Metro "Vyborgskaya": history and our days

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Metro "Vyborgskaya": history and our days
Metro "Vyborgskaya": history and our days

Vyborgskaya metro station was opened in 1975 in the historic district of St. Petersburg called Vyborgskaya Storona. Despite the fact that its vestibule does not have a lavish decoration, like the pavilions of the first section of Avtovo - Ploshad Vosstaniya, Vyborgskaya also has interesting design features. The station is interesting not only for its underground structures, but also for its external design, as well as the longest pedestrian tunnel in the city. Most recently, the station was reopened after a long overhaul and is functioning smoothly, receiving more than 800,000 passengers a month. What are the history and design features of Vyborgskaya? How does the station work today, what ground transport is tied to it?

History of Vyborgskaya station

Metro Vyborgskaya

The Ploshchad Lenina - Lesnaya section, which included the Vyborgskaya metro station, was opened on April 22, 1975. In the project, it was called "Baburin Lane", but later received its modern name in honor of the area where its lobby is located. The pavilion was designed by architects V. P. Shuvalova, V. G. Khilchenko and A. S. Getskin and is one of the fewsurviving glass metro buildings. Since the 1970s, ornamental plants have been planted on the balcony above the sloping passage of the lobby.

Underground facilities of Vyborgskaya station

Vyborgskaya metro station

Vyborgskaya metro station was laid at a depth of 67 meters. The walls of the station are made of travertine, and the floors are lined with gray granite. The end wall is decorated with a bas-relief depicting the workers of the Vyborg side who participated in the 1917 uprising. The station hall is connected to the escalators by a passage resembling the Latin letter S. Similar connections are also available at the Primorskaya and Ligovsky Prospekt stations. In the 1990s, three outer spans of the hall were closed for official needs. Entrances to office premises are fenced with metal bars.

Repair of Vyborgskaya station in 2015

Vyborgskaya Metro St. Petersburg

February 7, 2015, the Vyborgskaya metro station was closed for major repairs for a period of 11 months. During this time, the waterproofing was completely restored, outdated lamps were updated, the work of all three escalators was adjusted and cosmetic adjustments were made. On December 25 of the same year, Vyborgskaya was solemnly reopened and put into operation. Passengers who have been using ground transportation all year round, tied to neighboring stations, have experienced great relief, because until now the most convenient way to get to business centers and other places of work near the Vyborgskaya station is the metro. Repair, however, according to the head of the St. Petersburg metro, is necessary for everyonestations over 40 years old. Elizarovskaya and Vasileostrovskaya stations were closed for renovation in 2016.

Vyborg tunnel - the longest pedestrian tunnel in St. Petersburg

The longest pedestrian underpass in St. Petersburg, connected to the Vyborgskaya metro station, was opened on November 4, 1983. The beginning of the tunnel is located inside the station itself, and the exit is not far from the entrance of the LOMO plant. A long and intricate underground passage immediately overgrown with a huge number of legends and mysterious stories. Some Petersburgers believed that the tunnel was built as a bomb shelter, and someone was completely sure that there were secret tracks between the railway and the metro, hidden in the passage. Nevertheless, the purpose of the Vyborg Tunnel turned out to be more prosaic - a similar passage, necessary for passage to the railway tracks and factories, already existed before, but due to weather conditions it soon fell into disrepair, so its more stable modern version had to be built a little deeper.

Vyborgskaya station today

Vyborg metro repair

Metro "Vyborgskaya" opens its doors for passengers at 5:45, and closes at 0:30 for the night. The average monthly passenger flow of the station is 823 thousand 615 people. Tram routes No. 20 and No. 38 are tied to Vyborgskaya, allowing you to get to Lenin Square and the Finland Station, as well as buses No. 14, 52 and 86. All leading mobile operators in Russia are accepted in the lobby and tunnels of the station, and there are also ATMs of B altic Bank, BankSaint Petersburg, VTB-24 and Sberbank.

Resting places near Vyborgskaya station

Despite the fact that Vyborgskaya is located at a relative distance from the city center, full of entertainment venues, there are many interesting places for cultural recreation not far from it. In particular, guests of the city should visit the Vyborgsky Palace of Culture, where there is a large theater hall with an excellent repertoire. For shoppers, from 10.00 to 21.00, the doors of the Sampsonievskiy European Trade Center are open, located at the address: Sampsonievskiy Prospekt, 32. The shopping center offers a wide range of household goods, clothing and decor items. Fans of water sports and a he althy lifestyle can visit the SKA pool, also located near the Vyborgskaya station. Metro St. Petersburg, of course, is a cultural and historical monument in itself, which is worth seeing for every guest of the city.

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