The best hotels in Bulgaria for families with children

The best hotels in Bulgaria for families with children
The best hotels in Bulgaria for families with children

Bulgaria is the most suitable country for family holidays. Here you will find the Black Sea, a mild climate and a lot of entertainment for adults and kids who are contraindicated in the heat. Today we will find out which hotels in Bulgaria are better for families with children. You will learn about the famous resort areas of the country and where to stay for young parents and their crumbs.

Bulgaria hotels for families with children

Choose a resort

The country is focused on tourism and he alth recovery, so hotels in Bulgaria for families with children are a separate infrastructure created for your convenience and comfort. Playgrounds, swimming pools, slides, animators, a special menu and even kindergartens are waiting for you.

If you are attracted by a relaxing holiday with the whole family, then choose the Obzor resort. Here you will find both the sea and the forest, which create a unique landscape and delight the eye with an unusual combination of vegetation and water.

Experienced tourists have identified this resort as suitable for parents with children from the firstmonths of life up to five or six years. The thing is that there is little entertainment here, and this makes it possible to take a break from the city noise and people among the forests and sea beaches. Obzor Resort is a surprisingly good place for a real vacation.

Bulgaria: Pomorie

Hotels in this city are popular because they often include mud baths. This is what this resort is famous for - therapeutic mud and s alt extraction. Gradually, Pomorie acquires the status of a balneological resort due to the possibility of spa treatments here. The resort is popular among patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, rheumatism and sciatica.

Bulgaria Pomorie hotels

However, due to the average temperature, this city is also popular among families, so hotels in Bulgaria for families with children in Pomorie are the best for school-age children who can no longer be kept in place. As you know, at this age, children are very mobile and risk getting sunstroke or burns. So, a holiday in Pomorie is very suitable in this case, because the temperature of air and water in the sea is on average at around 24 degrees Celsius.

Bulgaria 4 Star Hotels

Do not think that if you are close to home, housing prices will be "Soviet". The resorts in Bulgaria were built with the money of European investors, and the prices for accommodation in the local hotels are corresponding - European. The only thing that pleases is the correspondence between price and quality. You will be served according to the best category, and you will see that hotels in Bulgaria for families with children are completelymeet the needs of parents in terms of comfort and services provided. The following are the names of the four-star hotels:

  1. In Albena, the most famous resort in Bulgaria, the hotel Kaliakra is located. It has a kindergarten, swimming pool, playground, water slides and animation.
  2. Golden Sands Resort invites you to visit several of its four-star hotels: Grifid Bolero, Arabella, Vistamar. All these complexes are located close to each other and are distinguished by the presence of a children's buffet, a beach with free sun loungers, playgrounds, mini clubs, swimming pools, and lunches and dinners are held in the company with animators.
  3. Bulgaria hotels 4 stars
  4. Sunny Beach resort also invites you to its hotels, which have the status of "four stars". These are the Iberostar Sunny Beach Resort and the Majestic Hotel, where you will find four swimming pools, a mini club, a playground, a water slide, animation and a children's buffet. However, here sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach will be paid.
  5. Bulgaria, though a small country, but each of its cities is magnificent in the beauty of architecture and natural landscapes. Visit the hotels Sol Nessebar Bay, Mare (Nessebar), Marina beach, Belleville, Pelikan, Holiday Village, Belleville (South coast). Each of them attracts with well-equipped playgrounds for families with children, and you just have to choose the one that suits you best for the price.

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