Recreation center "Tursib", Gorny Altai: description, rooms and interesting facts

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Recreation center "Tursib", Gorny Altai: description, rooms and interesting facts
Recreation center "Tursib", Gorny Altai: description, rooms and interesting facts

Recreation center "Tursib" has been hosting guests for more than 10 years. Here they know how to hospitably welcome guests and make memories of the holiday priceless. "Tursib" - a recreation center (Gorny Altai), which is today one of the most visited and expensive.

Description of base

The area occupied by the base is huge. It houses houses divided by categories of accommodation, he alth and bath complexes. There is a tennis court, a restaurant, a summer cafe, a beach with a dedicated place for a volleyball court, a swimming pool, a frontal place and many pavilions where vacationers can dine. The recreation center "Tursib" is located on the Katun River, in the Chemal district of the Republic of Gorny Altai.

In its service, the base is equal to Europe: a smiling and attentive staff is ready to help at the first call.

The complex is built harmoniously, in integrity with nature: log cedar houses standing in the forest, the cold Katun River flowing nearby with a strong current and rapids.

Recreation center "Tursib"


The restaurant is decorated inRussian style of the last century. Lots of old household items. The banquet hall is separated from the dining room by a real Russian stove: large and wide.

The variety of the menu can satisfy even a gourmet. This is a Russian menu, complex, customized. The chef is able to prepare dishes from a children's or lenten menu, or to please guests with traditional Altai cuisine. A festive variety of buffet snacks and banquet dishes, a Christmas menu are also offered. The traditional wish of the guests is the preparation of dishes from local fish and game.

Summer cafe

Starts its work in the morning, at 11, and is open until the last visitor. Here they meet for cozy gatherings with friends and work meetings or read books alone. The cafe stands on the Katun River, where people enjoy views of beautiful banks and a fast river with rifts to pleasant music. If desired, vacationers go down to the beach adjacent to the cafe to sit in a sun lounger.

House categories

"Tursib" - a recreation center (Gorny Altai), built of cedar trees. In total, there are five categories of houses: from simple standard to luxury apartments. The price range ranges from 3,700 to 26,000 thousand rubles per day.


This is a separate log house built on two levels. It can accommodate a company or a family of four, plus it is possible to install an extra bed (sofa). On the ground floor there is a living room with a fireplace, TV + DVD, upholstered furniture and a music center. Mini-sauna with shower and toilet. dining rooman area equipped with utensils will help you prepare a light dinner on your own, in order to then eat it on the veranda, enjoying the view of the Katun River flowing nearby. On the second floor there are two rooms with one double bed and two single beds. There is also a safe, a vacuum cleaner, a TV plus a VCR. Telephone sets are located on both floors. The cost of apartments for one day of living in them is 26 thousand rubles.

Image"Tursib" recreation center Gorny Altai


One-story log house divided into 2 large areas: a living room and a bedroom. In the first zone there is a soft sofa corner, a wardrobe and a coffee table. There is a TV with a VCR, a music center, a vacuum cleaner, an iron. There is a small area on which a refrigerator and a set of dishes are placed. There is a phone and a safe.

In the second zone there is one double bed or two single beds, a wardrobe and bedside tables. Two guests live here and it is still possible to place two on an extra bed - a sofa. In the sanitary room there is a toilet and a shower cabin, a hair dryer. The price per night in a room for one person is 8550 rubles, for two - 8900 rubles.

Recreation center "Tursib" reviews


Single-storey one-room log house of superior comfort, consisting of a living room and a bedroom. The furnishings of the latter include: a double bed and bedside tables, a coffee table, wardrobes. The living room has upholstered furniture, TV plus DVD,electric kettle plus a set of dishes, refrigerator, telephone. The toilet has a sink and a shower. It contains two main places, it is possible to install another one (sofa). The cost of living for 1 day from one guest is 7550 rubles, from two guests - 7900 rubles.


Standard rooms can be placed in stand-alone log houses or in a six-room log house. These are single rooms, consisting of a bedroom and a toilet room. The bedroom has a bed and a wardrobe. The toilet room has a shower cabin. The rental price of the house for 1 guest is 3650 rubles. For two - 4 thousand rubles.

Recreation center "Tursib" Altai


The log house has 6 duplex apartments. The furnishings of each of them are standard and consist of a living room, a bedroom and a toilet room. This category of houses is intended for rent for a long time. The cost of living per day for one person - 7550 rubles, for two - 7900 rubles.

Children under the age of 5 stay at the base for free, but without a separate bed.

Extra beds cost 250 rubles per night per guest.

In each of the rooms, in the sanitary room, there are sets consisting of: towels, shower gel and body sponge, soap, dental kit, shower cap, shaving kit.

Each room has a minibar included in the price. In it: mineral water, herbal tea, he alth drinks, jam.

Forguests are provided with a daily visit to the water park at certain hours: in the morning from 10 to 12.

A huge advantage of each house is its remoteness at a sufficient distance from each other, so guests sometimes feel like hermits. All the houses are built of cedar, and you can smell it inside, but it is faint, unobtrusive.

"Tursib" (recreation center, Gorny Altai): water park

The base includes a water park in its complex. Not only hotel guests come here, but also people who do not rest in it.

The water park at the Tursib recreation center occupies a spacious room, inside which is clean and cool, information about the rules of visiting is posted on the walls.

There are 3 pools in the water park: a common pool with an area of ​​1027 sq., 25 to 1.8 meters). There are 3 slides for adults, of course, it is not breathtaking when rolling down them, but teenagers will have fun.

Image"Tursib" recreation center Gorny Altai, water park

For lovers of hot air, a sauna with a contrast bath is suitable. But in the hammam, on the contrary, humid steam and hot stone chairs, repeating the shape of the human body, will warm you from head to toe.

Replenish the loss of fluid is better in the fresh bar, which offers warm herbal teas to maintain water balance. If you want to have a snack, they sell cookies and muffins here. They pay with a bracelet that is worn on the hand of each visitor.

There are hot tubs next to the communal poolbathtubs are spacious and wide. Showers and toilets are located in the steam room area.

The administration allows you to bring your own bathing accessories: towels and slippers, and for children - circles, armlets, inflatable circles.

The following rules are set:

- minimum visit time - 60 minutes;

- children under the age of five stay in the water park for free, but only accompanied by adults;

- 10% discount for families with 3 children and seniors;

- on the birthday of the birthday boy, he is given a 15% discount;

- for groups of schoolchildren from 10 people, an individual payment offer is calculated.

Recreation center "Tursib", Russian Railways - what do they have in common?

The Tursib base is the brainchild of the Russian Railways.

This recreation center was built for highway workers and their families. Russian Railways provides its employees with social guarantees, realizing that a good rest for each employee today is a guarantee of his quality work tomorrow. There were times when the complex was closed to outsiders. But over time, everything has changed, and today the recreation center "Tursib" will accept anyone.

Recreation center "Tursib" rzhd

Why Tursib?

There are recreation centers near Tursib, and not just one. The nearest ones are Berel and Katun. At the recreation center "Berel" one-story summer houses and two-story alpine houses, a small lake in which vacationers swim. They carry out many excursions of different directions.

Katun camp site - old andlarge recreation area. It has its own long-standing traditions and foundations: vacationers here in the 70s and 80s today bring their children here. And besides, every year a festival of author's songs of performers from all over Russia is held here.

Recreation center "Tursib" reviews of their work is positive. The only thing that all the guests, without exception, complain about is the price of a vacation. Guests give high ratings for the service, because the staff surrounds each of them with attention and care.

The recreation center "Tursib" surprises with its size, design and thoughtfulness. In winter, cleared paths sprinkled with sand, many comfortable benches, swings.

Recreation center "Tursib" (Altai) organizes rafting on the Katun River, trips to Lake Teletskoye, excursions to the Blue Lakes, to the Tavdynsky caves, to the Korbu waterfall. Yes, and to stand on the shore, inhaling the fresh woody smell, listening to the birds singing, the sound of pines and the river, is a relaxation.

The organizers are fishing, but the fish is not always caught, according to the season. You can catch grayling and lenok. These are mobile and strong fish, adapted to the harsh conditions of a mountain river.

water park at the recreation center "Tursib"

Evenings are held in different ways: these are simple gatherings with a guitar by the fire, and discos with animators.

For new arrivals, a mandatory tradition: in the evening they go to the place of execution, sit in a circle and get to know each other, briefly talking about themselves.

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