Toropets: sights, excursions, the history of the creation of the city, interesting facts, tips and reviews of tourists about the city

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Toropets: sights, excursions, the history of the creation of the city, interesting facts, tips and reviews of tourists about the city
Toropets: sights, excursions, the history of the creation of the city, interesting facts, tips and reviews of tourists about the city

Toropets is a small provincial town located on the banks of a picturesque river. Despite the name, life here is not too hasty. That is why tourists love to come here to enjoy the peace and tranquility, to touch the history of this amazing region. The sights of Toropets, what to see, where to go and how to spend your free time - all this will be discussed in this article.

What is interesting in the city of Toropets?

The appearance of Toropets cannot be compared with any city in Russia. This town is of particular interest to connoisseurs of history. Toropets is famous for its magnificent architectural structures that leave a mark in the memory for a long time. There are many wonderful temples and monasteries, the history of which is rooted in the distant past. High-rise buildings are rare in the citybuilding. But this fact only adds to its appeal. The city seems to breathe history. Photos of the sights of Toropets with their description will be presented in this article.

There are many interesting places to visit in and around the city. These are cultural monuments, and architectural masterpieces, and objects of the spiritual heritage of the region, and natural attractions. There are a large number of temples, cathedrals, churches and monasteries in Toropets.

St. Tikhon Convent

In 2005, on the 140th anniversary of the appearance of the great Patriarch Tikhon, a monastery community was formed in his honor. It was erected on the site of the male Nicholas Monastery, which in turn was built as a defensive structure to protect the city's borders, presumably in the 11th century.

Attractions Toropets

Initially, it was located on the coast of a beautiful lake, later, when the city itself was moved to a new place, the monastery changed its location. In 1634, it almost completely burned down. It was restored, but in 1764 it was abolished and a church was erected in its place in honor of the Virgin. In 1929, the church was closed, and stables were organized in its premises.

Korsun Bogoroditsky Cathedral

The shrine is located in the city center on the site of the former Kremlin. The cathedral cannot be attributed to the most beautiful temples in the city, but in terms of its importance it ranks first. The cathedral was erected on the site of St. George's Church. For several millennia, a unique icon of the Mother of God was kept within its walls.Hodegetria.

This is an iconic relic for Toropets. In this city, Alexander Nevsky married Princess Alexandra, his first wife. In honor of this event, she brought as a gift an ancient icon brought from Byzantium itself. The Korsun icon is special in that, according to legend, it was created during the life of the Virgin Mary by the Apostle Luke himself. The icon was first brought to Polotsk.

Toropets, Tver region attractions

This icon was so dear to local residents that they even went to the deception of Ivan the Terrible in order to save it. When he decided to take the holy image to Moscow, the locals secretly made a copy of it, and left the original in the altar. But Ivan the Terrible never came for her.

At first the icon was kept in St. George's Church. In 1675, a stone cathedral was erected in its place, which soon burned down. It took a long time to restore due to lack of funding. Local residents turned to the emperor himself. The iconostasis was installed at his expense. Under the new ruler, the temple was finally completed.

Museum of Patriarch Tikhon

In the center of Toropets you can come across a small house. Not so long ago, it was simply considered an old house, of which there are a huge number in the city. The only difference was that on its facade there was always a small plaque on which it was written that the future Patriarch lived here. Today it is a museum. Recently, a part of the house was purchased and furnished with expositions that tell visitors about the elements of the life and life of the priest John Bellavin and his famous son.

Toropetsattractions photo

The museum is of particular interest to believers. Batiushka, who initiated its creation, personally conducts excursions. Some sights of the city of Toropets are represented by whole natural reserves.

Biostation "Pure Forest"

There are a lot of empty villages around the city of Toropets. In one of them, in Bubonitsy, a station was organized in 1985. Its main goal was to study the life of the brown bear. Today, anyone can visit the biostation and learn a lot of interesting things about one of the brightest representatives of the fauna - the brown bear. You will be given a lecture with bewitching shots that will instantly immerse you in the amazing and mysterious world of predators.

City of Toropets attractions

You can just walk around the territory of the reserve. There are several archaeological sites here. A hiking trail passes through the mysterious forest. All types of trees grow in this unique place, and you can even meet representatives of the flora and fauna that are listed in the Red Book.

The city of Toropets in the Tver region, whose sights can satisfy the interest of everyone, has become famous for its unusual museums.

Museum of the History of Photography and Russian Life

In this place you can see the history of the city with your own eyes. Here are many pictures of Toropets from the beginning of its foundation. Ancient estates, churches, houses and parks - today they can only be seen in photographs. Among the exhibits of the museum you can also find cameras, modern and ancient. All photosgrouped under subheadings. For example, "Temples", "City yesterday and today".

The second floor is occupied by shelves with cameras. Among them you can find even very old copies. On the ground floor there is an exhibition of Russian life. An original corner with objects of Russian life was organized within the walls of the museum. A small chamber has been recreated here, equipped with all the elements of that time - an iconostasis, embroidered towels, a huge table, woven runners. All items presented in this corner - pots, towels, fishing tackle and other exhibits - can be touched and examined by picking up.

Oak of Alexander Nevsky

There is an unusual tree in Toropets. It looks like all the others, but has an amazing origin. It is said that this oak tree was planted from the seed of a tree planted by Alexander Nevsky back in 1239. Today the oak is fenced. It grows opposite the city museum.

City of Toropets, Tver region attractions

Many tourists are advised to pay attention to some of the monumental buildings in the city.

Monument to Teacher

On Sovetskaya Street there is a monument that was erected in honor of those who are related to the teaching profession. The monument was opened in 1974. The monument flaunts opposite the first school. This is the first monument in Russia of this nature. The construction of this monument dates back to 1908. Then a school was opened in the city, which was later reorganized into a school. The first teachers devoted a lot of time to work. Their dedicated work anddedication embodied in a bronze statue.

Toropets attractions what to see

During the occupation of the city, the school did not work. Later, classes resumed. At the 60th anniversary, the idea was announced to erect a monument to the teacher. The monument itself depicts a man who teaches a lesson. Every year on September 1, flowers are brought to the monument.

It may seem that Toropets is not of particular interest to tourists. But this is far from true. This city is unique in its culture, and many sights of Toropets are proof of this. There are many temples, places with a rich history, beautiful nature and a huge cultural heritage. People do not come here for entertainment, but there are places where you can spend time mentally and learn a lot of interesting things. Impressions from a trip here will definitely remain in memory for a long time.

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