Pontic Mountains: description and photo

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Pontic Mountains: description and photo
Pontic Mountains: description and photo

The Pontic Mountains are a massive mountain range that covers almost the entire Black Sea coast. They are quite difficult to access, but are famous for their picturesque views and ancient historical monuments. We will tell you more about this in this article.

A Brief History

The Pontic Mountains are located in Turkey, namely, they encircle its northern part along the Black Sea coast. Their total length reaches thousands of kilometers, and the width of some sections exceeds one hundred kilometers. The mountain system acquired an unusual name in ancient times. The fact is that earlier the Black Sea was called Pontus Evkinskiy.

Historically, this mountain range was too inaccessible and therefore of little value to the ancient conquerors.

Pontic mountains

The tribes that inhabited this region were called Mossineks. Their main occupations were agriculture and beekeeping. The power here belonged to the Persians. Then, on the Black Sea coast, the formation of the Pontic kingdom took place, which did not last long. Further, the sources contain a mention of the Greekcolonies that were swallowed up by the mighty Roman Empire. After the collapse of the latter, Byzantium seized power over this region.

In the 15th century, the mountains and surrounding areas were ruled by the Ottoman Empire. This region is currently part of Turkey.

Regional Development Plans

The Pontic Mountains are a historical monument. Ancient tribes lived here even before our era, and battles were also fought. Power belonged to the great civilizations, which, by the will of history, succeeded each other. The remains of the great past in the form of the ruins of ancient castles have survived to this day. In addition, many travelers and locals are aware of the unusually picturesque views that open up from different points of this mountain system. Therefore, at present, the country's authorities have decided to create conditions for ecotourism in this region. To implement this plan, work is already underway to asph alt the roadway, improve walking paths and comfortable places for weary travelers to rest.

Flora and fauna

The Pontic mountain range is conditionally subdivided into the Western Pontic Mountains, the central part, which is called Janik, and the Eastern mountain system.

The western part of the mountain range is famous for its huge coal deposits, and the numerous lowlands create conditions for the development of agriculture.

East Pontic Mountains are widely known for their large producing polymetal deposit.

Waterfall in the Pontic Mountains

Vegetation in the areaquite varied. For example, on the north side it is represented by oak and beech forests, and on the south it is replaced by coniferous forests. Also throughout the territory there are thickets of evergreen thorny shrubs.

The Pontic mountain system is located on the migration route of rare species of birds and wild animals. Therefore, there are several national parks in this area, the main function of which is to protect the habitats of animals such as wolves, jackals, bears, lynxes and several varieties of mountain goats.

National parks

On the territory of the Pontic Mountains (Turkey) there are several national parks with rare species of animals and birds. The largest among them is "Altyndere Vadisi". This park is a delight for all travelers. There you can see such rare animals as wild deer and goats, bears, wolves and many others. However, it should be noted that hunting and fishing in this zone are prohibited.

View from above

The hydrographic system of the park is represented by many lakes, rivers and streams of unprecedented beauty. Here you can pitch a tent and enjoy a relaxing holiday in the bosom of nature.

The vegetation of the park area is represented by coniferous and mixed forests, as well as alpine meadows. You can independently develop a hiking route, taking into account your own physical fitness and explore the surroundings of this magical place.

Travel Reviews

The Pontic Mountains are still hard to reach for tourism, butsome travelers confidently make their own routes in off-road vehicles and explore this unusual place.

All tourists who have been in the mountains note the picturesque landscapes that they encountered along the way. The fact is that this mountain system has a rich hydrographic system, which is represented by many rivers, lakes and streams. The overall picture is complemented by abundant vegetation and reddish mountain ledges. The unusual color of the mountains was due to the special chemical composition of the rocks.

Pontic Mountains in Turkey

On the way, tourists find many ancient historical monuments that were once castles and fortifications. The stone buildings and thick walls of the structures make a lasting impression.

Turkish authorities are currently trying to make this place accessible to unprepared tourists.

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