Ligurian Sea in Italy: reviews of tourists and interesting facts

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Ligurian Sea in Italy: reviews of tourists and interesting facts
Ligurian Sea in Italy: reviews of tourists and interesting facts

The coast of the Ligurian Sea annually becomes a holiday destination for many tourists. People from all over the world come here to enjoy the warm and mild climate, relax in the resort and just have a good time.


Territorially, for the most part, the Ligurian Sea belongs to Italy, it partially washes its administrative region of Liguria, as well as France and Monaco. With an approximate width of thirty kilometers and a length of about two hundred, it runs along the Gulf of Genoa.

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Conventionally, it is divided into two parts - Riviera di Ponente and Riviera di Levante, located from the border with France to Genoa and from Genoa to Tuscany, respectively. Just as Italy is like a woman's boot, the coast is like a horseshoe. The sea is limited to three points: the islands of Corsica, Elba and the coast of the Gulf of Genoa.

Famous resorts

The region's pleasant mild climate and tropical plants have long attracted tourists. In the 19th century, the entire European nobility rested here, only representatives of this stratum of society could afford it. Hereone of the most famous areas for recreation is located - the Riviera. The most popular of the resorts are Sanremo and Allasio, for more economical travel Diano Marina is suitable.

Some numbers

The area where the Ligurian Sea is located covers an area of ​​about 15 thousand km2. The deepest point of the sea is at a distance of 2546 meters from the surface, and the average value is about 1200 meters. The Ligurian Sea, where the water temperature ranges from 13 to 23 degrees, is quite s alty (about 38 ppm).

Interesting facts

The waters of the southeastern part of the Ligurian Sea pass into the Tyrrhenian Sea, and the south - into the Mediterranean

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  • Many rivers flow into the Ligurian Sea, which begin mainly in the Apennine Mountains. Among them: Arno, Roya, Lavagna.
  • The largest bay of the Ligurian Sea is the Genoese one.
  • This area also houses the Italian naval base, Livorno.
  • The coast of this area is considered one of the most beautiful areas in all of Italy.


Despite the fact that this coastal region of Italy is popular with tourists, in fact, a large part of the coast is unsuitable for recreation. The rocky terrain is interrupted in places by outlets to the sea and bays, there are sandy beaches. In addition to the aforementioned administrative region, the Ligurian Sea is also washed by the Cote d'Azur of France.

Ligurian Sea. Reviews

Popular among those who like to soak up the warm sunshine of the seaannually becomes a holiday destination for many tourists. Favorable climate, incredibly beautiful landscapes, clean Mediterranean air - all this contributes to a good rest from everyday bustle. Although not everyone can afford to stay here.

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According to tourists, the prices of the resorts of the two regions - western and eastern - of the Ligurian coast differ significantly. The eastern region offers its tourists a lot of entertainment and more modern and well-groomed beaches than the western one. Several resort towns are also located here, which, despite their popularity, have not lost their color. The Ligurian Sea (Italy can be truly proud of it) often becomes a vacation spot for very we althy people. Reviews confirm that there are even special parking lots for private yachts, on which new visitors come to the resorts.

Popular resorts. Ligurian Sea

Photos of local hotels and beaches show only a small fraction of how diverse you can spend your holidays here. Often tourists who find themselves in this region decide to visit Genoa. In this city, you can see local attractions and admire the magnificent Italian architecture, which has been honed here for many centuries and acquired new forms.

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After that, a huge selection of resorts of the Riviera di Ponenta opens up before tourists. One of the most popular is Arenzano. It is located near Genoa and is characterized by democratic prices. Here you canfind entertainment for every budget. A little further are the resorts of Varazze and Spotorno. They delight their visitors with well-maintained sandy beaches and a calm, measured rhythm of life.

One of the most popular resorts on the entire coast of the Ligurian Sea is Alassio. Despite the fact that the prices for holidays here are far from the lowest, many tourists come here every year. Already in the last century, the rich and famous gathered in Alassio, since then this resort has become known as one of the most respectable in the Italian Riviera. Celebrities such as Winston Churchill, Sophia Loren and Ernest Hemingway have been here.

Not far from Alassio there is another resort, which until recently was a small village - this is Laigueglia. These two cities are very close, but the second one is more attractive for lovers of secluded recreation, because Laigueglia still has the charm of a small town, although now you can spend time here on comfortable beaches or go to the mountains.

Riviera di Levante

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Next, mention should be made of the resorts of the Riviera di Levante, which are more accessible for recreation. Camogli, Portofino and Rapallo, small seaside towns, stand out here. They are all similar, yet different from each other. Small cozy resorts are worth a visit for those who want to be in solitude and get rid of the daily hustle and bustle.

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