Interesting facts and diagram of the Crocus City Hall

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Interesting facts and diagram of the Crocus City Hall
Interesting facts and diagram of the Crocus City Hall

Crocus City Hall is the pride of Russia. It is multifunctional, cozy and comfortable. He was chosen by many domestic and foreign stars. This is because everything is state of the art and meets the highest global standards.

History of Creation

The most famous and most sought-after concert hall was built in honor of Muslim Magomayev by one of the famous Russian businessmen.

The hall was founded on October 25, 2009. Since then, once every two years, a vocal competition dedicated to Muslim Magomayev has been held within its walls.

It seemed, why does Moscow need another concert hall when there is the "Olympic" and the Grand Kremlin Palace? Moreover, its location is inconvenient for most Muscovites and guests of the capital, as it is located outside the Moscow Ring Road. Nevertheless, he managed to become the most popular and in demand in a short time. A photo of the Crocus City Hall is presented below. Russian performers like to organize their solo concerts here, world famous stars perform right there.

crocus city hall scheme


The layout of the Crocus City Hall is so well thought out that with a total capacity of more than 7 thousand spectators, it can be transformed into rooms for chamber music concerts.

But that's not all. In special cases, the concert hall can become an ice show arena or a boxing ring, corporate parties and social events are held here.

Hall plan

"Crocus City Hall" can accommodate a maximum of 7233 spectators. It has a conical shape. There is an orchestra pit near the stage, the grand parterre is located in the immediate vicinity of the stage, the VIP parterre is deeper, followed by the parterre, in the center of which there is a console (sound box). The stalls are bordered by VIP boxes, which, in turn, are divided into central, left and right. The mezzanine is located behind the stalls, but its left and right boxes are directed towards the stage. The final section is the balcony, which is divided into balcony A and balcony B.

The concert hall has three levels of parking: underground, on the ground and on the roof. Once parked, spectators do not have to go around the building in search of the front entrance, you can enter inside from the parking lot.

If you take the metro, you need to get off at the Myakinino station, there is a passage directly to the hall.

crocus city hall

Crocus City Project

This project includes the World Exhibition Center, the largest concert venue in Moscow and the Crocus City Mall, a luxury shopping center.

Investment inthe construction of Crocus City Hall amounted to about 80 million dollars, annually this venue receives about 2 million spectators, up to 300 events a year are held here, including solo concerts of stars, congresses and forums. Crocus City Hall's annual turnover is approximately $30 million.

During its existence, Elton John, Enrique Iglesias, Sting, Jennifer Lopez, Laura Pausini and many others have performed on stage.

Each concert is a show of the highest level with special effects and high-quality sound. The main feature is the correct engineering solution of the transforming concert venue and the clever layout of the Crocus City Hall.

All special effects are the result of the professionalism and virtuosity of the technical staff, who tend to be in the shadows.

crocus city hall photo hall

World-famous designers worked on the exclusive interior, and all materials have sound-absorbing properties. The wave-shaped ceiling ensures the correct refraction of sound. The floor in the hall is finished with two types of natural marble, and the right coating creates the right acoustics. The high-tech foyer features glass and teak wood, while the escalator and stairs are made of stainless steel.

Araz Agalarov is the ideologist of what is being built on this site, he understands everything to the smallest detail: the scheme of the Crocus City Hall was also developed under his strict guidance. He even delved into the speed with which the air moves.through air ducts so as not to create noise for people who are sitting in the hall.

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