Ice Palace in Lida, Grodno region (Belarus)

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Ice Palace in Lida, Grodno region (Belarus)
Ice Palace in Lida, Grodno region (Belarus)

The Ice Palace in Lida, Grodno region (Belarus) hospitably opens its doors at any time of the year for everyone. This is a modern center that allows you to receive citizens and provide the proper level of sports entertainment. In addition, it is also a training and competition ground for hockey teams.

A bit of history

The Ice Palace in Lida was built not so long ago. Its opening was timed to coincide with the annual republican festival "Dazhynki", dedicated to the harvest. In 2010, the city of Lida received the right to accept it. For the duration of the event, participants from all over the country, labor collectives, officials, and foreign guests were supposed to come to it. It was for this event that many city facilities underwent reconstruction, some were built from scratch.

Ice Palace in Lida

The project of the Ice Palace in Lida began to be developed back in 2007, and a place for construction was also chosen. In the proposed construction area, not only thisbuilding. In fact, both adjacent buildings and large adjacent territories were subject to change. Such a large construction project for the town received support at the republican level.

opening hours of the ice palace in Lida

The construction of the object began in the fall of 2008. Already on September 25, 2010, the grand opening of the erected structure took place. The President of Belarus was also present.

Palace equipment

The Ice Palace is located in Lida on 31 Kachana Street. This is a modern sports facility with the following facilities:

  • an ice field measuring 30 x 60 meters, equipped with stands for a thousand seats;
  • gym with a full range of fixtures and equipment;
  • billiard room where you can play tennis or air hockey;
  • a cafe that comfortably accommodates 70 fans;
  • sauna with pool and relaxation room.
Opening hours of the Ice Palace in Lida

Next to the building there is a rather large sports complex, a ski-roller track and a football stadium. Almost any resident of the city will be able to find something to do.

Events at the ice arena of the palace

Members of sports clubs train on the ice arena of the palace, sports events are held. Since its construction, it has become a branch of the Lida Children's and Youth Ice Hockey Sports School. In fact, it is this ice that can become the starting point for the new stars of Belarusian hockey, since the mosttalented people are ready to accept capital clubs into their ranks.

The ice of the complex is also used for mass skating of the townspeople. This happens according to a schedule that is regularly updated and posted on the palace's official website. This event is possible only during the time free from matches and training of sports teams.

Ice Palace in Lida

For those citizens who are uncertain about skating or seeing them for the first time, there are skating lessons. To participate, you need to sign up for a group, and you can come with your own skates or rent them.

Practically all events for citizens are available tickets for one-time visits or subscriptions. You can buy them at the box office.

Opening hours of the Ice Palace in Lida

Each of the events held in the complex has its own schedule. It is published on the official website. You can check the time by contact numbers.

General opening hours of the Ice Palace in Lida:

  • Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 21:00;
  • Saturday and Sunday, from 11:00 to 21:00.

All up-to-date information on mass skating, training and matches is always promptly posted not only on the official website of the complex, but also in the VKontakte group. In the same network, it is possible to ask all your questions online. In addition, competitions are often held where the winners receive valuable prizes in the form of subscriptions and tickets to attend events. This community is led by palace officials.

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