What areas of Tyumen do you know?

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What areas of Tyumen do you know?
What areas of Tyumen do you know?

There are many different cities in Russia: from megacities to small settlements. Many of them have begun to develop actively in recent years. Thus, Tyumen became a major industrial center with a population of 700,000 people. Its appearance is changing, squares are being actively built, new social structures are appearing.

City structure

Today, the districts of Tyumen, the list of which will be given below, have been transformed into administrative districts. There are only four of them, namely:

  • Central;
  • Lenin;
  • Kalininsky;
  • Oriental.

The youngest district

Districts of Tyumen

More than four hundred years have passed since the founding of the city. From a small settlement, Tyumen has turned into a large city, becoming an important part of the Trans-Siberian transport highway. There are bus station, railway station and airport. New buildings actively filled the districts of Tyumen. So, in the eastern part of the city, the Vostochny district was formed. It appeared not so long ago, in 2008. It includes the territory of the city, located south of the railway, and a small part of the northern shore of Lake Andreevsky. CHPP-2 is located in the Eastern District.

Right hereyou can find the most modern shopping centers, he althcare facilities with new equipment, cultural and sports grounds. According to statistics, 171,455 people live here.

How did the city begin?

Districts of Tyumen developed along with the arriving population. Thus, the Kalinin District was formed in 1965. It included Gorodische and Yamskaya Sloboda. According to the data, 170 thousand people live in it. It is here that two airports and a railway station are located. Also along Yamskaya street there is an exit to the intercity highway. It should be noted that Tyumen districts are unevenly provided with social facilities. The Kalinin District boasts a large number of kindergartens, schools, hospitals and libraries. Do not forget about catering establishments, retail outlets, which are in abundance in the district.


tyumen districts list

Districts of Tyumen were formed at different times. So, the Central District was formed in 1972 and included such territories as Zarechye and Martovskaya Sloboda. It is noteworthy that the Central District is divided by the Tura River. It is rightfully considered the center of cultural and industrial life of the city.

Another district of the city is the Leninsky administrative district, the largest in terms of area and population. Includes the northeastern part of the city. It is noteworthy that the government of the city of Tyumen is making every effort to improve the quality of life in the city and improve infrastructure. All areas are actively built up with new houses, and with them new ones appear.cultural objects.

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