Amsterdam - Paris: distance, how to get there, reviews

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Amsterdam - Paris: distance, how to get there, reviews
Amsterdam - Paris: distance, how to get there, reviews

Are you planning a trip from Amsterdam to Paris, but having trouble choosing a vehicle? Then let's try to figure out how best to travel - by train, plane or car, and find the best option.

Amsterdam is about 500 kilometers from Paris. The distance is small, therefore it can be overcome by any means of transport. However, each option has its pros and cons.

On a plane to the capital of France

The fastest way to reach the desired goal is, of course, air travel. Daily flights by Transavia and SAS take passengers from Amsterdam to Paris and back. The flight is fast and comfortable. The direct flight takes only 75 minutes. You board the plane at the airport in Amsterdam and go to your destination in Paris - Orly.

Paris-Orly airport

To purchase an air ticket, it is not necessary to go to the box office, a ticket can be ordered online directly from your smartphone. You are given the opportunity to independently choose the date, time of departure and the airline making the flight. Early booking of tickets offers discounts for direct flights. flight cost,certainly higher than on another vehicle, and is 110-120 euros.

There are other international airlines such as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, British Airways and Air France that offer daily flights from Amsterdam Schipol airport to Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport and Orly airport. Flying to Beauvais Airport on the outskirts of Paris may be a cheaper option, but you'll need at least an extra hour and 15 minutes to get to the city centre.

How to get from the airport?

Don't forget that you are arriving at the airport, which is located 19 kilometers from the capital of France, so you need to figure out how to get from the airport to the city center. There are several options: by train, taxi, city bus or tram. In 40 minutes, the train will take you to the city center. The fare in it is 9.3 euros. A taxi will bring you in 20 minutes, but the service will be 50 euros.

Tram from the airport to Paris

Alternatively, you can take tram number 7, which runs between the airport and the center of the French capital. The trip will take at least another half an hour. Pay 1.9 EUR for the service.

Train to Paris

Why take a plane when it's easier to take the Amsterdam-Paris train and enjoy all the benefits of this mode of transport? The Dutch railway has two types of trains that run between big cities: Intercity and Sprinter. In addition, high-speed Thalys trains of the Belgian and French railways carry out transportation. You can choose which traintake advantage.

The main thing is that instead of arriving at the airport an hour to check-in, just come to the train departure 10 minutes before its departure. A previously reserved seat on your ticket is waiting for you in the carriage.

Train from Amsterdam to Paris

High speed train Amsterdam - Paris

Thalys train network offers a scenic and relaxing ride. These include the Belgian Railways (SNCB) and French Railways (SNCF) high-speed trains. Trains run at speeds up to 320 km/h, connecting the metropolises of Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam.

The high-speed train can reach Paris from the center of Amsterdam in about 3.5 hours. The train runs on this route several times a day. Thalys trains arrive in the center of Paris at the Gare du Nord station and you don't have the cost of getting into the center as you would with an airplane. The ticket price in the Talis network is from 70 euros to 250 euros (depending on the class) and includes full meals and drinks.

Benefit of this travel option

Those who used the services of airlines and high-speed trains are unequivocally in favor of them, and not only for the price, but also for the time spent traveling from point A to point B.

So, if you count the flight time, additional check-in time, baggage claim time, transfer from the airport to the center, the gain will not be in favor of the aircraft. In favor of traveling on the Amsterdam-Paris train, passengers who like comfortablejourney.

Train Amsterdam-Paris

While on the train, you get the opportunity to go to the restaurant car or connect your laptop to the Internet (trains have their own Internet connection). Thus, you can make the best use of your time on the road, both as a working one, performing some task, and as a rest time, watching interesting information or films. Tourists who have repeatedly used the services of the railway, going to Paris, write about this in their reviews.

How to get there by car

A trip to Paris in a private or rented car can take about nine hours at best (if you make stops along the way). But it will be a pleasant and exciting journey, giving the opportunity to see Europe with its changing landscapes from the northern to the middle latitudes. If you are lucky, you can find a fellow traveler, and if it is also a driver with a car, consider that you are very lucky - there will be good savings on the road. The map in the article shows two routes Amsterdam - Paris.

Amsterdam-Paris route by car

Following the fast route (A1), taking into account traffic, the travel time may take approximately 5 hours and 40 minutes. You will overcome the distance of 508 kilometers. There are toll roads on the route, and the path lies through Belgium. There is also a second route (E19). Here, during a journey of 6 hours 30 minutes, 615 kilometers will be covered.

By the way, tourists who have traveled to Paris more than once, in the reviews, do not recommend driving to the city center with a car. The fact is that in Paris you have to look for a place to parkcar for which there is a daily fee. As such, you will not feel rest, constantly getting into traffic jams, and even on certain roads you will have to pay a toll. The best option in this case would be to book a room in an inexpensive hotel with parking in the suburbs.

Bus Tour

The most economical way is the bus tour Amsterdam-Paris. Major European carriers oversee bus transportation, and the cost of tickets is available to pensioners, children and students, since they enjoy good discounts when buying the latter. During the low season, the ticket price for these categories of passengers is only 10 euros.

The disadvantages include the duration of the route. Due to bus stops, travel time is between 7 and 9 hours.

Bus Tour Amsterdam-Paris

We looked at all the options for getting from Amsterdam to Paris.

Each mode of travel has its own merits, but when choosing a vehicle, you need to take into account the situation in Europe. And if a terrorist act has occurred in any European state, it is better not to drive a car. There is a high probability that the car will not be allowed to enter any of the borders, or you will have to spend a lot of time waiting for the inspection and the procedure itself.

It's quite common for owners to travel with their pets. In this case, they should take into account that traveling with animals is prohibited on the bus, and on the train they will need to buy a compartment, and have all the necessary veterinary documents for a pet.

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