SEC "Moskovsky Prospekt", Voronezh: address, opening hours, shops, cinema

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SEC "Moskovsky Prospekt", Voronezh: address, opening hours, shops, cinema
SEC "Moskovsky Prospekt", Voronezh: address, opening hours, shops, cinema

In the modern world, there are a huge number of entertainment centers where a person can go. These are cinemas, and amusement parks, and shops, and billiards and much more. TCR combined all these components and became one universal place of rest. Anyone, regardless of age, can find something to their liking here.

SEC "Moskovsky Prospekt" Voronezh

Shopping centers provide a huge selection of shops, cafes, cinemas for every taste. In Voronezh, the Moskovsky Prospekt shopping and entertainment center is in demand, as it is located close to major roads, such as Moskovsky Prospekt, Shishkov Street. Plus, it includes everything you need. You will find here both the necessary goods and relaxation for body and soul, and your children will be able to have fun with a group of cheerful Smeshariki and get in a good mood for the whole day, as well as visit the play area.

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At a Glance

This establishment is located:

  • 150 stores.
  • 12 restaurants, bars and cafes.
  • Cinema.
  • Kids area.

This is one of the first and not very large shopping centers in Voronezh, the building has only 4 floors. But it is ready to provide not only the opportunity to buy bags, shoes, clothes, but also offers a comfortable rest in the Sorrento restaurant, fitness club, Star&Mlad cinema, CafeArt cafeteria. Here you can give yourself a holiday.

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And for children there is an entertainment center that will introduce you to the Smeshariki Friends Club and the entertainment area. That will allow little visitors to have fun and not worry their parents.

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Voronezh stores also perfectly complement this shopping and recreation area. Here you will find all the necessary products of famous brands. Such as Detsky Mir, Ile de Beaute, L'Etoile, M.Video, Lenta, etc.


Address of the Moskovsky Prospekt shopping center in Voronezh: Voronezh, Moskovsky Prospekt, 129/1.

Any vehicle passing along Moskovsky Prospekt passes, so there will be no problems with the road.

If you are traveling by car, then there is a paid round-the-clock parking with a car wash. It is designed for 130 parking spaces. Also near the center there are four free parking lots for 500 parking spaces.

Opening hours of the Moskovsky Prospekt shopping center in Voronezh

  • Shopswork from 10-00 to 22-00.

  • Cinema - from 10-00 to 01-00.You can see the schedule at any time on the official website of the mall.

  • Children's Center Schedule:

    Mon-Thu 12-00-20-00;Fri-Sun 10-00-20-00.

  • Lenta hypermarket is open from 09-00 to 23-00.
  • Foodcourt - from 10-00 to 22-00, includes establishments such as McDonald's, Chicken with Us, etc.

  • CafeArt coffee shop schedule:

    Sun-Thurs from 10-00 to 22-00;Fri-Sat from 10-00 to 00-00.

AlexFitness Fitness Club:Mon – Fri from 07-00 to 00-00; Sat – Sun from 09-00 to 22-00.

address of the mall Moskovsky Prospekt in Voronezh


Of course, like any institution, there are positive and negative reviews. But since Moskovsky Prospekt is one of the top 10 city centers in Voronezh, this place has more positive comments.

From all the criteria for evaluating local residents, you can choose several factors by which this particular cinema is chosen:

  1. Inexpensive institution, unlike other cinemas in Voronezh.
  2. Variety of shops. Despite the small size, the shops here have a good range of products.
  3. Favorable price for goods. Many buyers say that they found goods here much cheaper than in other places in the city.


Of the shortcomings, people note:

  1. Store size. Small shops in Voronezh are not convenient for everyone, even if they have everything you need at affordable prices.
  2. The constant lack of parking spaces. One of the main problems for buyers, since very often only paid parking is free, which people do not agree to, because they have already come to leave money in markets, and not everyone can pay for parking.


In Voronezh, there are cinemas not only in the shopping center, but the center offers us a large, comfortable and budget cinema. Surprisingly, the prices here are really not too high, so you can treat yourself to a new movie. Here you can visit the 2D and 3D cinema, enjoy the good atmosphere and creative design. The bar has a wide range of soft drinks, delicious popcorn and other treats for its visitors. The schedule of all screenings can be found on the official website of the Moskovsky Prospekt shopping center in Voronezh or on the page of the Star&Mlad cinema chain.

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Although the center is not large, but the shops here do not cease to please customers. Here you can find everything you need: clothes, shoes, bags, stationery, gifts, souvenirs, cosmetics, etc. Prices differ in their loy alty to visitors. For example, according to one of the reviews, the buyer came to a sports store for skates. He bought goods for 990 rubles, although the average price for them is 1500 rubles. Another potential customer is behind a medium sized backpack in pink tones. The purchase cost less than 500 rubles. The average price in other stores is 700-1000 rubles.

These are such wonderful boutiques in the cityVoronezh. If large stores with decorations are not important to you, but the quality and affordable price of the purchased goods are important, then the Moskovsky Prospekt shopping center in Voronezh will be glad to see you at any time, starting from 10-00 in the morning.

Historical Significance

Moskovsky Prospekt opened in 2007 and was the only one of its kind. First of all, the residents of Voronezh remember it as the first shopping and entertainment center in the city. At that time, he had two undeniable pluses:

1) a cheap movie theater that was loved by both adults and children;

2) New Yorker, which could only be found there.

It turns out that this center has another advantage: it started the emergence of large shopping malls in this city.

Promotions and sweepstakes

There are also regular contests, promotions, quizzes for buyers, participating in which you can save a lot. Interesting prizes, competitions, gifts are waiting for you. The institution holds new promotions and drawings every month. You will receive a sea of ​​positive and positive emotions for the whole day. Don't miss the opportunity to have a good time. At the moment there are the following promotions:

  • Until the end of October, free autumn workshops for children are held, participation in them is absolutely free. Every Sunday at 14:00 on the second floor. You can register your children by calling 269-55-32. Give your child an unforgettable experience!
  • The Empire of Bags announces discounts on all products until the end of October. 20% - for the purchase of two bags; 30% - for the purchase of three bags.
  • Yves Rocher suitsA real treat for skin care lovers. Until October 22, Plant Expertise awaits you. The event includes Elixir Jeunesse's personalized skin diagnostics and a 7-day facial program absolutely free of charge. As well as 50% off any second care course. Don't miss this opportunity.
  • In L'Etoile you will find your favorite scent at a very competitive price. Until the end of October, there is a 40% discount on any fragrance. You will definitely find something for yourself there.
  • But the beauty center "VESNA in Moscow" urgently calls everyone for a massage.

- When buying 3 sessions of modeling massage you will receive a 50% discount.

- Every second back massage is 40% off.

- To get a back massage for 1 hour 40 minutes you need to pay only 400 rubles.

- And for a massage of the cervical-collar zone - 200 rubles.

- For 30 minutes and 300 rubles you will get a face and head massage.

All discounts are valid until the end of October.

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  • From October 5, PANDORA jewelry chain launched an original collection of Disney-inspired jewelry. Be sure to check out this incarnation of a fairy tale, and maybe even get a necklace from your favorite character.
  • The drawing of two tickets for the concert of the Moldavian singer DAN BALAN has begun. The performance will take place on October 21 at 19-00. To participate, you need to join the official VKontakte group and repost the entry about this draw. A winner will be randomly selected on October 20.
  • BELWESTincludes an interesting promotion until October 25th. The conditions are very simple: you fill out a special participation form, you get reward points on your card, then with each purchase you get a number of points equal to the amount of your purchase, the earned points can be exchanged for goods. Hurry, there is not much time left, but you have the opportunity to get a quality product for free.

Besides these events, the center puts on many performances and shows for children and adults. "Moskovsky Prospekt" is trying to make your visit to the mall as comfortable and interesting as possible. Follow the new events on their official website. And be sure to participate in contests and promotions, this is an interesting, and most importantly, useful activity.

The Moskovsky Prospekt shopping center in Voronezh offers its customers the best goods, an excellent recreation area and comfortable conditions for shopping. You will find a lot of useful and interesting entertainment programs. As well as pleasant discounts, gifts and raffles. Be sure to stop by for a cup of delicious coffee or a good movie. Spend your days with the benefit of yourself and your loved ones.

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