The best amusement parks in Germany: rating, review with photo

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The best amusement parks in Germany: rating, review with photo
The best amusement parks in Germany: rating, review with photo

The question of where to relax with the whole family in Germany is asked by some Russians. The answer is simple: choose an amusement park that can amaze not only with amazing rides, but also impress with its beauty and unique design. The best amusement parks in Germany keep their doors open all year round. There are many similar establishments in the country, which are considered world leaders in this market. You can spend days full of interesting events and vivid emotions in children's amusement parks in Germany.

The rating is based on the popularity of the parks, from the most famous to the least popular.

1. Hansa Park

This amusement park in Germany is located in Sierksdorf, where a resort on the B altic Sea is open. It got its name thanks to Lübeck, which is located very close. It is the capital of the Hanseatic League. The territory of this complex is divided into eleven departments, each has its own theme. Hanza itself was a community of European urban settlements from the Middle Ages. On 46 hectares of the coastal zone there are more than a hundred attractions for visitorsall ages. The rails of the local roller coasters are 1.2 km long. Their speed can reach 127 km/h.

hansa park

On the territory of the complex there are also buildings in the spirit of the famous sights of the cities of the Hanseatic League, a rope park, a room of mirrors and outdoor areas where spectacular shows are held, children's master classes are organized. Younger visitors can compete, take a dip in the huge ball pool, or follow in the footsteps of James Cook and make their way through the dense jungles of Tahiti.

This amusement park in Germany is open from April 1 to November 1 from 9 am to 6 pm. Standard prices start at 28 and end at 35 euros. If the visitor is not yet four years old, there is no need to pay for his entrance to the territory of the entertainment complex. The only thing needed is proof of his age with any documentation.

2. HeidePark

The park is located in Soltau. This is one of the most famous and popular amusement parks in Germany. It is divided into 4 thematic zones. It constantly operates more than five dozen different attractions, and provides entertainment for the smallest customers. These, of course, include the Driving School, in which young adherents of four wheels learn to be car drivers.

heide park

In the area associated with the Wild West, you can go rafting in a tree trunk, as well as take a break from swimming on treadmills. A couple of years ago, another country appeared at the disposal of guests, created according toinspired by the cartoon How to Train Your Dragon. It contains numerous trampolines, slides, carousels and Viking boats.

There are hotels on the territory of the institution, here you can relax in the SPA or in tents. An entertainment center is located next to the hotels. The complex is open from April to the end of October, on weekends and in the period July-August it operates from 10 to 18. The entrance fee is 40-50 euros. Again, the older the person, the more he needs to pay. Children under 3 are admitted without payment.

3. "Fantasy Land"

Approximately 20 km from Bonn and Cologne is one of the largest amusement parks in Germany "Fantasy Land". It has 7 thematic zones, that is, different places and magical lands. There is Mexico, China, Africa, Berlin, Fantasia and so on. The park is famous for the world's fastest and longest family slide called Raik. There are special playgrounds for little visitors. For older children, activities of various types are recommended, from calm carousels to blood-curdling huge cars.

in fantasyland

Like almost all establishments of this type, each attraction has minimum height restrictions for safety reasons.

It is noteworthy that this entertainment complex operates in the winter. From April to July and from September it is open from 9:00 to 18:00. In July and August it is available for visiting until 20:00. From November to January it can also be visited until this time. Persons under four years of age are included inhim without fees. In different seasons, entrance to it will cost differently, but prices fluctuate between 30-50 euros.

4. Belantis Park

This park is located in Saxony, a couple of dozen kilometers from Leipzig. This is the largest facility of this type in the east of the country. It has 8 zones decorated according to different themes, where visitors can find more than six dozen colorful objects and attractions, including boat rides, dark catacomb rides and roller coasters. This is a real treat for thrill-seekers. The kids won't be bored either, of course.

in the park


European theme

Fabulous open-air carousels, jogging tracks, shallow pools await visitors. There are unique slides for children of any age. This is also complemented by carousels, incredibly colorful shows for little guests. Other fun activities for all ages include traveling on the Cobra train in the Valley of the Pharaohs, along a forest trail, or riding the WildWestExpress train in the Wild West. It will also be an amazing adventure to participate in archaeological excavations in the shadow of the Egyptian pyramid.

Entrance to this amusement park in Germany will cost around 35 euros. It will be most profitable to buy it at the same time for 3 family members: then it will cost at a discount. Persons under four years of age are admitted without tickets. You just need to document their age. In the period March-June and September-October it can be visited from 10-17, and at the height of summerseason - from 10 to 18.

5. "Europe"

The Europa-Park amusement park is very famous in Germany. It is the largest in the country. There is a place in the town of Rust in the south-west of the country, right on the banks of the Rhine, along the course of which the German-French border passes. Its area is more than 90 hectares, and the "Europe-Park" itself consists of 18 thematic departments, in which dozens of amazing attractions operate. Each of the departments is dedicated to a separate country or region of Europe. The park service provides additional amenities for families with children. The complex has a special area for parents with children. When visiting this amusement park in Germany for children, it is worth taking advantage of the proposed BabySwitch option: while one parent stays with the children, the second can enjoy the rides and walk around the complex without standing in lines. Thus, this complex is most convenient for family people.

Europe park


Tickets to this amusement park in Germany are sold for no more than 50 euros. The final cost depends on age: the younger the client, the less the entrance costs. Persons under the age of 4 are admitted here without payment (the age of the child, as elsewhere in such institutions, must be documented). It is noteworthy that this entertainment complex operates both in winter and in summer. During the Christmas period, the entertainment area is open from 11 to 19.

6. "Legoland"

The park is located in Bavaria. It is the fourth largest Lego amusement park.It is divided into eight thematic zones, where you can see numerous accurate models built with a huge amount of detail (whole cities, individual objects, fictional or real, for example, Neuschwanstein Castle).

in legoland

Here you can have fun until you drop on more than 50 attractions designed for different age groups. More information can be found on the amusement park website. Each site of this company is unique in its own way, there are new objects, which makes visiting places always interesting.

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