Solingen, Germany: history and attractions

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Solingen, Germany: history and attractions
Solingen, Germany: history and attractions

Solingen - the city of blades. That is what this small German town is called, which is more like a farmer than a craftsman. The name of the city is officially registered as a trademark that produces high-quality blades and knives that are popular all over the world.

A Brief History

The first mention of the city of Solingen, Germany, appears in 1064. At that time, it was a small German village, famous for its metallurgy, smelting and forging craftsmen. Three hundred years later, the village received the status of a city, and production increased several times. It is noteworthy that the metallurgical production in the city of Solingen has about two thousand years, and the first English kings were among the first admirers of weapons from Solingen. It was with the weapons of Solingen that they made their military campaigns and conquered foreign lands.

Solingen streets

During its long life, Solingen in Germany has experienced many catastrophic tragedies: several fires that destroyed the entire settlement, a plague that wiped out the people. How much citysurvived raids and wars, do not count. But the most infamous event in the German town was in 1993, when several German teenagers committed a series of arsons.

As a result of their right-wing radical actions, a family of migrants from Turkey died. Thus, they protested regarding the law on migrants. All participants in the case were arrested and sentenced to long terms of imprisonment, and Solingen had the glory of a black city for a long time.

Solingen, Germany

Knives and blades

Worldwide, the German city is famous for its excellent blades and knives, which have been produced here since time immemorial. The traditions of Solingen knife production are carefully guarded, passed down from generation to generation, thus preserving the status and glory of the city.

Knives and cutlery for every taste can be found in the craft shops and shops of the city. Among the huge variety, you can choose not only classic devices for cutting meat and vegetables. Lovers of hunting and fishing will find here special knives, decorated with true German patterns, with engravings and inlays. All knives are made by hand, undergoing a thorough preparation and pre-treatment of the metal.

Solingen knives are famous for their quality because for such a long history of existence, the masters have deduced the ideal formula for the ratio of all components of the alloy, calculated the ideal length of the base and blade. Steel knives and utensils fit perfectly in the hand, last a long time and are not subject to corrosion.

Solingen swords


You can't miss the sights of Solingen in Germany. For example, one of the first places a tourist should visit is Schlossburg. This is a stone castle, which for a long time belonged to the famous German family of Bergs. Today it has become one of the most interesting museums in Germany. Rare household items, magnificent weapons of knights, all this can be seen and photographed while walking with a guide through the famous Knights, Ancestral and Fireplace halls.

One of the interesting details of this ancient complex is the pharmacy building reconstructed according to ancient sketches, as well as the chapel, which is still operating and even holds wedding ceremonies.

Berg Castle

Mungsten Bridge

Solingen is rich in attractions that amaze the imagination. What is only the Müngsten Bridge, which proudly bears the title of the highest bridge for railway transport. Interestingly, it was originally called King William the First Bridge. And it is not surprising, because the development of such a unique structure began in 1889. Then, after the fall of the monarchy, which swept across Europe, the bridge was renamed Mungsten, after the name of the nearby village. The village has long since disappeared, but the name remains.

The construction of the bridge in Solingen in Germany was very spectacular, and almost every day a crowd of onlookers gathered at the construction site, which gave rise to many legends with their guesses, the most famous of which tells that the last nail driven in was gold.Even attempts were made to find this gold detail, but, fortunately, without success. In 2010, the bridge was closed for major restoration, which ended in 2015. Thanks to this, the service life of the century-old bridge was extended for at least another thirty years.

Müngsten Bridge

Path of the Blade

Walking enthusiasts simply must visit Solingen in Germany for one simple reason: to check and appreciate for yourself the magnificent route laid through the German forests and fields around the city back in 1935. The route is built in such a way that along its entire length there are many monuments of culture and ancient architecture. The trail, named, of course, in honor of the metallurgical skill of the locals, is marked, divided into several identical sections, designed for a day of leisurely travel. You can take a public bus to the beginning of each section.

Fauna Park

If you come with children to Solingen (Germany), be sure to visit the local zoo. Among the inhabitants there are goats, restless porcupines, deer that are not afraid of people, llamas. A very large terrarium with a specially built heating system so that the animals are in a natural temperature environment and are always alert. At the box office, when buying a ticket, you will be offered to buy food. For a few euros, you and your child will experience incredible pleasure when the goat takes a treat from your palm with her soft lips.

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