UAE - photo. United Arab Emirates is the capital. UAE - recreation

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UAE - photo. United Arab Emirates is the capital. UAE - recreation
UAE - photo. United Arab Emirates is the capital. UAE - recreation

There is no bad weather or low season in the Emirates - here in July, in February, excellent hotels for a real vacation and exciting shopping at attractive prices await tourists. Perhaps the policy of the UAE (we will present photos of stunning views in our article) regarding tourism can be expressed in the following words: “We want to surprise everything that the country has, and if something is not there, it will be built, and then we will surprise you again more!”

skyscrapers uae

A little about comfort

The flow of tourists wishing to visit the country is growing. After all, everything is combined with everything in it: in the dunes from the nomad camp you can see the luminous Burj Khalifa needle, and camel races are held on a platform neatly squeezed between modern skyscrapers. If you value comfort above all else, but at the same time are not indifferent to Arabian exoticism, the Emirates is a place that can satisfy your needs by 100%!

UAE map

UAE: state mapand geographic features

A new country that appeared on the world map in 1971, which united six emirates that were under the protectorate of England, in a short time turned into a developed state with the lowest crime rate in the world and a high standard of living.

UAE (photo you can see in the article) are located mainly on the coast of the Persian Gulf (except for the emirate of Fujairah, located on the Indian Ocean). Moreover, a significant part of the state falls on the areas occupied by the Arabian desert. In order to see such beauty: the azure sea, the velvet desert, the majestic Hajjar mountains, luxurious cities and masterpieces of palace architecture, it is worth visiting this pearl of the East.

Climate is not a hindrance

Emirates is a country with a dry climate close to tropical. Rains here are rare and mostly in winter. Imagine that no more than 10 rainy days are accumulated in this territory in a year! And the temperature in January is surprisingly comfortable: +24 °C. By the way, despite the fact that the UAE in August turns into a real "brazier" (with a temperature of +48 ° C), at this time there are still a lot of people who want to visit a hospitable country that offers surprisingly comfortable conditions for recreation.

Let's go there now!

UAE in August

United Arab Emirates: the capital - get to know

Abu Dhabi is perhaps the greenest city on the coast. He is proud of his parks, fountains and sculptures that adorn the boulevards and squares. Abu Dhabi can be compared to a colorfula jigsaw puzzle assembled from ultra-modern landscapes and ancient architectural traditions. Skyscrapers, mosques, oriental bazaars overflowing with aromas of spices and colors of exotic fruits - all this will make an unforgettable impression on the traveler.

The streets of the city are perfectly straight, and the inhabitants are friendly and always friendly. A special sign of Abu Dhabi is a huge number of mosques with intricately decorated minarets. You can admire them endlessly.

The pride of the capital (and the whole country) has always been its stunning hotels, built with every possible luxury and comfort. They are famous all over the world for their service, interiors and a huge range of additional services. Most of the galleries, shops, gyms and diving centers of the city are located in the hotels.

united arab emirates capital

Look at the skyscrapers

The United Arab Emirates, whose photos of the capital are offered here, are actively building more and more unthinkable buildings, fighting for the attention of tourists. Let's take a look at these mind-blowing human creations already in Abu Dhabi.

On Al Raha Beach, you can admire the round skyscraper in the shape of a seashell. This symbol of perfection and stability, designed by MZ Studio, is impossible to ignore.

Capital Gate (the so-called falling skyscraper), built at the end of 2011, will cause you no less delight. Imagine that the angle of its inclination is 4 times greater than that of the Leaning Tower of Pisa! On the upper floors of this building there is a helipad owned bySheikh Abu Dhabi family.

Don't forget the Marina Mall tower with its flying saucer-like slowly rotating top.

What is there, it is impossible to describe all the wonders of the city in a short article: go and see for yourself!

UAE photo

Local restaurants are a gourmet paradise

But what are the skyscrapers of the UAE compared to the cuisine of the Middle East! Go to any restaurant you like and you won't go wrong. Among them are those who prefer only the Lebanese, Moroccan or Iranian tradition. And for lovers of European cuisine, there are enough Italian, French, Greek, etc. restaurants, where dishes will be selected and served with unforgettable elegance.

For the information of travelers: special attention in the menu should be given to fresh fish from the Persian Gulf or seafood: lobster, crabs, shrimp. In any kitchen, they are the decoration of the menu!

Lovers of hearty and inexpensive food are offered a huge number of small cafes and eateries, which, nevertheless, offer visitors a high level of service and, most importantly, quality products. You will not be bored while your order is being prepared: as soon as you sit down at a table, you will be offered salads and bread. Special tip: be sure to try the local fruit drink, the mocktail.

By the way, lunch will cost a hungry tourist an average of about $10. And tips are already included in the bill, so there is no need to leave them.

lunch in Abu Dhabi

A few tips for tourists, or "In a foreigna monastery with its charter…"

When you come to a Muslim state, you need to be especially attentive to the traditions of the people who have welcomed you. Mini, see-through or low-cut clothes should not be seen on the streets.

It is not recommended to photograph Muslim women and flirt with them, and it is unacceptable to show more than friendly feelings in public places. In the UAE, whose photo you can see here, littering, drinking alcohol-containing drinks or offering them to local residents are serious offenses.

Staying in the UAE during Ramadan requires tourists to be especially respectful of the religious feelings of believers, and failure to comply with the requirements is a crime in this country even for foreigners.

Please note that during Ramadan, many shops open from 20:00 to 3:00 am, and most bars and restaurants do not provide musical or other entertainment performances. During daylight hours, fasting is observed in the country (you can not only eat and drink, but also smoke, and even just chew gum on the street). True, tourists are allowed to do all this on the territory of their hotels.

UAE holidays

How best to relax?

The United Arab Emirates is famous for its opportunities for outdoor activities and sports, which more than makes up for the lack of historical attractions.

So, jeep or motorcycle safaris are very popular in the country, which allows you to get to know the life of the Bedouins. In addition, kart racing, horseback riding,camel races, as well as excursions to the Sheikh's Stables and zoos. Sea fishing or crabbing are very popular, and sand skiing is no less common.

And shopping in the Emirates has long been a special attraction. After all, the UAE is a huge trade zone on which duties are not imposed, this circumstance, in turn, allows you to set competitive prices for popular goods in countries.

If you miss the snow, then in this situation, the Emirates will be able to offer you a great holiday: the Ski Dubai ski resort. This is a unique artificial snow indoor complex that offers skiing, snowboarding and sledding. Given that the Arabian desert is spread around, bathed in the hot sun, you can imagine how exotic such a vacation (possible only in the UAE) looks like!

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