Do you know that Uchkuduk is a city?

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Do you know that Uchkuduk is a city?
Do you know that Uchkuduk is a city?

Everyone knows the song "Uchkuduk" by the famous Uzbek group "Yalla", but not everyone knows that this song of the same name is dedicated to the city of Uchkuduk. Many do not even realize that Uchkuduk is not only a city, but also an important strategic object of the USSR, as well as a great place to travel. In this amazing city of Uzbekistan, you can not only relax and admire the local beauties, but also get acquainted with the local cuisine, which is simply amazing in its sophistication.

Uchkuduk - three wells

The city of Uchkuduk is located in the Republic of Uzbekistan in the Navoi region. Previously, this area was completely deserted and deserted, and only caravans passing by broke the silence of this area. The city got its name in honor of three wells located not far from each other. These wells did not appear here by chance. In the 1950s, they were dug up by Soviet scientists who were mining uranium in this place. At every wellhad its purpose:

  1. For drinking.
  2. For swimming.
  3. For technical needs.

Excavations in this area did not last long, and after they were completed, this once desert area became known as an urban-type settlement. At present, the population of Uchkuduk exceeds 28,000 people, and the city has completely changed, become more modern and colorful.

Uchkuduk today

If earlier it was known only in narrow circles, and few knew what Uchkuduk was. For many years, Uchkuduk was a closed city, as there were excavations and uranium mining. In Soviet times, it was not even indicated on the maps, and access to it was very limited. However, at present the city has become very famous all over the world, and all thanks to the song of the same name by the Yalla group. The song became so popular and described the area in such detail that it immediately became clear to everyone that Uchkuduk is a place with three wells.

Monument Uchkuduk

Currently, Uchkuduk has changed a lot. Instead of the tent camp of geologists, two, three and five-story houses were built in its place. Many courtyards of houses are landscaped with playgrounds, and the once deserted city itself is simply immersed in greenery.

What can I see?

Few tourists decide to visit this settlement, and all because they do not know that Uchkuduk is not only a song, but also a city that has something to see. But those who have visited it at least once talk about Uchkuduk as a quite touristic place. And it's quitejustified, as there are a large number of attractions that just need to be seen and photographed as a keepsake.

  1. Monument "Three wells", erected on the site of three wells. This stone monument doesn't exactly look like a well, but it looks so original that it's a must see.
  2. Night club in the form of a dragon. Once this club was very popular, but now it is in disrepair. However, despite this, its architecture still looks bewitching.
  3. Local market (bazaar) where you can buy everything from groceries to clothes and household chemicals.
  4. Sports complex "Sokol".
  5. DK "Contemporary".
  6. Orthodox Church of All Saints.
Attraction Uchkuduk

For those who are in this city for the first time, be sure to rent a hotel room upon arrival. There are several of them in the city, there is a very good three-star and even four-star one. But you don’t have to worry about food here at all, since Uzbek cuisine can impress even the most fastidious tourist with its delights. Experienced tourists believe that it is better to eat not in restaurants and cafes, but in local small canteens, as they not only cook tastier, but also have a larger serving size, and prices are much cheaper. Delicious pilaf, juicy barbecue, fragrant smoke and sambusa, as well as fresh flatbreads are best cooked in Uzbekistan, as it is the birthplace of these amazing dishes.

Area guide

Getthe city is not at all difficult, as both trains and buses run in this direction. The distance from Tashkent to Uchkuduk is about 760 km, which can be covered by car in just 9.5 hours.

However, if you are poorly oriented in the area, then the most convenient way to get to the city will be by train, which runs in this direction daily. Ticket prices vary depending on the comfort of the carriage. So, a ticket for a compartment car costs between 2,000 and 3,000 rubles, and for a reserved seat - from 1,700 to 2,000 rubles.

Station Uchkuduk

Now you know that Uchkuduk is not just a song, but a real city that you must visit to get acquainted with its culture and sights.

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