Mosaic courtyard of the Small Academy of Arts of St. Petersburg - an unusual attraction of the Northern capital

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Mosaic courtyard of the Small Academy of Arts of St. Petersburg - an unusual attraction of the Northern capital
Mosaic courtyard of the Small Academy of Arts of St. Petersburg - an unusual attraction of the Northern capital

In order to see something interesting in St. Petersburg, it is not necessary to go to a museum. During an ordinary walk around the city, you can get a lot of aesthetic pleasure and admire something unusual. The cultural capital of Russia also has its own informal attractions - special places and objects that are not included in official guidebooks. Among them is the mosaic courtyard on Tchaikovsky Street.

The history of the creation of a large-scale art object

In 1984, a unique children's art education school "Vulkan" was founded in St. Petersburg at the State Russian Museum. This institution of additional education still operates today, under the name of the Small Academy of Arts. The permanent head of the school is the Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Vasilyevich Lubenko. The transformation of the courtyard of the house in which the academy is located began immediately after its opening. The head of the art school, together with his students, created bright sculptures and bas-reliefs and decorated all accessible surfaces with mosaics.

mosaic patio

Today, the mosaic courtyard is a large and incredibly interesting art object. Each element and each of its zones can be considered separately. From time to time, individual sculptures are reconstructed, while new “exhibits” are created in parallel.

Mosaic courtyard (Tchaikovsky street): photo and description

The Yard of the Small Academy of Arts is better to see with your own eyes at least once than to try to imagine from the description. Without exaggeration, this is an open-air museum, which everyone can get into for free.

Everything here is decorated with mosaics: the walls of houses, free-standing sculptures and even a playground. Viewers can watch images of people, angels, mythical creatures, as well as a variety of ornaments, floral motifs and entire landscapes. The mosaic courtyard looks especially impressive on sunny days. In bright natural light, every piece of intricate paintings glistens and shimmers in the sun.

Mosaic courtyard of Tchaikovsky

According to some critics, this attraction in St. Petersburg resembles the work of Gaudí in Barcelona. The mosaic of V. V. Lubenko is often compared with the creations of the Austrian master Hundertwasser. Not all art objects in the courtyard of the Minor Academy of Arts are purely decorative. There is also a functioning fountain, a sundial, and benches, as well as a playground beloved by young visitors.

How to get to the informal attraction?

Where is the mosaic courtyard in St. Petersburg? Tchaikovsky 2/7 - exact addressthis attraction. It is worth noting that this building itself is a historical monument of architecture. This is the Court Laundry House built in 1780.

Mosaic courtyard of Tchaikovsky street

In modern history, it is famous for the fact that the historian Vladislav Mikhailovich Glinka once lived in it. Nearest metro stations: Chernyshevskaya, Nevsky Prospekt, Gostiny Dvor. The easiest way to get to the unique open-air museum is from the Fontanka embankment. It is necessary to turn onto Tchaikovsky Street and go to the end of house 2/7, and then turn left. This is where the mosaic courtyard begins, very soon you will see a playground decorated with mosaics.

Reviews of tourists

The courtyard of the Small Academy of Arts is a favorite place of many Petersburgers and an interesting tourist attraction. Residents of the city on the Neva come here in the summer to relax on a bench in the shade. Photo shoots are often held here, including wedding ones.

Mosaic courtyard SPb

This place looks equally spectacular at any time of the year. In summer, the multi-colored mosaic stands out against the background of vegetation, and in winter it seems even brighter due to the contrast with the snow. You can look at sculptures, panels and bas-reliefs indefinitely. Many tourists prefer to visit the mosaic courtyard (St. Petersburg) during each trip to this unique city. In such a magical place, new art objects appear regularly.

What is especially pleasant, due to its favorable location, it is convenient to visit the courtyard of the Small Academy of Artsalong with other attractions. For a fee, you can order an excursion for an organized group. During this event, you will not only be able to admire the creations of V. V. Lubenko, but also learn more about the work and philosophy of the artist.

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