What is ancient Ulm (Germany) famous for?

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What is ancient Ulm (Germany) famous for?
What is ancient Ulm (Germany) famous for?

This German city, whose unique atmosphere is celebrated by all tourists, harmoniously combines past and present. Located between Stuttgart and Munich, it is an important economic center of the country. On the left bank of the Danube is the glorious Ulm, which will be discussed in the article, and on the right - its twin city of modern New Ulm.

A bit of history

It is known that the first mention of the settlement dates back to 854. The center of the Duchy of Swabia was subjected to repeated attacks by the enemy, who dreamed of conquering the proud city. After military clashes, Ulm (Germany) was turned into real ruins, and the only surviving building was a small church, on the site of which a majestic cathedral later appeared, which became the hallmark of the city.

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But perhaps the most difficult test was the Second World War. Exactly thenthe cultural capital of the country suffered so much that it had to be rebuilt. Local residents made an important decision, which they never regretted, to restore the destroyed historical buildings, and now the restored buildings peacefully coexist with modern ones that have appeared quite recently in the city.

The main cathedral is the highest in the world

Tourists who come to Ulm (Germany) feel as if they were transported to past eras as if by a time machine, and the architectural monuments of the Middle Ages become a vivid reminder of the historical past. Chief among them is the dominating cathedral, recognized as the symbol of the city.

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The building that defines the image of the German tourist center is famous for its huge spire (161 meters), piercing the sky through. Guests photographing the main attraction say that the Ulm Cathedral does not completely fit into the camera lens. On the high bell tower, called the “finger of God”, there is an observation tower from which a delightful view of the picturesque city opens, and it is said that even the Alps can be seen in clear weather. True, not all travelers will be able to withstand the path of 700 steps.

Luxurious architectural masterpiece

Residents are proud of the temple, founded in the XIV century, and its tallest spire in the world. Almost five hundred years lasted the construction of the cathedral, kept from destruction by the Almighty. In a serious bombardment in 1944, he survived, which was an incredible miracle, and today he strikes the imagination of everyone who cameenjoy the amazing landscapes in the city of Ulm (Germany).

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I must say that not only the architectural solution of the Gothic masterpiece surprises tourists, but also the decoration of the most beautiful temple, which stores many works of art. Colorful stained-glass windows, carved benches and wonderful old frescoes turn the cathedral into a real museum that tells about the strength of the human spirit.

Tourists will not fail to tell you what the great Mozart played on the organ here.

Fishing Quarter

Next to the cathedral is the Fishermen's Quarter, consisting of narrow streets crowded with houses built in the traditional German style - half-timbered houses. Light frame structures stand in the water, and tourists get the feeling that they are not in respectable Germany, but in fabulous Venice.

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Connected by ancient bridges, the quarter made Ulm (Germany) famous all over the world. Photos of restored buildings make tourists want to visit the German pearl.

By the way, here is the famous crooked house, listed in the Guinness Book of Records. The building leaning towards the water has been converted into a luxury hotel, and for 130 euros, anyone can spend the night in a local attraction.

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City Hall

Old Ulm is a city in Germany, famous not only for its elegantly executed cathedral, but also for its town hall with bright frescoes on the facade, the images of whichtalk about virtues and vices. Once it was an ordinary trading shop, and the underground floor served as a prison for criminals. The well-preserved southern wing with a stepped pediment, a huge astronomical and sundial are the main features of the structure.

Savings bank, which spent 20 million euros

But it must be admitted that beautiful Ulm (Germany) is famous not only for its historical monuments. In 2006, interest in the city was sparked by the appearance of a new savings bank building, which appeared as part of a major construction project. A record amount of 20 million euros was spent on the construction of a four-story glass building, and after the opening of Neue Mitte it became a symbol of the modern city. The light-filled structure successfully met the expectations of the public, who did not want to see a familiar concrete building in this place.

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The architect received a construction award for this project.

Pyramid Library

Unforgettable Ulm (Germany), whose sights are varied, pleases fans of unusual architecture. Another building that turned the minds of the townsfolk appeared in 2004. The city library, which celebrated its 500th anniversary, is located in a glass pyramid. The modern building fits perfectly into the look of the historic center.

Almost four thousand square meters of the cultural institution houses a library, a music department and modern reading rooms. The transparent building is equipped with the latest technology,and interactive facades and climate control make it attractive to visitors.

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Tourists adore Ulm (Germany), which is closely intertwined with historical roots and modern life. It beckons guests who have already heard about the main attractions that have become his calling cards. A hospitable and vibrant city, saturated with the spirit of the times, attracts at first sight, and for this it is adored by travelers from all over the world.

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