Masterpiece of the Mughal era. Humayun's Tomb in Delhi

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Masterpiece of the Mughal era. Humayun's Tomb in Delhi
Masterpiece of the Mughal era. Humayun's Tomb in Delhi

Among the sights of the Indian capital, the tomb of Humayun occupies a place of honor. Outwardly, this building resembles the world-famous Taj Mahal. Therefore, you can safely refuse a trip to Agra and enjoy the beautiful architectural lines in Delhi. Although it is better to see both.

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A few common words

Humayun's tomb is always mentioned in Delhi travel guides. This is a prominent architectural monument in which the ashes of the great Mughal emperor from the Timurid dynasty rest. For the deceased, the monastery was ordered to be built by his wife Hamida Banu Begum. The object was built for eight years - from 1562 to 1570, and the work was supervised by the architect Mirak Giyathuddin and his son Said Muhammad.

If you look at the mausoleum, it may seem that it looks like a middle link between the earlier construction of Gur Emir (the tomb of Tamerlane) and the later one - the Taj Mahal. Humayun's Tomb, a photo of which can be found in our article, is one of the World Heritage Sites protected by UNESCO. That's why she deserves to have a guestthe Indian capital gave her some of his attention.

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A little bit of history

Today, Humayun's tomb delights contemporaries with graceful lines, masterful decoration, and luxurious decoration. This is the first mausoleum built in India and surrounded by a garden. By the way, many tombs of that time stand in the middle of an amazing park with artificial channels and fountains. This is due to the fact that in Islam it is believed that paradise is located in a large garden, divided by a river. So the rulers tried to create a small paradise on earth for their ashes.

Humayun himself was emperor twice, fifteen years apart. He first took the throne after the death of his father, the founder of the Mughal Empire, Babur, and then regained the power taken by Sher Shah and his son. He began his second reign with the strengthening of the state, which was falling apart. Humayun's son Akbar the Great, born in exile, became the next monarch and went down in history as a wise reformer. Humayun's own death was premature: descending the marble stairs to the library, he got entangled in the skirts of his robe and fell to his death. It is possible that he was pushed by ill-wishers, but this version remains only a hypothesis without confirmation or refutation.

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Architectural masterpiece

So what is Humayun's tomb that everyone talks about so much? A true masterpiece of the Mughal era, it rises to a height of 44 m. The building is built of red brick and has the shapeoctagon on a wide pedestal. The top is surmounted by a double white and black marble dome with a crescent moon. Immediately striking are the stone bars on the windows, skillfully carved by craftsmen, graceful columns and arches. We alth is fascinating, but a note of sadness is captured in it: after all, this is a grave, and their loved ones were sad for the people who rested here.

The tomb, in which not only Humayun and his wives rest, but also many representatives of the Timurid house, is symmetrically surrounded by lush gardens. The sarcophagi of the ruler and his harem are located in the central hall of the second floor, on the first floor others are buried in the rooms. Also on the territory of the complex are several smaller tombs, which are inferior to the main mausoleum in beauty and grandeur.

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Other useful information

We are sure that many travelers were interested in Humayun's tomb. Where is it located and how to get to it? This historical masterpiece is located in the eastern part of Delhi, which can be easily reached by train, bus or taxi. If a tourist prefers a bus, then you should choose routes heading to New Delhi. These are numbers 19, 40, 109, 160, 166, the required stop is called "Darga Khazrat Nizamaddin". Then it’s worth walking quite a bit, and Humayun’s tomb rises before your eyes. How to get there - the reader already knows. Now we will talk about the visit itself.

humayun's tomb

You will have to pay about five dollars to enter the complex. Can be ordered separatelyan audio guide for two dollars or take a guide (five dollars) who will not only show the most beautiful places, but also accompany all this with interesting stories and legends.

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