Skanes Family Resort Hotel (Tunisia, Monastir): photos and reviews of tourists

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Skanes Family Resort Hotel (Tunisia, Monastir): photos and reviews of tourists
Skanes Family Resort Hotel (Tunisia, Monastir): photos and reviews of tourists

Looking at the location on the map of Tunisia of the Magic Skanes Family Resort hotel, one involuntarily wonders if it is suitable for families with children. After all, Monastir Airport named after the first President of the country Habib Bourguiba is located just a kilometer from the hotel. We hasten to immediately reassure the tourists. Since the opening of the new air harbor in Enfid, the number of flights received at the Monastir hub has decreased significantly. In the summer, the airport still accepts charters from Russia. And if you arrive on this flight to Habib Bourguiba Airport, you will be taken to the Magic Skanes Family Resort hotel first.

Reviews of tourists never mention that the rumble of planes taking off or landing disturbed their sleep. In this article, we will consider this Tunisian "four", focused, as the name suggests, on holidays with children. It has its own water park with slides, but this is not the only advantage of the hotel. According to European tourists, this hotelone of the top ten best resorts in the Monastir resort. What other pros and cons are hidden behind the glossy hotel photos that tour operators lure Russian travelers? We have carefully analyzed the reviews of those who have already visited the hotel and posted a brief digest. We hope you find this information useful and that you can put it into practice.

Skanes Family Resort

Monastir and Skanes (Tunisia): the specifics of the resort region

In this North African country, the main youth center, famous for its entertainment and noisy parties, is Sousse. Monastir, like a fly in amber, is frozen in time. It has preserved sights from the time of the ancient Roman settlement of Ruspina. And the Medina (Old City), with its walls and gates, looks like it was built not in the Middle Ages, but last year. In Monastir, the main attraction is Ribat, the fort of the Murabitins - monks who can be compared with the Christian Templars. From the eighth to the eleventh century, these monks led a life dedicated to God, and in between prayers they fought bravely, repelling the blows of the enemy. Their fort, an amazing example of Islamic military architecture, is an intricate labyrinth of corridors, towers and secret passages.

And the first thing to do in Monastir is to climb the watchtower of Ribat to see the whole city and the stretching water area from a bird's eye view. The second attraction of the resort are the lagoons, in which the inhabitants evaporate the s alt.Sandy spits separate them from the sea. And one of them is Skanes. The spit, five kilometers long and only three hundred to five hundred meters wide, is almost completely built up with hotels. Skanes Family Resort is the most profitable "four" in Skanes. Why? There is practically no entertainment on the spit - you need to go to Monastir for them (which is what the guests of the "three rubles" do). Guests of luxurious five-star hotels enjoy quiet and relaxing thalassotherapy sessions. And Magic Skanes Family Resort guests are offered free water park services during the day, and entertainment programs in the evening.

Magic Skanes Family Resort

The territory of the hotel Magic Life Skanes Family Resort 4 (Tunisia)

Reviews warn: this hotel changes its name quite often. Previously, it was called "Hauda Skanes Monastir", then "Thompson" and Skanes Palace. Finally, from two thousand and thirteen, the name was decided. It translates as "Magic life in the family resort of Skanes". Four stars flaunt on the facade of the hotel - well-deserved, according to tourists. The hotel itself is one three-story building. It was built a long time ago - back in 1964. But, according to reviews, everything in this building corresponds to modern concepts of comfortable rest.

The last reconstruction was carried out in 2009. But, in accordance with the requirements for a resort hotel of the mid-twentieth century, the building is surrounded by a vast, sixty thousand square meters, garden. This green park, full of flowers, smoothly transitions to sandybeach. The Skanes Family Resort hotel owns its own fenced area on the municipal shore. The center of Monastir is five kilometers from the hotel. This distance can be overcome by regular bus, the stop of which is located two hundred meters from the gate of the hotel. And electric trains run along the spit between the hotels. Luazhi minibuses, horse-drawn carts and private tuk-tuks from Monastir to Sousse also travel through Skanes. Enfidha International Airport, which receives the lion's share of flights to Tunisia, is located sixty-two kilometers from the Skanes Spit.

Skanes Family Resort 4

Where hotel guests stay

The guest accommodation fund is three hundred and twenty rooms, of which only six are superior suites. But due to the specifics of the Skanes Family Resort hotel and its focus on families with children, it has many rooms of the "family room" category. Many rooms have balconies. The reviews mention that these are mostly double rooms. Families settle in rooms without balconies, which, in principle, is wise, since not all parents watch their children, who only strive to fall out from somewhere. But due to the former veranda, the kids have a separate room, where, reviews mention this as a definite plus, there is another plasma TV.

The filling of double rooms and "family room" is basically the same. Only the sizes of the rooms differ. They have air conditioning, a safe, a refrigerator, a mini-bar (filling which is chargeable), a telephone, a TV with satellite channels. The bathroom has a shower and hairdryer. Cleaning in the roomsdaily. The maids carefully wash the floor and the veranda, change the towels. But linen is changed twice a week. Family rooms come in two categories. "Kidsen" actually consists of two bedrooms - for parents and children, while the usual "family room" is one room. Reviews warn: the total area in both categories of rooms is the same - thirty-six square meters. Therefore, the two rooms in the kidssen are very small. Standard rooms (20 square meters) have a separate sub-category - priority accommodation with a sea view.

How guests are fed

Like many high-ranking Tunisian hotels, the Skanes Family Resort 4offers its guests to choose the type of food themselves. For those who are thinking of traveling around the country and completely immersing themselves in the life of local residents, the Bed and Breakfast program is suitable. The time for breakfast, as the reviews assure, is quite long: from seven to ten o'clock, which will satisfy both "larks" and those who like to sleep longer. Morning meals are served at the main restaurant in buffet style.

Those who plan to go on excursions often (read about them below), half board is suitable. There is another option for those who do not plan to leave the hotel anywhere for a long time. Full board, reviews warn, does not include drinks during lunch and dinner, they must be purchased separately. And if you want to relax "to the fullest", then it's better to order the "all inclusive" system so beloved by Russians. However, it does not provide for imported alcoholic beverages. But in all other respects, the all-inclusive meals are above allpraise. In addition to three buffet meals, the owners of elite bracelets will be able to visit the a la carte restaurant once during their stay at the Skanes Family Resort. There are three of them on the territory of the hotel: with European, Arabic and fish cuisine. To visit such a restaurant, you only need to book a table at the reception. In addition, all-inclusive guests can visit the pizzeria and Mauritanian cafe, bars in the lobby, on the beach and by the pools.

Skanes Family Resort 4

What food reviews are saying

The only disadvantage of this hotel, independent travelers say, is the influx of Russian tourists. What does this have to do with food quality? The most direct. "Package" tourists manage to arrange queues even for vegetables and fruits. They collect so much food for two people that even ten people cannot handle it in three days. It is clear that the dishes are scattered in the blink of an eye, and you have to wait until new ones are brought. But the waiters are very efficient, and the chefs at the Magic Skanes Family Resort are real masters of their craft.

Unlike most all-inclusive hotels, mixed salads are not practiced here, which are often prepared from spoiled vegetables. All ingredients are cut separately, and twenty sauces are offered for them. For lunch and dinner, there are always three to five varieties of meat dishes, there is always fish and seafood. Satisfactory reviews about the food at the hotel are also left by staunch vegetarians. In the morning, right in front of you, the cook bakes donuts and pancakes. During the restmeals there is a large selection of desserts. The baked goods are especially delicious. Vacationers also leave reviews about three a la carte restaurants at the Skanes Family Resort 4 hotel. They highly recommend going to Tunisian. At least in order to taste the wonderful couscous. The fish restaurant serves grilled, delicious seafood. Tourists with children (the majority of them in the hotel) assure that the main restaurant has a children's menu.

Skanes Family Resort 4 reviews

Hotel services

As befits a decent Tunisian "four", Skanes Family Resort 4has all the conditions for a comfortable stay. Money can be changed at the reception. Reviews are advised to keep the receipt. If you have dinars left, they can be converted back to dollars thanks to this document. The hotel has a conference hall and a business center with the necessary equipment. The reception is open 24 hours a day and its employees are fluent in English.

Reviews of tourists note that in case of any breakdowns in the room, a plumber, electrician or locksmith came within ten minutes and fixed and adjusted everything. The hotel territory is not at all like an island isolated from civilization. There are also shops, including souvenirs, and a hairdresser, and an excellent SPA center with a jacuzzi, massage room, hammam and sauna. Dirty clothes can be taken to the laundry where they will also be ironed for you.

If you are flying out of Tunisia late, you can put your luggage in a free luggage room after leaving the room and continue to use the entire infrastructure of the hotel. There is a paid service in the hotel"early settlement". Some rooms are equipped in such a way that people with disabilities feel comfortable in them. Great attention at the Skanes Family Resort 4(Tunisia) is given to children, especially small ones. They have big discounts. There are high chairs in the toddler restaurant and a baby cot can be provided upon request. You can rent a car at the reception.

Tunisia Hotel Skanes Family Resort

How tourists are entertained

Magic Skanes Family Resort Hotel reviews call a family hotel with a water park. Basically it is chosen for the sake of children. The water park - reviews on this issue are unanimous - just wonderful. It consists of five slides of different configurations. They are seamless and very secure. They let them in without an age limit - at least from the age of three. For the little ones, by the way, there is a slide. What entertainment is available at the hotel, in addition to the water park? From morning until evening guests are entertained by a close-knit team of animators. They carry out exercises, water aerobics classes, offer team games, and in the evening they arrange all sorts of shows and discos. But independent tourists also have a large selection of entertainment. They can play a couple of sets of tennis on the equipped courts, ride horses, shoot darts, etc.

For those who want to keep fit even on vacation with the all-inclusive service, there is a fitness room with modern exercise equipment, where you can lose weight gained in the restaurant. For children there is an animation program. The child can be enrolled in a mini-club, where they will be engagedprofessional educators. Reviews assure that little travelers are not afraid of the language barrier, and they get along well with their peers. For very young children, a paid babysitter service is available.

Magic Skanes Family Resort Reviews

Beach and pools

Even those tourists who visited Thailand were amazed by the quality of the sand on the coast of the Skanes Spit, where the Skanes Family Resort 4hotel has its own private territory. Reviews assure: entry into the sea is ideal for children. The sand is white and fine, like fine flour. The beach is carefully cleaned by the hotel staff. The private space of the coast of one hundred and fifty meters is filled with a sufficient number of sunbeds and umbrellas. All of them are intended for free use by guests. The beds are equipped with soft mattresses. But the hotel does not provide beach towels, and this must be taken into account when you go to Tunisia. The Skanes Family Resort is located on the first line, and you need to walk a hundred meters from the building to the coast to find yourself on a strip of sand.

A variety of entertainment awaits vacationers on the beach. You can ride on water skis and jet skis, test your nerves on parasailing. On the beach there is a bar with soft drinks and snacks. In the Magic Life Skanes Family Resort you can relax all year round, because in addition to two outdoor pools, there is another indoor heated one. Sunbathing is possible without visiting the beach. The pool area is lined with sunbeds and umbrellas. Do not occupy them at five in the morningworth it.

Location of the Skanes Family Resort (Monastir) in relation to urban infrastructure

According to reviews, there is no entertainment outside the gates of the hotel. Even residential areas. This scythe is given at the mercy of hotels. Monastir itself lies on the other side of the lagoon. But not far from the gates of the hotel there is a city bus stop. A taxi to the city can cost about five to ten dinars. Yes, and walk to Monastir can be reached in fifteen to twenty minutes. Many tourists called this location on the spit an advantage. Intrusive merchants do not roam the beach. In the city, many hotels are located in the labyrinth of the old city. They are, of course, closer to historical sights, but far from the sea. And for nightlife, tourists' reviews are advised to go to the neighboring city of Sousse. But there is also something to do in Skanes. Although the northward orientation of the sandbar brings rough seas and muddy water as a result, there is a diving school here. The hotels are well guarded, and no suspicious persons enter the territory of the Skanes Family Resort (Tunisia).

Excursions from Monastir

But you shouldn't sit on the Skanes spit yourself. Tourists say that traveling around Tunisia is quite safe. The Skanes Family Resort hotel reviews call it a convenient starting point for trips around the country. From here you can go to the noisy and cheerful Sousse and spend an unforgettable evening there. Or ancient Carthage. The same distance separates Monastir from the Sahara. Quite close to El Jema, where you need to visit the "Roman Colosseum". In the same Monastir attractsthe attention of tourists are several ancient mosques and the mausoleum of Habib Bourguiba. Shopaholics will be satisfied by visiting the four-storey Yasmina shopping center. If you have not paid for the all inclusive service, tourists advise you to have lunch or dinner at one of the fish restaurants in the yacht port.

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