankfurt-Hahn, Bremen, Stuttgart and other cities.

Berlin Tegel Airport

Tegel airport

The most important airport in Germany is located in Berlin, just eight kilometers from its center. This is a large airport, which consists of six terminals. Among the carriers operating flights from this airport, you can see Turkish, Scandinavian, Finnish and other airlines that are engaged in air transportation of passengers to allmajor cities in Europe, USA and Cuba. You can get to the airport by bus or taxi, all terminals are equipped with public transport stops. You can also find car rentals in some arrivals areas.

Traveling in Germany

View from a height of Berlin

In addition to airports that accept international flights, there are also those in Germany that accept only local flights. The list of German airports of regional importance is very large. Tourists can move from city to city not only with the help of leading airlines, but also by train, train or bus.

No matter which German city you arrive in, be it Berlin, Cologne or Hamburg, you will find yourself in an interesting world. Beautiful paintings, galleries, museums, cathedrals and stunning castles of ancient times are waiting for you, which will help the tourist to plunge into a real fairy tale, which is so rich in German literature.

Thanks to German airports, you can visit the world-famous Neuweinntein, which was built back in the 19th century by King Ludwig II. An unforgettable journey awaits you and a tour of the customs castle Pfalzgrafenstein, which is located on an island in the middle of the Rhine. The famous Cologne Cathedral will amaze tourists with its grandeur and splendor.


I would like to note that all airports in Germany are small enough and comfortable to stay. We wish you a great trip and holiday. We hope that the article was informative and interesting for you.

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