The rainy season in Thailand. Ride or not?

The rainy season in Thailand. Ride or not?
The rainy season in Thailand. Ride or not?

This is one of those countries where you can come to plunge into the warm waters of the ocean and soak up the sun almost throughout the year. Many people are afraid to get into the rainy season in Thailand. In fact, this phenomenon is not as unpleasant as the imagination draws it. Today we will talk about what the rainy season in Thailand really is, whether it is worth going there at this time. You will also learn how to have a great vacation there at any time of the year, regardless of the climate.

rainy season in thailand

When is the rainy season in Thailand

If you look at the map, you will see that the country stretched in length from north to south. Because of this location in Thailand, you can have a great vacation in any month, you just need to know where to go.

Based on this, a kind of schedule was drawn up for tourists, according to which recommendations were made on which month in which region of the country it is better to go on vacation.

There are also two exception areas. These are Bangkok and Pattaya. You can come here safely throughout the year.

Where to go in Thailand from November to April

We recommend choosing the northernpart of the country: Chiang Mai, Mehongsorn, Chiang Rai. Also, some southern areas during these months are very favorable for recreation. From November to April you will enjoy the Andaman coast. These are the resort areas of Krabi, Phuket, Phi Phi, Phang Nga, Lanta, Ranong, Trang or Satun.

When is the rainy season in Thailand

It is not recommended at this time to go to the south of the country to the Gulf of Thailand (the islands of Koh Tao, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan). Here the largest amount of rain falls in the winter months and the sea is stormy. However, this does not prevent these areas from being considered prestigious at this time of the year, so the prices for hotels and flights are inflated thanks to the efforts of travel agencies.

Which season in Thailand is the most successful for holidays

The air temperature in the country all year round is around 30 degrees Celsius with slight deviations either positively or negatively. If in Russia there are 4 seasons, then in Thailand there are only three of them: “hot”, “cool” and “rainy season”. The second is considered the most comfortable for tourism, although at this time there is no precipitation at all and the air is dry. The temperature is around 30 degrees. At night, it drops to 27. The sea temperature is about 27 degrees. Cool season months are from November to February.

The "Hot" runs from March to May, with daily tropical showers beginning in June and ending in October.

If you want to guess the place of rest, then during the rainy or hot season, from March to October, choose those areas that we did not recommend visiting during the winter months. At that time, there will be just ideal conditions for yourbody, and for the wallet. And do not forget that Pattaya and Bangkok are good all year round.

Season in Thailand

What is scary and dangerous rainy season in Thailand

In fact, from June to October it is also wonderful to relax, as well as in the "cold" season. Tropical showers at this time go once a day while you sleep: at lunchtime or at night. The duration of one rain is 30 minutes or a maximum of an hour, after which the puddles dry quickly, which makes the air humid.

This is the rainy season in Thailand, so if you have a summer vacation, don't hesitate and fly to the ocean. There are inexpensive but delicious seafood, exotic fruits, delicious cocktails, unforgettable natural landscapes and hospitable people. So you are guaranteed a great vacation!

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