The best boarding houses in Moscow: living conditions, prices and reviews

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The best boarding houses in Moscow: living conditions, prices and reviews
The best boarding houses in Moscow: living conditions, prices and reviews

Every year, thousands of our compatriots go to hot countries to spend their holidays there. However, there are many who like to relax in Russia, who enjoy the beauties of their native lands and are interested in the architecture and history of their country. Accommodation in hotels or inns is not always profitable, but staying in a boarding house is much cheaper and more convenient.

What is a boarding house?

In Soviet times, sanatoriums were very popular, where citizens with various diseases could stay for a whole month. They received proper treatment there, as well as procedures beneficial to he alth. Unlike sanatoriums, boarding houses do not have a strict daily routine, that is, here the main goal is not to conduct wellness procedures and treatment, but to relax and have fun.

A boarding house is a holiday home that combines the features of a hotel (high level of comfort) and a sanatorium, as additional services can be negotiated with the owners of boarding houses (he alth massages or a jacuzzi and much more).

boarding house Moscow and region

Moscow's boarding houses are in great demand due to their location and a wide range ofservices.

Features and differences from sanatoriums

Usually boarding houses are located in forest park areas or on the seashore, next to major resorts. The main criterion for choosing a place is the presence of picturesque landscapes and, of course, clean air. Unlike sanatoriums, boarding houses do not have their own medical base, but they offer interesting excursions and tours of city attractions. And if the boarding house is located next to the mountains, then a trip to the picturesque mountain peaks is guaranteed for you.

If we talk about the capital's boarding houses, then many of them are located in the immediate suburbs. Usually boarding houses in Moscow and the Moscow region are two- or three-story houses located in the forests. They have many separate rooms with all amenities, the territory is fenced and guarded. You can book a suite or a standard room, the difference is that class "A" rooms are equipped with eco-friendly furniture, air conditioning, a refrigerator and a jacuzzi bath.

boarding house Moscow and region

Hotels for the elderly

In Moscow and other large cities, due to various life circumstances, not everyone can afford to be around their aged parents or grandparents around the clock. For many, the solution to this problem is to turn to nursing homes, which provide full care for the elderly.

For some reason, in Russia, the level of care in nursing homes does not reach European standards, so it is considered something shameful to leave parents in the houseelderly. In this case, the ideal solution is boarding houses for the elderly. In Moscow, there is a very wide choice of such institutions, so everyone will find something that suits him both in terms of quality and cost. Let's see which places in the capital have a good reputation.

boarding house for the elderly in Moscow

Best boarding houses

In Moscow, their number is much less than in the region. This is due to the heavy technical workload of the capital, in which the noise from cars does not stop for a minute. However, those boarding houses that are available in the metropolis are really the standard for a real comfortable stay with all amenities. So, here is a list of the best boarding houses for the elderly in Moscow:

  1. Elite private boarding house "European", which is located in the very center of Moscow on Botanicheskaya street. It is a beautiful two-story house, equipped with the latest technology. The owners offer round the clock care for your loved ones. Judging by the reviews, there are excellent medical specialists who will find an approach to everyone. The cost ranges from 1000-2000 rubles per day, depending on the choice of room and additional services.
  2. The "Ochag" boarding house has modern equipment, a feature of this institution is the availability of entertainment leisure programs for the elderly. Nutrition balanced, 6 meals a day. Despite the remoteness from the city center, it is very convenient to reach it both by car and by public transport. The boarding house of Moscow is located in the Naro-Fominsk district of the capital.
  3. Bthe top three can be safely attributed to the boarding house "Second House". The name speaks for itself. There is really a very cozy atmosphere here, and the working staff treats their wards with great love and compassion. The boarding house is located in the Leninsky district, just 5 km from Moscow. Feedback from satisfied customers convinces that people who believe in God work here, who are also qualified specialists.

Costs and what's included

Prices for accommodation in boarding houses in Moscow and the region usually differ, this is due only to the location of holiday homes. The quality of care for the elderly is controlled by Rospotrebnadzor, so you should not be afraid of anything. Each boarding house sets the cost of its services independently, but there are also factors that determine the prices. For example, in the boarding house "Care", the wards do daily recreational gymnastics with a professional trainer, so the cost of living in it is a little more expensive.

boarding houses in moscow and moscow

Firstly, the presence of medical staff and equipment makes the boarding house much more reliable, because it is not known when a doctor may be needed. Secondly, the availability of various amenities in the room. Usually standard rooms are 2- or 4-bed, and "luxury" allow one person to live. The rooms always have the necessary amenities: a bed, an armchair, a washbasin, a toilet, a small closet, air conditioning and a TV. The cost of living starts from 1000 rubles per day. Forfor customers paying for a long stay, many boarding houses in Moscow are ready to make discounts. Meals are usually included in the price, the menu is agreed with the client and the supervising doctor.

Home for the elderly with illnesses

In the Moscow region there are a lot of boarding houses for the elderly who are diagnosed with Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease, dementia, diabetes or disability. Here is just a small list of boarding houses that are ready to take care of your family around the clock:

  • Romashkovo boarding house is one of the most budget options, accommodation here costs only 800 rubles per day. Located in the Moscow region, Odintsovo district.
  • Geriatric boarding house "Khorlovo" is located in the village of the same name and offers care for the elderly with mental disorders. Here the cost of living is 24 thousand rubles per month. Meals, treatment procedures, as well as psychological assistance are included.
  • In the Ramensky district there is a well-known and beloved by many boarding house "Warm conversations". The location of the house in a pine forest makes this place especially attractive for those who care about breathing clean air. Cost from 1200 rubles per day.

When choosing a place for your relatives, we recommend that you carefully study all the reviews on thematic sites, as well as consult with doctors who will prescribe procedures for the treatment or prevention of the disease.

boarding houses in Moscow

You should choose a boarding house, focusing on the services offered: they must be availablebe those necessary procedures that the doctor prescribed for your parent or elderly relative.

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