Ramenskoye airfield: description and activities

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Ramenskoye airfield: description and activities
Ramenskoye airfield: description and activities

What is the Ramenskoye airfield? What is its activity? We will consider these and other questions in the article.

Ramenskoye - test (experimental) airfield LII them. Gromov. It is located between the cities of Ramenskoye and Zhukovsky, Moscow Region, 3 km southwest of the 42 km railway platform.


Ramenskoye airfield is out-of-class, can accept any type of aircraft without localization of takeoff mass. The base runway of the air berth is not only the longest in Russia, but also in Europe (5403 m). Has an identification signal "Proud".

Aviation enterprise named after Grizodubova V. S., FGUAP EMERCOM of the Russian Federation, Aviation Enterprise ALROSA-AVIA CJSC, Aviastar-Tu aviation enterprise, LIiDB OJSC Sukhoi, branch OAO Il, ZhLIiDB OAO Tupoleva and other aircraft manufacturers, as well as aviation of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

ramenskoye airfield

In addition to test flights, the air gate is used by civil aviation as a cargo transnational airport. Also at the air berth on oddThe International Space and Aviation Salon (“MAKS”) is held for years, and for even years (starting from 2010) the World Forum “Methods of Mechanical Engineering” is held. In 2016, information appeared that in connection with the opening of the passenger terminal, the World Space and Aviation Salon from 2017 will be held at the Kubinka sky berth.


It is known that in the 1980s, the Ramenskoye airfield was used to send samples of the Buran spacecraft to the Baikonur cosmodrome on a specific VM-T transport aircraft, as well as for constant flight horizontal tests using Buran prototypes.

In Western geographical and historical sources it is designated as Ramenskoye, Zhukovsky, Podmoskovye, Podmoskovnoye.

Ramenskoye airfield how to get there

The colloquial (unofficial) names of the air harbor are Zhukovsky, the FRI air hub. In 2007, the authorities of the city of Zhukovsky wished to rename the sky berth into "Zhukovsky", but this initiative was not successful.

The air gate of the same name

In 2015-2016, on the basis of the combat airfield Ramenskoye, a passenger terminal of the same name was created, which became the fourth in the Moscow air hub. The LII named after M. M. Gromov, which owns the air harbor, took this step due to the lack of necessary funding from the state and the difficult economic situation.

Also, the need for the fourth air hub was caused by the workload of the other three air gates. Passenger air gate terminal was built by 2016,for landing and takeoff of aircraft, a runway (RWY-4) 12/30 5 km long is used. From this period, the Ramenskoye sky pier turned into a joint air hub. The EMERCOM team is supposed to be relocated to the Kubinka airfield.

Ramenskoye airfield address: st. Narkomvod, 3, Zhukovsky, Moscow region, Russia, 140185. The nearest cities are Domodedovo, Kolomna and Podolsk. Air hub coordinates: 55°33’5’’N and 38°9’16’’E.

Zhukovsky Airport

Zhukovsky Terminal (ICAO: UUBW, IATA: ZIA) is a transnational air hub of federal significance in the Moscow Region. It is located at the Ramenskoye airfield, in the zone of the Moscow air hub. Located on the territory of the metropolis Zhukovsky, 36 km from the center of Moscow.

Ramenskoye airfield address

After the restoration of 2014-2016, the official opening of the international air hub Zhukovsky took place in 2016, on May 30. The approved capacity of the first stage of the new air gate is 4 million travelers annually.

And the IATA terminal received the corresponding international code ZIA. As mentioned above, the airfield where the airport is located has retained the historical name "Ramenskoye".

Rail transport

How to get to Ramenskoye airfield? The nearest railway station to the air hub is Otdykh station. Today there is no direct railway connection between Moscow and the air gate. You can get to the airfield in the following ways:

  • On the Sputnik high-speed train from Moscow-Kazanskaya to the platform"Rest" with a couple of stops. On weekdays there are 26 flights from 7:00 to 23:00 (irregular intervals), there are no flights on weekends. Travel time is 37 minutes. The fare is 160 rubles.
  • From the Otdykh railway station, shuttle buses run to the Zhukovsky terminal. After the arrival of the "Sputnik" departure in 13 minutes. Travel time is 20 minutes.

Tourists can also take a suburban simple train:

  • To the Otdykh station in the Ryazan direction.
  • From the Otdykh railway platform, shuttle buses start to the air hub (traffic interval - 30 minutes), or by fixed-route taxis No. 2 or No. 6 to Zhukovsky air harbor.


How to get to the Ramenskoye airfield? From the station "Kotelniki" of the Moscow metro to the air hub, a direct connection is the bus route No. 441 e. Travel interval is 40 to 60 minutes, depending on traffic.

how to get to ramenskoye airfield

Few people know how to get to the Ramenskoye airfield. You can get to the airport by private car. Near the terminal there are several large long-term and short-term parking lots, as well as equipped places for people with special needs.

Trend to improve transportation reach

The government of the Moscow Region and Russian Railways are discussing plans to build a railway approach to the air harbor, through which Aeroexpress trains will be launched in the future.

In 2016, in December, the leadership of the Moscow Region solemnly announced theplans to start construction of a "light" metro in 2017, the configuration of which will unite several large cities in the Moscow region.

The main advantage of the newest line is the ability to get from the above cities to the major terminals of the Moscow air hub: Vnukovo, Domodedovo, Zhukovsky and Sheremetyevo.

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