St. Petersburg airports: list, addresses, brief description

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St. Petersburg airports: list, addresses, brief description
St. Petersburg airports: list, addresses, brief description

Every major city is connected to the world by a system of flights. Is the Northern capital on this list and how many airports are there in St. Petersburg? Many will say that one is Pulkovo. But no! There are three in total. Let's get acquainted with St. Petersburg airport terminals in more detail.

St. Petersburg airports: list with addresses

First, let's decide on the names and location. Here is a list of St. Petersburg airports:

  • Pulkovo. As we said, there are two airport terminals with the same name: Pulkovo-1. Address: Pulkovskoe highway, 41 (about 15 km from the city) and Pulkovo-2 - Startovaya, 17 (about 14.5 km from the city).
  • Rzhevka. Located along the Ring Road, not far from Rzhevskaya Square and Rzhevka station, as well as the intersection of the ring highway, the road of Life, Ryabkovskoye highway.
  • Levashovo. Vyborgsky district, 2 km to the south-west of the village. Levashovo.
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We found out the addresses, descriptions of St. Petersburg airports are also no less interesting.

Pulkovo, which has two air terminals, is the most powerful St. Petersburg airport, receiving both passenger and cargo aircraft. In Russia, it is also one of thelargest, second only to Moscow.

Pulkovo has the most developed infrastructure of the entire list of airports in St. Petersburg. These are two air terminals, a cargo department, a parking complex, a fuel filling station, etc. Pulkovo-1 was founded in 1932 - it then had the name "Shosseynoye". Pulkovo-2 was later completed.

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Characteristic differences:

  • Pulkovo-1 accepts domestic, charter and some international flights.
  • Pulkovo-2 works only with international shipments.

In 2013, a new terminal was launched, replacing both old ones. It is also equipped to receive private flights.

From St. Petersburg you can get here by bus / car in half an hour or an hour - it all depends on traffic jams on the Pulkovo highway. For personal transport, parking lots are provided here, including long-term ones, from which a shuttle bus runs to the terminal.

As for public transport, from the metro station "Moskovskaya" go here:

  • Route taxi K-39.
  • Bus No. 39, 39-E.


The list of St. Petersburg airports will be supplemented by the now little-known Rzhevka airport. But once it was the most important for Leningraders. Built in 1941 as a military airport, the airport was indispensable for the city during the blockade: valuable cargo was delivered here, even passenger transportation took place. Rzhevka was used until 1980.

Then, when the new Pulkovo terminals were launched, Rzhevka became the startingpoint for various scientific aviation tests. In 2006-2014 sad times have come for the airport - it was completely closed for flights, and part of its territory was used as a parking lot.

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In 2015, the operation of Rzhevka as an airport was resumed - communications with Petrozavodsk (Peski and Besovets airport), Sortavala and others were restored. However, the capabilities of this air terminal are limited: it accepts only four classes of An aircraft and Mi-8 helicopters, Mi-2, Ka-26.

Geographically, Rzhevka is located 16 km from St. Petersburg. You can get to it by bus number 23 or by private vehicle. However, according to some reports, the airport is currently closed again.


Is the only military airfield in the city. Capable of receiving both helicopters and Tu-134, Tu-154 liners, and light aircraft.

In the future, together with Gazpromavia, it is planned to expand its functions to a public airfield - Levashovo will become a military-civilian one. A passenger terminal and infrastructure will be built, where a civil aviation base is planned.

What will Levashovo serve? Charter aircraft, business aviation, small cargo aircraft. Share with him "duties" and Pulkovo. The latter will be more directed after these reforms to large passenger and freight traffic. This is not the first experience for Gazpromavia - similar changes were made in Ostafyevo near Moscow.

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In 2015, co-basing was allowed by the Russian government. A contract worth more than 81 million rubles was signed for the development of project documentation, which should be prepared by the third quarter of 2016. It includes a project for the reconstruction of the runway, the construction of an apron and aircraft parking, an air terminal, a control tower, hangars and office buildings.

So you got acquainted with the list of airports in St. Petersburg. Of course, the main passenger flights are at Pulkovo, but the presence of Rzhevka and Levashovo should also be remembered.

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