Rosenheim (Germany): history and attractions

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Rosenheim (Germany): history and attractions
Rosenheim (Germany): history and attractions

Rosenheim (Germany) is a city that is not very popular among tourists. Well, hunters for insta-places and a beautiful picture in the described area really have nothing to look for. But for those who want to relax their body and soul, be inspired by the harmony of the townspeople and enjoy the calm atmosphere, this is the place.

General information

Located Rosenheim in Germany (Bavaria), not far from the tourist favorite - Munich. They wash the city on both sides of the Inn and Mangfal rivers. Not far from the town is a picturesque lake called Chiemsee, or, as the locals call it, the Bavarian Sea. The height of Rosenheim in Germany is about five hundred meters above sea level.

A little less than a hundred thousand people live in the city itself. The residents are very pleasant and smiling people, which makes you want to come back here again and again. But was it so pleasant in the last century? It's time to look behind the historical screen and discover another Rosenheim.


Documents from 1234 show thatthat Rosenheim Castle was erected on the site of a former Roman camp. During construction, the settlement played the role of a pier on the Inn River and a hundred years later became a favorite place for fairs. The Thirty Years' War brought catastrophic destruction to the area. And until the 19th century, the life of the city stopped.

Since the 1850s, Rosenheim in Germany has been recognized as one of the largest railway junctions, thanks to which the area received the status of an urban settlement.

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At the beginning of the 19th century, nothing remained of the wasteland and devastation. Places of past warlike actions were built up with Art Nouveau houses with bright splashes of eclecticism. Visitors could relax and appreciate the taste of local beer in more than 20 breweries and bars. Everything went on as usual.

And yet another carnage. The Second World War demolished all the beauties of Rosenheim. Because of the merciless bombardment, the inhabitants had to rebuild their own houses. Today, almost nothing remains of the former luxury and beauty.

Where to stay?

Despite the fact that the influx of visitors here is small, hotels in Rosenheim (Germany) surprise with their design solutions and democratic price list. The top 3 according to tourists are:

  • D&R Ferienwohnung. This is a comfortable, spacious loft-style apartment with a garden outside. Ideal for a family holiday or a small company.
  • Hotel "San Gabriel". Visiting and spending a weekend here is a great idea. Firstly, the aristocratic and ancient atmosphere of the roomsemphasized by vaulted ceilings and four-poster beds. Secondly, delicious dishes in a romantic restaurant and a chic buffet will bring gastronomic pleasure to everyone. Thirdly, the location of the hotel in the monastery helps the guests to reconnect with history.
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B&B Hotel will suit the minimalists in life. Cozy bright rooms with a modern design were appreciated by young people and employees who went on a business trip

If you can't dine at the hotel, then it's time to find a place to eat.

Where to eat?

This is probably one of the most important moments, because nothing can be appreciated right on an empty stomach. Well, the must-visit list includes:

  1. Kastenauer Hof - a wonderful restaurant with a well-groomed garden and a fountain on the territory. The ancient interior and outdoor terrace are very close to Russian tourists.
  2. L'Incontro. This is the complete opposite of the previous institution. Neon-lit fusion-style interiors, Italian cuisine and a rich wine bar will give you the opportunity to relax after a hilarious walk.
  3. Pastavino. Bright interior with a hint of nautical motifs. Good company and Mediterranean cuisine can create many wonderful memories.
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Get a quick bite at local fast food outlets or cafeterias.


What to see in Rosenheim (Germany)? To begin with, a little look at the beauty outside the city. Lake Chiemsee mentionedpreviously. The reservoir itself is known not only for its crystal water, but also for two islands: Male (Herren-Chiemsee) and Female (Frauen-Chiemsee).

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On the first island is a palace built by a Bavarian king named Ludwig II. There is a monastery on the Women's Island, which is the property of the Benedictine order. Nearby are the Old Castle (museum of the Augustinian monastery) and the church of St. Mary.

Local Attractions

In Rosenheim itself (Germany), the sights are amazing architectural structures that convey the spirit of bygone times. So, tourists first of all rush to see the Mittertor gate.

The parish church of St. Nicholas is considered the unofficial symbol of the city. At first, the temple was built in the Gothic style, which was characterized by decoration in the form of a sharp spire at the top. Due to a devastating fire, the church was rebuilt in a different guise.

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Another highlight of the area is Riedergarten. This is a botanical garden in the very center with an apothecary garden. It was created by local pharmacist Johan Rieder in 1729. In the last century, the territory of the garden became the property of the city and the most visited place in Rosenheim (Germany), according to tourists. You can get a closer look at the traditions of the townspeople in two museums: woodworking and the Inn River. In the institutions mentioned above, you learn to look at seemingly ordinary craft as a separate art form.

And a little cheat sheet for those who have already boughttickets to Rosenheim. Two currencies circulate throughout the region: the euro and the chiemgauer (Rosenheim's own currency). First, it is beneficial in the event of a sharp fall in the euro. Secondly, a certain part of the turnover of the chemgauer goes to charitable foundations.

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