The best amusement parks in Germany: a list with photos, reviews of tourists

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The best amusement parks in Germany: a list with photos, reviews of tourists
The best amusement parks in Germany: a list with photos, reviews of tourists

Entertainment in Germany is a serious and responsible business, especially when it comes to children. The country has a large number of ultra-modern amusement parks, some of which can safely be called one of the best in the world. Each such fun center boasts an impressive territory, landscape, as well as steep slides. First-class food courts, safe rides, professional animators and a variety of entertainment shows - all this is offered by the best amusement parks in Germany.


"Europe-Park" - an amusement park in Germany, which is not only the most visited in the country, but also the second polarity in Europe, second only to the French "Disneyland". The entertainment center is located in Rust, a couple of hours drive from Stuttgart. It is divided into sixteen zones, thirteen of which are stylistically dedicated to a particular European country, including Russia, Greece, and Iceland. Three thematicsection beat places such as "The Enchanted Forest", "Kingdom of the Invisibles", "Land of the Vikings". Each zone showcases architecture, food, shops, as well as the sights of the state that is represented in this place. You can see a photo of the Europa-Park amusement park in Germany below.


There are ten roller coasters in Europa-Park, among which there is one of the largest and largest in Europe - the Silver Star. The center regularly hosts various musical, laser and ice performances. "Arthur in the Kingdom of the Invisibles" is one of the latest additions, where three thematic departments are combined into one journey.

Reviews from tourists about this amusement park are mostly positive. Many write that they really enjoyed each themed area, including the cuisine and rides. They also say that "Europe-Park" is a kind of city within a city, from which you don't want to leave at all.


This amusement park in Germany has slides for all tastes and ages. There are roller coasters, giant swings, a free fall tower, rafting and much more. No weather will interrupt the fun, as the indoor hall hosts various recreational activities, including rock climbing, a playground and more.

Bayern Park Center

Bayern-Park features playgrounds, magic trains, carousels, tower slides andetc. It will be very interesting for children to walk around the colorful children's village, where you can find various trampolines, labyrinths, dry pools.

Themed attractions are made in the form of different animals. Aviaries with various animals are installed throughout the park, and a spectacular show with eagles, falcons and other birds of prey is regularly held here.

Many positive reviews about this amusement park say that you can have fun and rich family vacations here. According to some thrill-seekers, the slides, although varied, are not steep enough. Nevertheless, if extremeness can be subjective, then the organization and work of the staff remains an objectively positive quality of the park.


This amusement park attracts about two million visitors every year. Phantasialand is divided into six thematic zones, among which - "Fantasy", "Africa", "Berlin", "Mystery", "Mexico", "China". Black Mamba is an extreme African-style roller coaster that tourists from all over the world come to ride. Also, various shows are regularly held in the park, and thematic performances are organized for children.

Phantasialand Park

"Fantasyland", according to many tourists, is the most favorite place not only for children who have been here, but also for parents. Some even compare the park to the legendary Disneyland, saying that the German center wins. ByAccording to estimates, such components as the cleanliness of the park, administrative work and, of course, the variety of attractions are in the lead.

Holiday Park

Holiday Park is one of the best amusement parks in Germany with over a million visitors every year.

The Free Fall Tower is the first attraction of its kind in Europe. Expedition GeForce is a rollercoaster for real extreme people. Its speed reaches 120 kilometers per hour. There are also incredible water slides for the whole family to ride.

Holiday Park

Reviews about the amusement park in Germany are mostly positive. Tourists write that here you can have a great rest with your family, as well as independently try out cool and high-speed rides that meet all safety rules.


43 hectares and 56 million parts of the famous designer - this is all the Legoland park in Germany. The center is built almost entirely from Lego and boasts dozens of exciting rides and themed shows.

Legoland park

Visitors of the park share their impressions that age does not matter to enjoy the atmospheric world of your favorite designer. They say that everything here is thought out in great detail. Organized staff and cheap tickets are the best incentive to come to this center.


The amusement park in Germany Hansa-Park is located in the city of Sierksdorf on the B altic Sea. The center is the fifth largest in the country and attracts annuallyover a million visitors.

The territory of the park is divided into eleven thematic zones, among which are "Medieval", "Pirate", "Western", "Adventure", "Mexican" and others. Shows include water circus, parrot theatre, magic and laser shows.

Hansa Park

The main thing that is mentioned in the positive reviews is that this park is perfect for lovers of moderate extreme sports, as well as for those who do not like to stand in lines, because the average queue time for the main attraction is 15 minutes. Tourists also write that Hansa-Park is a great place for couples with children. They note that it is advisable to come here to the very opening.


Heide-Park is located in Soltau, an hour's drive from Hannover. Its area covers more than eighty hectares, which gives it the right to be called one of the largest amusement parks in Germany.

Entertainment Center is divided into five zones: the Saxon-style quarter, "Pirate World", "Transylvania", "Forgotten Land" and "Wild West". The park has more than forty attractions designed for both families and lovers of fast driving. One of the most popular rides is Colossus, a wooden roller coaster that is the second steepest in the world.

Heide Park

Also in Heide-Park there are slides with a circular game ride, a gold mining platform,a children's kayak center and much more.

This amusement park in Germany hosts five shows every day: a 25-minute Maya show, a 35-minute pirate show, a 20-minute show based on a popular children's series, a 10-minute puppet show, a 30-minute inspired by the cartoon "Madagascar".

Many tourists who have visited this amusement park are advised to set aside a whole day for this place and take a map with you so as not to miss anything. They note that the atmosphere in Heide-Park is simply incredible, romantic and fabulous. They write in the reviews that the best time of the year to visit is autumn, due to the lack of large crowds. Among other things, tourists say that the attractions are for every taste, the food is delicious, and the staff is polite and organized.


This amusement park is an hour from Stuttgart. The center is divided into three zones: action, entertainment, adventure. The Himalayan Railway is one of the most popular roller coasters in Germany. Wave Runner is an extreme water ride that the whole family can ride.

Schwaben Park

In reviews of the park, tourists write that they liked everything: from the variety of slides to the service and cleanliness. Visitors say that very professional animators work in this center. The guests of the park were also pleased with the price of the ticket.


The amusement park in Germany Tripsdrill is the oldest amusement park in Baden-Württemberg. In addition to water slides, carousels onfor every taste and even a wine museum there is a wildlife park and much more. The Mammoth roller coaster is practically a local attraction, thanks to the fact that it is the largest wooden roller coaster in Germany.

Tripsdrill Center

Over the past eighty years Tripsdrill has become one of the top tourist destinations with over a hundred different rides including Dancing Bowls, Scream Tower, water rafting and more.

You can take a break from the dizzying carousels in the wildlife park. Its territory reaches twenty hectares.

Reviews about the park say that a visitor of any age will like it here. Tourists who have been here with their families say that all the rides, despite the age of the park, are not in doubt about safety, and the organization of recreation is of a high level.

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