"Tape maze" is a positive attraction for all ages

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"Tape maze" is a positive attraction for all ages
"Tape maze" is a positive attraction for all ages

"Tape maze" is today in almost every major city. What is this attraction? If you believe the advertising promises, then this is a real source of positive for children and adults. Let's try to figure out who will like this attraction.

Ribbon maze - a portal to another dimension

ribbon maze

When we say labyrinth, we usually think of a narrow corridor with lots of turns, forks and dead ends. Finding a way out of such a space is not always easy. Particularly sensitive people while traveling through the classic labyrinths often experience even bouts of claustrophobia. The tape maze looks completely different. In fact, this is an ordinary room, large or medium. The entire space in it from ceiling to floor is hung with multi-colored textile ribbons. It is enough to take the first step into such a labyrinth, and you completely lose the sense of time and space.

A legend is spread that the world's first ribbon maze was created in the image of a Mobius strip. The idea of ​​this attraction is to immerse visitors in space without beginning or end, creating a psychological effect of weightlessness.

"Tape maze": photo and description

ribbon maze reviews

The labyrinth of ribbons is somewhat similar to a children's kaleidoscope. All textile elements are in bright positive shades. Even a short stay in such an environment cheers up and has a positive effect on a person. During the passage of such an attraction, visitors of all ages experience genuine surprise and delight.

Children love the ribbon labyrinths. Textile elements can be touched, and the search for a way out can occupy and focus even the most restless child. Adults, once in the tape maze, get an amazing opportunity to return to childhood. Here you can laugh heartily and take bright and very unusual photos for memory. Try on ribbons as a wig, peek out from behind bright stripes - such pictures will become the highlight of your album. Some visitors to the attraction film a video of themselves as they navigate through the maze and then proudly show it to their friends.

Feedback about ribbon mazes

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Tape labyrinths today are in many cities of our country. They are usually located in large shopping and entertainment centers and city parks. The cost of such entertainment varies between 150-300 rubles per person.

What is especially nice, the visitor pays for the entrance, and the time spent in the labyrinth is unlimited. Many places also provide discounts for organized groups and citizens with benefits. "Tape maze" reviews are more often positive. itan original attraction accessible to everyone.

You should visit the maze of ribbons at least once in your life. Positive emotions, vivid impressions and spectacular photos for memory are guaranteed to every guest. This attraction can be passed even by the smallest children who have barely learned to walk. For adults, the ribbon maze is an anti-stress space. Once inside a multi-colored kaleidoscope, it is not difficult to get rid of everyday problems and sincerely enjoy life.

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