Bolsheokhtinsky bridge in St. Petersburg: between the past and the future

Bolsheokhtinsky bridge in St. Petersburg: between the past and the future
Bolsheokhtinsky bridge in St. Petersburg: between the past and the future

Bolsheokhtinsky bridge is one of the largest engineering structures in the city, connecting the center of the northern capital with one of the most densely populated areas - Malaya Okhta.

Bolsheokhtinsky bridge

The history of this bridge is quite remarkable. The need for it arose in the second half of the 19th century, when it became necessary to connect the rapidly growing Okhtinsky district with the historical center of St. Petersburg. For a long time, the design was frustrated due to the opposition of carriers who did not want to lose their income. However, in 1900 - simultaneously with the construction of the Trinity Bridge - work began on the design of this engineering structure. They were headed by a wonderful engineer V. Bers.

The project of the bridge, which received the proud name of Peter the Great, was approved in 1907, and in October 1911 it was solemnly opened. Those present were amazed by the truly gigantic dimensions of the structure, the middle drawbridge with a length of 48 meters was of particular delight.

Peter the Great

The Bolsheokhtinsky bridge had several towers, on the top of which cubic lanterns were installed. On the walls of the towers were solemnly openedsix boards made of bronze with the names of the builders inscribed on them. Both entrances to the bridge were made in the form of powerful portals, and unusual holders with polyhedral lanterns were installed on the posts.

The October Revolution of 1917 led to numerous changes in the state, and the Peter the Great Bridge, which was almost immediately renamed Bolsheokhtensky, did not escape this fate. Subsequently, due to changes in the spelling rules of the Russian language, this building received the name under which it exists to this day - Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge.

Even during the construction, architects and designers tried to make the bridge as strong and durable as possible, which they succeeded with brilliance. The high quality of construction led to the fact that the first repair work was required for this engineering structure only in 1971, and it was delivered for a major reconstruction in 1993. As a result of these works, almost all metal parts were replaced, and all three spans were covered with granite.

The Bridge of Peter the Great

For almost its entire history, the Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge was one of the main tram arteries of the city, but in 2005 the tram traffic on it was stopped, and now it is intended only for pedestrians and vehicles.

From the bridge, which after reconstruction, many began to call the name of the first Russian emperor, a beautiful view of the historical center of St.buildings. In this place, as it were, the famous antiquity and the modern modernized rhythm of life meet, here you can best feel the memory of the past, the greatness of the present, the bright reflections of the future.

Created just over a hundred years ago, the Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge is still the most important part of the city's infrastructure, passing through it daily tens of thousands of residents and guests of the city.

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