Paris in love and light. Sights, architectural monuments

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Paris in love and light. Sights, architectural monuments
Paris in love and light. Sights, architectural monuments

Eternally in love, noisy, serene, literally floating in the air - all this is an amazing and unique city of Paris. The sights of the French capital are well known to every person, and, perhaps, there are no people in the world who would not want to be in this living fairy tale. Among them there are incredibly old buildings, which are literally miraculously preserved. Along with them are masterpieces of architecture of the 19th century and our time. And now we will go on a virtual tour, in which we will take a closer look at the main attractions of Paris (see photos and descriptions below).

Palace Complex of Versailles

Have you ever seen with your own eyes the residence of the king, which is literally carved out of gold and precious stones? If not, then immediately go on an excursion to Versailles, which is located just 21 kilometers from the city of Paris. The sights of this place are the luxurious chambers of the palace itself, its park complex,large and small Trianons, as well as the gardens that surround all this miracle. In Versailles, we alth and chic can be traced in every detail. For example, the Grand Trianon is a complex of buildings in the classical style, where the king's associates liked to relax after the hunt. Here even the curtains on the windows are woven from gold threads. And the Petit Trianon was the resting place for the queen and her ladies-in-waiting. The whole complex is designed in the Rococo style.

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Paris Opera Granier

Under the proud name of the Grand Opera in Paris, the world famous cultural theater center of all France enters. Initially, this institution was called the Royal Opera House, and it was founded in 1669. A few years later, it was merged with the dance academy, and the opera house was reincarnated as the Academy of Music and Dance. Around the same time, the first production, Pomona, took place there. The institution received its current name in 1871, after a series of revolutions and upheavals. By 1875, the Grand Opera had acquired its final appearance thanks to the architect Charles Granier, who worked on the building for about 10 years. Today, his creation is one of the most beautiful architectural monuments that adorn Paris. The sights of the Grand Opera itself are its numerous halls, balconies, passages, platforms and stairs. The red-and-gold hall houses the famous giant plafond, which was painted by Marc Chagall himself.

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Famous Louvre

Without this museum-legend, perhaps, it is simply unrealistic to imagineParis. The sights that lie behind its walls are numerous originals of the creators of various eras. People come from all over the world to see them. So the Louvre became the most visited and the largest museum in the world. It is also the only museum that has its own McDonald's. Delving into the history of the building itself, it is worth noting that earlier it was the treasury of the ruling dynasties, and its size was not as impressive as it is today. Gradually, the Louvre was overgrown with outbuildings, and by the 18th century it had become a museum. The famous pyramidal extension above it appeared at all at the end of the 20th century. The main treasure of the Louvre is the Mona Lisa. An incredible crowd gathers around the picture, so the time for viewing the most mysterious smile in the world is limited for everyone. In addition to her, the museum has the Venus de Milo, as well as the Nike of Samothrace. In total, the Louvre has about six thousand exhibits.

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Notre Dame de Paris

The sights of Paris, which we admire today, began to be built at the dawn of the birth of the state. One of these is Notre Dame Cathedral, which amazes everyone with its grandeur, size and beauty. Its construction lasted for 200 years, and thus the building absorbed the features of the Romanesque and Gothic styles. During the revolutions, they wanted to demolish the cathedral, but the Parisians managed to save their pride from the rebels, escaping with only the destruction of statues and stained glass windows. After these events, Notre Dame de Paris was restored for a long time, and as a result, it was returned to it.original appearance. Its unique feature is that there are no walls inside the building. They are replaced by columns, portals, arches and stained-glass windows.

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Eiffel Tower

Today, the sights of Paris are simply unthinkable without this tallest building in the city. The tower appeared here one hundred and twenty years ago, and at that time, alas, it was not so loved by the townspeople and visitors. Victor Hugo himself, as well as many other people of art, considered it an ugliness and were eager to demolish it. Morris William, for example, always dined in one of the tower's restaurants, thereby saying that this building was not visible from here alone. Over the years, everyone has fallen in love with the Eiffel Tower, especially tourists. It serves as a symbol of the city and is the most visited observation deck in France. The tower is being painted today in a patented bronze color most commonly referred to as "Eiffel".

What does Paris live and breathe?

Sights, photos of architectural monuments on postcards, trinkets in the Provence style and much more - this is why tourists come to the capital of France. But you can feel the serene spirit of the city, its love and lightness in one of the local cafes. Don't look for something fancy, just sit down in one of the city's summer courtyards, order yourself a coffee and a croissant, and listen to the voices that surround you.

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