"Russian Bathhouse" (Cheboksary) - a place for recreation and recreation

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"Russian Bathhouse" (Cheboksary) - a place for recreation and recreation
"Russian Bathhouse" (Cheboksary) - a place for recreation and recreation

Sometimes there come times when the body needs healing, and the body wants to rest. In this case, you need to go straight to the bath. It has long been known that the Russian steam room is just a storehouse of he alth. In addition, visiting it, you can recharge your excellent mood. So, if necessary, you need to take your friends and go to the steam room. An ideal option could be the Russian Bath complex (Cheboksary, Nadezhda St., 19).

Russian Banya Cheboksary

Complex "Russian Bathhouse" (Cheboksary). General information

"Russkaya Banka" is a recreational complex of nine two-story baths built from a wooden frame. They are heated exclusively with wood. This explains the quality of the steam in the steam rooms and the decent heat.


On the ground floor of each building aredressing room and toilet with doors that open like in a compartment. There is a sauna room and a steam room. After going to the steam room, visitors can take a dip in the Jacuzzi to lower their body temperature. Also, the baths are equipped with showers, in which, in addition to the usual shower, there is a tub of ice water, the contents of which can be turned over by dousing yourself from head to toe.

The second floor of each bath building is equipped with seating areas. There are seating areas - ottomans, armchairs and sofas. There are also board games such as checkers, chess and table football. The large baths have billiards, a pool with a geyser and places equipped for tea drinking and a light snack. By the way, in the pool and jacuzzi, the water temperature can be ordered at your discretion.

Russian Bathhouse Cheboksary street Nadezhdy 19

There is also a TV with connected satellite channels, karaoke.

Near each bath there is a personal grill and a table with seating.

"Russkaya Banka" (Cheboksary) is a clean establishment, visitors are pleased and comfortable to be there.

Rental cost

Baths of the he alth-improving complex "Russkaya Banka" (Cheboksary) are designed for companies from 4 to 14 people. The rental price varies depending on the number of visitors the room is designed for, as well as depending on the day on which the visit is scheduled (on weekends - more expensive, on weekdays - cheaper).

A discount discount system is provided for regular visitors, provided that they visit the bathhouse at least twice amonth.

Sauna (Cheboksary) is very famous among local citizens, people of different ages love to visit it, who not only understand what the right steam room should be like, but also appreciate comfort and coziness along with this. This is really the case when the price justifies the quality.

sauna Cheboksary

Complex "Russian Bathhouse" (Cheboksary) is happy to see visitors around the clock, so it works smoothly, as there are always customers, so if you want to go for a steam bath, you need to book a bathhouse for yourself in advance for a certain time.

A birthday or other holiday spent in "Russian Bath", an evening with friends or just a wellness day will leave positive impressions for a long time. So rather brooms in your hands and go!

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