How much alcohol can I bring on a plane - features, requirements and recommendations

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How much alcohol can I bring on a plane - features, requirements and recommendations
How much alcohol can I bring on a plane - features, requirements and recommendations

The question of how much alcohol you can carry on a plane is not an idle one. Yes, and it is impossible to answer it in one word. Firstly, certain airlines have their own rules for carrying alcohol. Secondly, you should also consider the nuance of security.

After attempting to build bombs directly on board with chemical liquids, control services are extremely critical of everything poured into vials and bottles. And if you really want to bring alcohol from point A to point B by air, pack it in suitcases, that is, unaccompanied luggage.

But even here the passenger can expect trouble in the face of the customs service in the country of arrival. Each state has its own rules for transporting alcohol. There are countries where alcohol is banned altogether.

In a word, the issue of transporting alcohol by air is complex and requires closer study. let'sfigure it out together.

Alcohol on the plane rules features

How much alcohol can I bring on a plane on domestic flights

Air transport imposes a maximum of requirements and restrictions on the passenger. If you can take anything you want with you on a train or bus, including scissors, sharp objects, liquids, and the like, then such items will be confiscated by airport security upon boarding the plane.

We'll talk about how much alcohol you can take on board as hand luggage later. Let's start the review with the simplest: how many liters of alcohol a passenger has the right to check in if he travels within the territory of the Russian Federation? The answer to this question is not so simple.

This is governed by the rules for carrying luggage on an airplane in Russia. They are reviewed almost every year. With the latest changes (in 2017), the following rules were introduced: only a person over the age of 21 has the right to carry alcohol.

Liquor allowance varies depending on the strength of the alcohol. If this is wine, including fortified (up to 24 degrees), then such drinks can be transported through Russia as much as you want.

True, unaccompanied baggage norms, introduced by airlines for economy and business class passengers, come into force here. In most cases, this is 30 kilograms.

As for strong alcohol, the Rules provide for restrictions: no more than five liters of liqueurs, tinctures and distillates with a strength of 24 to 70 degrees per passenger over 21 years old. Alcohol as suchtransport by air is generally prohibited.

How much alcohol can you take on a plane

Carrying alcohol on the plane: what you can take on board with you

Those passengers for whom the beginning of a trip is already an event that needs to be celebrated, are probably wondering about the permissible levels of alcohol with which they are allowed into the cabin of the liner. After all, not on all flights, passengers are fed and treated to drinks, including alcoholic ones.

Each airline has its own hand luggage allowance. It varies from seven to ten kilograms per passenger. But do not carry a package of beer cans or bottles with you to the salon. After all, safety rules come into force here.

Not only alcohol, but all liquids (baby formulas, perfumes, medicinal solutions, soft drinks and even plain water) must be packed in bottles of 100 milliliters each.

Moreover, there are additional requirements for alcohol: the container must be original and unopened. Thus, you can only bring souvenir bottles of alcohol into the cabin of the liner.

In general, 1 liter of liquid is allowed per adult passenger. Bottles should be placed in a special transparent bag with a zipper.

Recommended by seasoned travelers

You should take alcohol rules on the plane seriously. The advice and recommendations of passengers are as follows. Bottles in unaccompanied baggage should be wrapped in soft clothes.

Unfortunately, the luggage delivery workers on board are very impulsive. Guarantees that with your suitcasewill be handled differently, no. Therefore, if you do not want to get broken glass and alcohol-soaked items at the exit, it is better to check-in your luggage as “fragile”.

You will have to pay extra for this service, but the bottles will fly safe and sound. You should not carry bottles of champagne on the planes of those airlines whose cargo hold is not sealed. Sparkling wine may explode during climb and sudden pressure drop.

Importing alcohol from abroad to Russia

International flights have their own characteristics. The rules allow any passenger over 18 years of age to carry alcohol on the plane. The norms determine only the volume of alcohol - five liters. It can be either dry wine, beer or cider, or distillates (vodka, rum, brandy).

The norm for all alcoholic beverages is the same. But if we read the Customs rules for the import of alcohol from abroad into Russia, we will see a completely different figure - three liters. What does this mean?

The fact that if you, for example, import six liters of alcohol into the territory of the Russian Federation, you can freely carry three of them past the customs officers. For the other two, you will have to pay a fee. And rather big - 10 euros in rubles at the rate of the National Bank on that day for one liter.

All excess alcohol (5 liters) will be confiscated by customs upon detection.

Alcohol offered on board

Problems of importing alcohol into Russia

Unlike other countries, in the Russian Federation the volume of alcohol purchased in duty-free shops is summed up and taken into account. Moreover, if the price of imported productswill exceed 250 thousand rubles (for example, for elite cognacs, valuable types of wine or champagne), then such products can be regarded as a commercial product.

In the absence of a declaration, such alcohol will cost you even more. A fine of 300 thousand rubles or imprisonment (up to 12 years) is provided for under Article 200.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. So the question of whether it is possible to carry alcohol on an airplane to the territory of Russia is very ambiguous.

Let's just say: three liters of any alcohol is allowed, the cost of which does not exceed 250 thousand rubles. Alcohol must be packed in unopened original packaging. That is, there may be problems with homemade wine and moonshine.

Duty free alcohol

Duty free shops are located already in the neutral luggage area. Only those passengers of international flights who have already checked in their unaccompanied baggage at check-in get there. Therefore, everything bought in duty-free goes in hand luggage.

The general rules for the transport of alcoholic beverages and alcohol on board the aircraft do not take into account bottles purchased in duty-free shops, even if their volume exceeds one hundred milliliters. That is, you can freely stock up on alcohol in duty free.

Can I bring alcohol on a plane

Here it is important to observe one simple rule: do not open the bag of alcohol until the end of the flight. Airlines are very interested in having passengers buy drinks from them.

If you drink your own alcohol on board, thismay result in a fine. Also, intact duty-free packaging will allow you to import products into the country of destination.

Some features of shopping in duty-free shops

The price of alcohol includes various excises. That is why buying alcohol in duty free is much more profitable than in supermarkets. But even here there are pitfalls.

The point here is primarily in the allowance for alcohol on the plane, because it is controlled by the airline's requirements for hand luggage. Some of them, especially low-cost airlines, allow only one piece of luggage of small dimensions and weighing up to seven kilograms.

In this case, it is important to hide the package in a briefcase or backpack. Some airlines, such as the Russian Pobeda, require payment for carrying duty-free packages on board.

The same requirements may apply to passengers traveling on a promotional fare. Even more difficult are those travelers who fly with connecting flights.

Let's look at an example. You bought alcohol in a Moscow duty-free shop. We flew to Berlin to follow from there to Tunisia. In this case, in the German capital, you must check in the package in unaccompanied baggage, since alcohol purchased in duty-free shops in the European Union is allowed there. Exactly the same rules apply in the US.

Carrying alcohol on the plane what you can take with you

Importing alcohol into the EU

Each country has its own regulations, but in general it can be summed up that alcohol with a strength of over 70 percent is prohibited everywhere.Thus, it is impossible to import absinthes, Everclair drink and, of course, all kinds of moonshine.

There is an absolute ban on the last drink. After all, only products packed in intact factory containers with a label are allowed. Therefore, homemade wine and liqueurs are also excluded.

How much alcohol can I take on a plane to the EU countries? The list is quite extensive. This is 16 liters of beer, 4 liters of low-alcohol drinks, 2 liters of wine or other spirits up to 22 degrees and 1 liter of distillates (up to 70 percent alcohol).

Only those who are 18 years of age have the right to import all these products. Packing alcohol in children's luggage is strictly prohibited.

There are some nuances. Finland, which is a member of the European Union, allows the import of alcohol only if the passenger intends to stay on its territory for more than three days. An adult can carry 1 liter of alcohol above 22 degrees. And people from 18 to 21 years old - 2 liters of low-alcohol drinks.

Norms for Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan

Many passengers think that the main thing is to pass customs control for export from Russia. It is a myth. Russian customs officials don't care how much alcohol is leaking out of the country. But in the countries of arrival of passengers, a real test awaits.

Each state has its own requirements for how much alcohol you can bring on a plane. Thus, as many as seven liters of beer, wine or liqueurs with a strength of no more than 24 degrees can be delivered duty-free to Ukraine. But strong drinks are allowed to import no more than 1l.

Belarus and Kazakhstan do not make any distinction regarding alcohol by strength. Whether you are bringing beer or cognac, one thing is important: that the total volume of drinks does not exceed three liters per adult passenger.

How many liters of alcohol can I carry on a plane

Oriental countries

Even more interesting are the requirements for how much alcohol you can carry on an airplane in traditional Muslim countries. For example, in Saudi Arabia, alcohol is an absolute ban for everyone.

You can import two liters into China, whether it be beer or strong gin. Tourists flying to the UAE need to be extremely careful, because each emirate has its own requirements.

Destination of your trip - Dubai? Then you can take four liters of alcohol. The allowance for alcohol in Abu Dhabi and Fujairah is the same. But be prepared to be asked about your religion.

Muslims in the UAE are strictly prohibited from drinking strong drinks. In principle, Sharjah has a “dry law”. But two liters of alcohol purchased in duty free is allowed for import. Remember that you will have to drink it strictly in the privacy of a hotel room.

Export problems

As a rule, states only welcome the export of their products. But there are exceptions. For example, Hungary has rather strange requirements. How much alcohol can I take on a plane in my luggage when leaving the country?

Only one liter of distillates is allowed, 2 liters from 12 to 22 degrees, 4 liters of wine and 16 liters of beer. In any case, notit will hurt to make inquiries on the websites of the customs services of those states where your path lies. It indicates the norms for the import, as well as (if this is practiced) and the export of alcohol.

Practical Tips

We have already found out how many liters of alcohol you can carry on a plane. Now it remains to properly pack it. Hard-top suitcases work best for this. Each bottle needs to be wrapped in bubble wrap, and then wrapped in some clothing in the suitcase.

Carrying alcohol on the plane what you can take with you

Do not put hard objects near the containers. Make sure that there is a sufficiently soft pad between the bottles. Now with regard to drinking alcohol on the plane. Doctors warn that intoxication at altitude under conditions of artificial compression occurs much faster than on the ground, and manifests itself more strongly.

Very tough sanctions apply against brawlers on board. If you want to go to the resort after landing, and not to the police station, it is better to refrain from copious libations.

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