Vostochny Airport (Ulyanovsk): history, main services and features

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Vostochny Airport (Ulyanovsk): history, main services and features
Vostochny Airport (Ulyanovsk): history, main services and features

"Ulyanovsk-Vostochny" is one of the 2 air terminals of the city with the status of international importance. The second enterprise is Karamzin Airport (Ulyanovsk) or "Barataevka" (a familiar name for regional media).


Vostochny Airport (Ulyanovsk) was not originally one. It was intended primarily for testing the Ulyanovsk Aviation Plant. The reinforced concrete runway of the experimental airfield is 5,100 m long and 105 m wide. It is the longest in the world and was well suited for the enterprise's test work.

Major historical events for the airfield:

1980 - creation on the basis of UAPK "Aviastar" of the production of ground and flight tests;

airport eastern ulyanovsk
airport eastern ulyanovsk
  • 1983 - commissioning of a one-of-a-kind runway;
  • 1991 - it is allowed to carry out international and domestic flights through the airport "Ulyanovsk-Vostochny";
  • 1994 - the formation of special services for control and escortinternational flights;
  • 1994 - the airfield was declared a joint-based airport (An-2 squadron of the aircraft) and was registered in the register of civil aviation enterprises;
  • 1995 - it was announced that the airfield can serve all types of domestic and international aircraft, with the exception of the Airbus A380;
  • 1998 - registration of the airfield as an independent enterprise with the management company CJSC Ulyanovsk-Vostochny International Airport;
  • 1999 - Vostochny airport (Ulyanovsk) officially received the status of an international airfield;
  • 2001 - according to the order of the Ministry of Transport, the airfield has the right to serve passenger and cargo flights (capacity - 100 passengers per hour with round-the-clock operation);
  • 2009 - a special economic zone was created on the territory adjacent to the airport with tax incentives for the provision of logistics services (decree of the Government of the Russian Federation);
  • 2010-2013 - reconstruction of part of the airport building;
  • 2016 - the operation of the enterprise is suspended due to the repair of the runway, which is promised to be completed in 2017.

Basic terminal data

Vostochny Airport (Ulyanovsk) is located at the address: 432072, Ulyanovsk Region, Ulyanovsk city, Leninsky Komsomol Avenue, 38, PO Box 3738.

Phones and contacts of services:

  • 8 8422 28 78 29 (management);
  • 8 8422 59 08 29;
  • 8 8422 20 47 56 (fax);
  • [email protected] (e-mail);
  • ulvost.ru (official site).
karamzin airport ulyanovsk
karamzin airport ulyanovsk

IATA code

ICAO code

Altitude (m) Timezone Latitude Longitude Internal code
ULY UWLW 77 +4.0 GMT 54.401018000000 48.802656000000 ULS

Airport Guide:

  • Gortikov Vladimir Alexandrovich - Director;
  • Gromakin Yury Nikolaevich - Deputy for Technical Affairs;
  • Kuzmin Alexander Alexandrovich - Deputy Director;
  • Shalkin Oleg Nikolaevich - Deputy for Finance;
  • Gruzdeva Elena Alekseevna - chief accountant.


"Ulyanovsk-Vostochny" (Ulyanovsk) is an airport of international importance and has everything necessary to serve any flight, both cargo and passenger.

There is here:

  • air terminal with all the necessary equipment to serve flights of any class;
  • cargo terminal with a capacity of 150 tons (for any non-standard transportation);
  • hot food factory;
  • all necessary engineering services;
  • complex for refueling (TZK Aerofuels-Ulyanovsk);
  • security services;
  • cafe;
  • shops;
  • waiting room;
  • maternity and baby room;
  • luggage storage;
  • Aviastar hotel (besides, there are guest houses "Imperial Club Deluxe", "Goncharov", "Abazhur", "Venets" nearby);
  • payment terminals and ATMs;
  • business lounge;
  • car parking.

Vostochny Airport (Ulyanovsk): map

For better orientation in the services of the airport terminal, you must use the map that is in the airport building. The location of all services is so thoughtful and compact that even a person who finds himself here for the first time can easily find his way around. Also in the building there is an electronic scoreboard where you can find out information about flights.

East ulyanovsk airport map
East ulyanovsk airport map

Airport Airlines

The terminal serves several Russian and international airlines:

  • "Orenburg Airlines";
  • "North wind";
  • "Ural Airlines";
  • "Flight";
  • Astra Airlines;
  • Utair;
  • Ellinair and others

Services and rules of the airport

The airport terminal provides the following services:

  1. Hotel booking. Airport visitors can book a room at the guest houses "Lesnaya byl" and "Aviator".
  2. Packing luggage in stretch film (service cost 250 rubles).
  3. Special service for people with disabilities.
  4. Protection of order.
  5. Free provision of WI-zoneF. I.
  6. Medical office.
  7. Luggage delivery.
  8. Issuance of certificates of movement of vessels (if necessary).
  9. Provision of a waiting room.
  10. Luggage weighing.
  11. Sound and visual support of the main services.
  12. Providing flight schedules, etc.
airport east ulyanovsk how to get there
airport east ulyanovsk how to get there

Checked when transporting animals:

  • certificate from the club RKF and SKOR;
  • veterinary passport;
  • conclusion on the last examination from any clinic in the form No. 4 or No. 1;
  • Vaccinations up to 12 months prior to flight time.

A maximum of 2 pets are allowed.

Children can be provided with a bassinet and special baby food (must notify airport staff at least 36 hours before flight).

For minors traveling alone, accompaniment is provided (subject to all necessary documents and certificates from parents).

ulyanovsk airport
ulyanovsk airport

Vostochny Airport (Ulyanovsk): how to get there

To get to the terminal building, you need to use one of the options:

  • taxi;
  • bus 330;
  • own car.

Vostochny Airport (Ulyanovsk) is located near the cities:

  • Kazan;
  • Tolyatti;
  • Syzran;
  • Borovka;
  • Alexandria;
  • Dimitrovgrad;
  • Saransk.

Although the airport has an internationalstatus, quality of service, according to passengers, leaves much to be desired. Perhaps, after the reconstruction and the addition of modern equipment, the situation will change.