Krasnoyarsk Central Stadium: photos, history and future

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Krasnoyarsk Central Stadium: photos, history and future
Krasnoyarsk Central Stadium: photos, history and future

In the very center of Russia, on the Yenisei River, the city of Krasnoyarsk is located. With its construction in 1628, the development of Siberia began. Now it is a green modern city, distinguished by the regular arrangement of streets and many historical monuments, one of which - the chapel of Paraskeva Pyatnitsa - is depicted on a ten-rouble bill.

Krasnoyarsk is a sports city. Twice the All-Union Winter Spartakiads were held here, the world championships in freestyle wrestling and motorcycle racing were held. There are many sports facilities in Krasnoyarsk. Central Stadium is one of them.

Lenin Komsomol Stadium ("Central")

The sports complex was opened in 1967. The construction lasted two and a half years, led by the architect Vitaly Vladimirovich Orekhov. If you look at the photo of the central stadium of Krasnoyarsk, you can see that this is a symmetrical structure in the shape of an ellipse, resembling a large boat in appearance. In the project, the stadium was called "Brigantina", but after it was awarded the Lenin Komsomol Prize, it began to be called by this name for a long time. It has become "central" since 2005.

central StadiumKrasnoyarsk

For the Russian football club "Yenisei" sports complex "Central" has become a home stadium. The Russian national rugby team also trains here, competitions and matches are held. In 1982 and 1986, the stadium hosted two legendary Winter Spartakiads of the Peoples of the USSR. Their symbol was the Kesha sable, whose image at that time could be found on pennants and badges, they were used to decorate refrigerators and bags, and create souvenir toys.

Director of "Central"

The first director of the central stadium in Krasnoyarsk was the honored worker of physical culture, master of sports and two-time boxing champion of the RSFSR Mikhail Borisovich Dvorkin. He actively participated in the construction of the stadium, it was under his leadership that the "Central" turned into a famous multi-sport complex, which takes first place in the competition in the maintenance of sports facilities.

director of the central stadium krasnoyarsk

Mikhail Borisovich trained ten masters of sports in boxing and worked as a stadium director until 1994. The Sports House on Otdykha Island bears the name of M. B. Dvorkin, and a bas-relief and a commemorative plaque have been installed in the building of his native stadium.

Fate is being decided

At the time of opening, the capacity of the central stadium in Krasnoyarsk was 35,000 people. But over time, due to the lack of a roof and the peculiar climate of Siberia, the stadium gradually began to collapse. In 2013, the South and North stands were closed, the number of applicants that could accommodatestadium, halved. Local repairs of the sports complex were constantly carried out, but in 2014 they nevertheless announced its closure due to an emergency condition.

In 2015, when preparations for the Universiade-2019 began, the regional government, the legislative assembly and the organizers of the event for a long time could not decide on the future fate of the Krasnoyarsk Central stadium. The question of the demolition of this unique sports facility was even raised.

central stadium krasnoyarsk photo

There were also completely opposite options - that it is not worth investing money in it, you can leave the stadium as it is at the moment: it stood for half a century, it will stand for the same amount and the Universiade, if necessary, will take. But representatives of the sports community fundamentally disagree with this opinion. So, for example, Viktor Ivanovich Kardashov (president of the Yenisei football club), who was included in the commission for the preparation for the Universiade 2019, expressed the opinion that, of course, a large-scale reconstruction of the Central stadium in Krasnoyarsk is needed, as time marches forward, the stadium is already outdated and not suitable for football.

The author of the project, People's Architect of Russia, Vitaly Orekhov, also spoke out for the restoration. He said that the sports complex "Central" was built in a short time, for this reason the stadium does not have a visor, without which the facility is gradually destroyed. The architect expressed the opinion that now is the time to start updating the building, to make a translucent light canopy from a more durablepolycarbonate, created using modern technologies, which will bring the construction of the stadium to its logical conclusion.


The central stadium of Krasnoyarsk expects large-scale changes. Reconstruction has already begun. The stadium is fenced, access to the facility is limited. According to the project, there will be no canopy, but it is planned to replace the old canopy. Communications will be updated, technical structures and foundations will be strengthened, premises will be reconstructed, lighting masts will be repaired, seats will be replaced, steps will be waterproofed. The football field will be heated and covered with grass.

reconstruction of the central stadium in Krasnoyarsk

The surrounding area will also be equipped, making the stadium more convenient for visiting citizens with disabilities. Ramps will be made for them, special elevators and seats in the stands will be equipped. It is planned to put the stadium into operation after restoration in December 2018.

Stadium coordinates

The sports complex is located in the east of Otdyv Island, in the city of Krasnoyarsk. The address of the stadium "Central": Krasnoyarsk, Ostrov Otdyha, 15a. The phone number can be found on the official website.

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