Kupibilet.ru ("Kupibilet"): customer reviews

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Kupibilet.ru ("Kupibilet"): customer reviews
Kupibilet.ru ("Kupibilet"): customer reviews

The site for booking inexpensive plane tickets "Kupibilet" works with 250 companies around the world. The resource is able to compare regional estimates, which is why you can choose the most profitable of them. Everything about the Kupibilet service: traveler reviews, information about paying and booking tickets, services and bonus programs of the company - you can find in the article.


Each user has the opportunity to register on the site in two ways: independently and automatically. In the first case, you need to click on the "Login and Register" link at the top of the page, select the option you need, specify your email address and password. If you want to save time, skip this step and proceed to the booking. There you will enter your email address, phone number, first and last name. The site will automatically register you.

What opportunities does Kupibilet offer to registered users? Your personal account will allow you to manage your tickets and reservations, save personal data, accumulate points and take part in the bonus program.

Buy a ticket. Reviews


To reserve a ticket, select a flight method, enteryour contact details and indicate how many people are going on the trip. After these steps, the system will redirect you to the order payment page. Information with the terms of ticket redemption and a link to the payment page will be sent to the previously indicated e-mail address. You can transfer money immediately or pay later.

To check if the booking is active, contact the company's call center with a special number, or look at the information on the official website. The data expires after the payment deadline specified in the letter. How can I cancel a Buy Ticket booking or create a new booking? Contact support or send a request on the official website, selecting the desired reason for the request and indicating the order number.


On the site you can pay with cards of international payment systems Visa and MasterCard. To receive tickets, enter your card details on the payment page. Don't worry, it's a completely safe procedure. All information is transmitted in encrypted form and is present only on a special server. You can also pay for the order in the Svyaznoy and Euroset communication stores (within the specified deadlines).

You can also get tickets by paying with a foreign currency card, in this case, the conversion is carried out at the rate of the bank that issued the card. At the time of purchase, the amount may be reserved, but the actual charge may take several days.



In order to return the ticket, leave a request for an operation on the official websiteairlines. Carefully fill in all the fields and select the correct reason for contacting. Correctly indicate the order number, departure date, type of return. Then you will receive a message that the request has been sent for processing. The decision will come within 24 hours, but if the departure is not soon, the answer may be delayed.

After confirmation from Kupibilet.ru, as well as agreeing to the terms of cancellation and a confirmation letter from the client sent within the specified time, expect a notification from the support service. The possibility of a refund depends on the tariff rules, you can find all the nuances on the payment page or in the support service. Please note that a ticket that has been issued in both directions can only be returned in full. The "back" document can only be returned after the client has taken advantage of the "out there" trip.

If you paid for the ticket in cash, you can get your money in banks participating in the "Contact" payment system. To do this, tell the company your last name, first name, patronymic and the city where you are located. After processing the return, you can receive the funds within 10 calendar days. To receive funds at the selected CONTACT point, you must have a passport with you and present the transfer number.

how to cancel a booking for a ticket

Return service

Kupibilet offers several interesting services for customers. 90% refund is one of them. You will be refunded the majority of the ticket price minus the payment processing fee. In this case, the cancellation of the reservation must be carried out no later than two days in advance.before departure.

The return procedure is carried out in accordance with several principles. The money will be returned to you in the same way that you chose on the payment page. If it is a "card through the airline", the funds will be returned within two months. The entire remaining part is compensated by the company as bonuses to your personal account, with which you can pay for all future purchases on the site. In addition, you will not have to pay a return service fee. Such an interesting service is offered by the Kupibilet company. Reviews about her are positive. The offer is relevant primarily for travelers whose plans have been suddenly changed.

Online check-in

To save time and pre-select seats in the cabin, you can use the online check-in service. An experienced manager will check you in within a day before the flight and send your boarding pass to your email. A seat will be selected according to your preferences, subject to seat availability.

Online registration on the site "Kupibilet" reviews are extremely positive. It's convenient and fast. After you receive a confirmation of registration by mail, print the document and take it with you to the airport terminal. Be careful: you need to print the ticket at the airport before the end of check-in. If you have baggage that needs to be checked in, please do so at the check-in counter or at the baggage drop-off point. If you are traveling with carry-on baggage, you can proceed directly to security and boarding with a printed boarding pass andpassport. Boarding ends 20-25 minutes before departure.

Buy a ticket. Return 90 cost

Bonus program

After the order is paid, the amount of one percent of the initial cost will be returned to the account in your personal account. This will happen within a day after purchase. In addition, after the first order on the Kupibilet.ru resource, you will be credited with a thousand points. In the future, their number will be regulated depending on the level of participation. Amateur - 1%, fan - 1.25%, guru - 1.5%. All accumulated points are summed up, you can see them in the office. 1 bonus - 1 ruble.

To earn additional privileges, fill out a profile and provide contact information, pay for insurance, use various services. Points are also added if you invite friends and leave reviews about airlines.

The accumulated bonuses can be used to pay for purchases on the site. A maximum of 2,000 points can be spent on one order (the purchase amount must be more than 5,000 rubles). Bonuses can be used within a year after accrual. Just enter their quantity in a special field during the order payment.

Purchase ticket (personal account)

Promo code

Promo code "Purchase ticket" - a digital value that involves a certain amount of money. If you enter it on the site when paying for the ticket, the final amount becomes less. Each bonus has a limited expiration date.

Promo codes cannot be bought. They can be obtained by participating incompetitions that are periodically held by the site. Sometimes promotional codes are given to customers as a gift for subscribing to groups on social networks. Check your email box regularly, from time to time the company sends information to it.

Customer benefit

In which case the service “Purchase ticket. Return" will be beneficial for the client? If you think that you may miss your flight, do not purchase the service - in this case, it will be completely useless, as it will not work. If you expect your flight to be canceled less than two days in advance, consider using a refund.

You can order the service if the ticket is non-refundable in accordance with the terms of the fare, also if you travel frequently and have the opportunity to use the accrued bonuses.

Promo code (purchase a ticket)

"Purchase ticket": reviews of travelers

Visitors to the site note that the interface is simple and intuitive. It is convenient to select a date, a direction, set filters and quickly get a list of flights from the cheapest to the most expensive. Ideal for those who want to pay less. In addition, the company saves a lot of traveler time. All existing flights can be viewed at once in one place and choose a flight that meets all requirements.

Booking is also a fairly simple procedure. You just need to enter your contact details, after which a confirmation from the system will come to the mail. It is possible to register automatically, forsite users are provided with additional promotions, discounts and bonus programs. All contact information is stored in the system, so making all subsequent purchases is very easy and convenient.

A nice addition that many travelers note is a reminder that it's time to get ready for a flight - you will receive a notification 4 hours in advance. The notification system about delays or transfers of flights via SMS works well.

Air tickets "Kupibilet" is an excellent solution for Internet users who want to save their time and money. Many have been booking tickets on the site for a long time and recommend the system to their friends and acquaintances. Everything works correctly and quickly.

Purchase ticket (hotline)

If you have any questions regarding the use of the Kupibilet website, the 24/7 hotline will help you solve any problem you may have. All you need to do is contact the managers by phone 8 (800) 333-53-66 (toll-free within Russia). You can also contact the email address that is listed on the official website of the company. The answer will come within a day. In the support service - only highly qualified employees. Each employee has extensive experience in the field of air transportation. The company will help you exchange, return a ticket and advise on any issue that the traveler has.

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