La Gomera Island (Canary Islands): description, beaches, attractions, tourist reviews

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La Gomera Island (Canary Islands): description, beaches, attractions, tourist reviews
La Gomera Island (Canary Islands): description, beaches, attractions, tourist reviews

The Canary Islands have consistently attracted tourists. La Gomera is an integral part of the archipelago. Despite its modest size, it is visited by many tourists. The island is interesting to travelers for its pristine nature. Green landscapes with steep slopes are amazing. The difficult terrain of the island makes it incredibly difficult to communicate between settlements. Much of the land is still pristine.

A little about the island…

The island of La Gomera has an area of ​​369.76 square meters. km. It is also called Columbus Island, because the navigator visited it in 1492 to replenish food supplies. La Gomera is of volcanic origin. Its highest point is Mount Garajonay, which reaches a height of 1487 meters.

Indigenous people have been farming for a long time. They grow fruits and vegetables not only for their own needs and for export. bananas,avocados, papaya grow well in flat areas. Animal husbandry is no less developed.

San Sebastian

The island of La Gomera is located just thirty kilometers from Tenerife. Most often, tourists come here during a one-day excursion. Sightseeing tours of the island do not allow you to see the main attractions. Therefore, it is better to spend a few days reviewing the most interesting places. Difficult roads do not allow you to quickly travel around the best corners of the region.

Main City

The main city of the island of De La Gomera is San Sebastian. However, the status of the capital does not make it noisy and crowded. It is a quiet and sleepy place, which is very striking after Tenerife. The city has not always been so quiet. In the fifteenth century, a governor ruled here, whose wife tried to impose her cruel rules, as a result of which a rebellion broke out. The governor was killed, and his wife and children hid in the fortification of the Torre del Conde tower, which is now one of the main attractions of the island of La Gomera. Now the tower is considered a symbol of the city. The governor's wife also went down in history. Residents even say that she had a brief but passionate affair with Columbus during his visit to the island.

Los Organos

Besides San Sebastian, there are several other villages and resorts on the island. They are all very quiet and peaceful. If you want to stay for a few days on the island, you should check into one of the hotels in the capital. In this case, you will have the opportunity to see the sights of SanSebastian. Most of them are associated with the navigator Columbus.


One of the attractions of the island of La Gomera is the Count's Tower. The ancient fortress is recognized as the most important object of the region. It is a prime example of Spanish military architecture of the fifteenth century. The Count's Tower was erected in 1477 by the Spaniard Hernan Perasa. The complex was necessary to protect the colony from the natives. Over the centuries, the tower has experienced many events: assaults, military clashes and sieges. There are many bloody stories associated with this place. Despite all these events, the tower is perfectly preserved. Now it is part of the historical heritage of the archipelago.

Dominican Monastery of the Apostle Peter

The Count's Tower is located in the heart of a small coastal park. It is open for visiting. Inside the building there is a small museum with geographical maps and other exhibits.

Church of the Ascension

On the island of La Gomera (Canary Islands) it is worth seeing the Church of the Ascension, which is considered the largest temple in the region. The building is of interest to tourists for its stunning architecture and ancient history. That is why the church is a popular attraction.

The temple was built by the Spaniards at the beginning of the 15th century. It is an excellent example of European architecture of that time. Despite its great age, the church has been perfectly preserved in its original form. Christopher Columbus brought fame to the temple, because it was within its walls that the navigator prayed for the success of histravels. The Church of the Ascension is the most valuable historical and architectural monument, which is part of the heritage of the archipelago.

La Gomera island reviews of tourists

If you are interested in ancient architecture, you can visit the Dominican monastery of the Apostle Peter, built in the 17th century. Its main feature is a luxurious altar.

Columbus Well

Most of the sights of the island are somehow connected with the name of Columbus. In San Sebastian, you can look at the well of Columbus. Locals tell a legend that it was in it that the legendary traveler drew water before the expedition.

La Gomera Island Canary Islands

There is a monument near the port, in the courtyard of an old mansion. The well is unremarkable from the outside. It looks like a hole in the ground with a fence. Despite the unsightly appearance, the well is popular among tourists. After all, everyone wants to touch the era of discovery.

National Park

One of the main attractions of the island is the Garajonay National Park, which is a relic forest with amazing trees. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is believed that the forest appeared more than 20 million years ago. Once such plantations covered the entire territory of Europe. But the remains of the forest survived only in Madeira and the Canaries. It has a warm and humid climate. Very often fog descends on the forest. The area of ​​the park covers 4000 hectares. Several pedestrian paths run through its territory.routes. During the walk, tourists have a great opportunity to admire the natural beauties. It is worth saying that the park is very unusual. The trees in it are intricately intertwined and go far into the sky. Sunlight practically does not penetrate through the thickets. The park is in darkness. There are many lichens and moss on the surface of the earth. A green carpet decorates the landscape.

Los Organos

The natural attraction of Los Organos is located on the north coast of the island. The rock has a very unusual appearance and is composed of bas alt formations. Sheer cliffs rise from the sea to 800 meters. Outwardly, the rock resembles organ pipes. Such a bizarre shape is the result of a volcanic eruption. The lava froze, and over time, due to erosion, it began to look very unusual.

La Gomera Island Canary Islands

Since the attraction is a sheer cliff, you can only admire it from the sea. Therefore, it is worth going on a boat trip. Sea travel makes an indelible impression. The waters of the raging Atlantic Ocean break noisily against a sheer rock, turning into white foam. By the way, this tour is considered the most popular on the island. During the trip, people can see not only the rock, but also admire the stunning valleys and small bays, as well as see dolphins and whales.

Beaches of the island

According to tourists, the island of La Gomera is interesting not only for its sights and natural beauties, but also for its beaches. The length of the coastline of La Gomera reaches 90 km. Here among the high rocksyou can find very picturesque bays. There are a total of 20 beaches on the island.

The largest beach is "Santiago". Its length reaches 1.5 km. The beach is well equipped and able to surprise demanding tourists. It has a gravel surface. There are never waves here, so the beach is good for a relaxing holiday. During the high season, many couples with children rest on the coast.

Attractions of the island of La Gomera

The beach of San Sebastian is no less attractive for recreation. It reaches a length of 600 meters, and the width of the coastline is 55 meters. The breakwater protects the coast from the tides, so the rest here is always comfortable.

Among tourists, the beach "La Cueva", surrounded by rocks, is popular. Its length reaches 220 meters. Its peculiarity is that it has a black sandy coating of volcanic origin, which adds to the exoticism of the place.

Also, vacationers love Vallehermoso beach. On its territory there is a beautiful marine park. The coast is equipped with all accessories for a comfortable stay.

If you love sports activities, you should visit the San Marcos beach. There are always strong waves here, so surfers have chosen the coast. The beach is located in a cozy bay.

In the eastern part of the island is the beach "La Calera", which is covered with black volcanic sand. This stretch of coastline is considered one of the most beautiful in the region.

Reviews of tourists

According to tourists, the island isvisit for its stunning nature and less picturesque beaches. Of course, La Gomera is a calm and provincial place, but it is not without charm. Garakhnoai Park is the most admired by everyone. According to tourists, it should be on the list of any traveler. The reserve is a unique place worthy of the attention of tourists. The gloomy forest resembles a fabulous place. You definitely haven't seen anything like this in your life. No less impressive is Los Organos. If you want to get a good look at the rock, go on a boat trip. All its scale can be seen only from the sea. The unity of the elements is impressive.

Experienced tourists recommend renting a car. Only in this case you will have time to see the most beautiful corners of the island. Bus service is not so well developed due to the difficult terrain. You will spend a lot of extra time on public transport trips.

La Gomera Island

When visiting the island, be sure to visit several beaches. Thanks to the volcanic origin of La Gomera, you will find many beautiful places along the coast. Black sand beaches are especially exotic.

Instead of afterword

There are things to see and do on the island. But life here is not as noisy and varied as in Tenerife. From the local resorts a little provincial smells. But it doesn't about. La Gomera is less attractive, because not everyone likes nightclubs and parties. The natural scenery of the island is much more interesting than the nightlife.

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