Shopping center "Oceania" in Moscow: address, shops, cinema

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Shopping center "Oceania" in Moscow: address, shops, cinema
Shopping center "Oceania" in Moscow: address, shops, cinema

Day off is a special day. I want to unload from eternal problems, relax with a child, be with my family, go somewhere to have fun.

How about Oceania Mall? There is an opportunity to entertain the child, and parents to relax and buy a couple of new things. Let's take a closer look at the offer.

About the Center

In Moscow, you will find recreation centers, cafes, children's areas, cinemas or shops on every street. The city is seething with offers to spend money. However, this must be done wisely. Since a person is going to get out with his family on vacation, then entertainment should be comprehensive and varied. SEC "Oceania", like any other center, is ready to offer:

  • Shops.
  • Cinema.
  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • Services.
  • Entertainment.
SEC "Oceania"

How is it different from any other similar institution? The quality of service and impressions after the visit. The organizers of this project have tried to bring maximum creativity to the building.

Shopping center "Oceania"

One of the originalsolutions is an aquarium 24 meters high. Have you met this before? What about your child? The design has an elevator in the middle, which you can ride for free. You just take a ticket and wait your turn. During the ride, the elevator is surrounded by exotic marine fish and plants. The queue of those who wish is very long, so it is better to take a seat 2-3 hours before departure home.

The fountain is the second attraction of the Oceania shopping center. This is a real water show that does not leave anyone indifferent. Every hour a stream of water hits up to the 3rd floor, and the drops have a different color. Patterns, splashes, music - all this creates a good mood for the whole day.

Shopping center "Oceania" stores


Oceania cooperates with 300 stores and offers a huge selection of goods to its customers. Make a list before you go here. You will find: clothes, cosmetics, perfumes, children's things, toys, household appliances and much more. The only negative is that you can not buy food, there is no grocery store.

But the prices please with their availability. There are expensive boutiques and more budget options, so every guest will find the right thing.

Especially large selection of clothes. Be careful not to get lost in the 300 shops of the Oceania Mall.


If you want to arrange a date, pass the time or just go to a good movie, go up to the fourth floor. There you will find one of the largest IMAX cinemas in Russia.

The main advantage is andthe fact that this is the only laser cinema hall in all the CIS countries. What's the Difference? Now let's figure it out. This is an improvement in all parameters so as to increase the level of realism. This means that light, sound, color are much brighter and more colorful. The creators have done everything to improve the "immersion effect".

In the Oceania shopping center, the cinema has 8 halls, one of them is for children. Sessions run from 10:00 a.m. until late in the evening. Tickets cost from 200 to 500 rubles.

How do you like this prospect? Who wouldn't want to visit the only cinema in 11 countries?

Restaurants and cafes

On such a long walk, of course, you can get hungry. As in any entertainment center, there is something to eat here. On the territory of "Oceania" 30 establishments for your taste.

You can visit one of the famous coffee shops in Moscow "Shokoladnitsa". You will enjoy delicious hot chocolate or coffee and refresh yourself with a wonderful lunch.

If you do not want to spend a lot of time on food, then opt for fast food establishments: "Burger King", "Baby Potato", etc.

Shopping center "Oceania" in Moscow

Creative plant benches have been set up throughout the Oceania Mall, so you can enjoy your meal with a view of the huge aquarium.


What else would you like to do while you wait in line for the elevator?

  • While enjoying the movies, you can do useful things like wash your car. Why not? In addition, the institution will provide such a service in the company "MYMOBIL".
  • Beauty salons andmassages will provide relaxing beauty services to each client. Moreover, there are several salons, so there will be plenty to choose from.
  • For book lovers there is a library named after N.A. Nekrasov. A large selection of literature will not leave guests indifferent.
  • We are also happy to offer assistance to the MTS and Megafon mobile phone stores. Please contact with any questions.
  • There is a BIANCA dry cleaner ready to take out any stain.
  • If necessary, you can use the "MULTI-MASTER" personal services salon.
  • Have you been on a trip for the last time? Maybe now is the time? "Natalie Tours" will select the ideal option, taking into account all the wishes of the client.


So we figured out why this would be a great vacation for adults. But what are the kids to do here? Of course, it's great to look at the fish and the dancing fountain, but not to watch them all day long. And the repair of household appliances or the Nekrasov library is not very interesting for a 5-year-old kid.

The organizers of the shopping center "Oceania" have thought about this issue. They have created 3 different entertainment areas for the little ones. Your child will be able to play interactive terminals of the Igronok center or visit the Culinary School. And the most active ones will go to the "Interesting Academy", where entertaining games, carousels and a lot of new educational information await them.

Shopping center "Oceania" cinema

Do you think your child would enjoy this adventure day?

Visitor reviews

Guests who alreadyvisited the establishments from the above list, were very satisfied. First of all, note the aquarium. This is very unusual and original for such an institution. For children, such a spectacle is the greatest joy of the whole day. Attract buyers and prices for goods, which goes well with their diversity.

Of the minuses, they say that there is no grocery store, which saddens residents near the center. And problems with the guards doing their job too thoroughly, searching every inch.

Contact details

Do you have a desire to take a walk on the floors of the mall? Then write down the address of the Oceania shopping center: Moscow, Kutuzovsky Prospekt 57. Opening hours: from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

So, on any given day, you have exactly 12 hours to look at the famous exotic fish aquarium, see the colored fountain with your own eyes, play with your child in entertainment centers, go shopping and go to the movies. And remember: a good vacation is simple and affordable for everyone.

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