How to use the hotel safe? Description, instructions, tips

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How to use the hotel safe? Description, instructions, tips
How to use the hotel safe? Description, instructions, tips

For the safety of personal documents and money, the hotel has special safes. From this article you will learn how to use the safe in hotels and inns, what types are there and where to find the safe if it is not located in a conspicuous place.

What is the difference between a hotel safe and a home safe?

A hotel safe is a separate range of specialized devices that are different from home and office. There are 3 main differences:

  1. Constant code change. With each new visitor, the code from the safe changes. Some hotel vaults require you to constantly change the code when closing and opening the safe.
  2. Any hotel safe has a master code, which is kept by the administrator. With it, you can unlock the safe if the visitor has forgotten the previously entered code. For an additional fee, the hotel's maintenance department can provide an emergency opening of the safe.
  3. The hotel safe is small and compact. It has an initial level of protection against burglary, adapted to be built into furniture.
How to use the safe?

When using a safe in a hotel, as in any other place, do not forget the entered code. Tip: keep a small notebook with the codes and carry it with you.

What kind of safes can there be in a hotel? Types of hotel storages

A place for guests can have one of four types of safe:

  1. Key safe. The option is very rare, as guests lose their keys and do not return them on time. On the other hand, having a safe with a key is simple and convenient.
  2. Electronic safe. Opened with a magnetic card. A more modern and frequent way, but you will have to carry the card with you everywhere.
  3. Biometric safes. The rarest variant. The safe opens by reading its owner's fingerprint.
  4. Electronic safe with a coded set of numbers. The most common option where you create a 4-6 digit PIN and enter it when needed.
how to use a hotel safe

Instructions on how to use the hotel safe will be for the last option, which is most common.

Where can the safe be located?

Storage for money and documents should be well fixed in a closet or on a shelf, located in an inconspicuous place. When you first visit a hotel, it can take a long time to find a safe, so check these places right away:

in an inexpensive hotel, the safe is located in a closet bolted to a sideboard or niche;

Safe on the shelf
  • if there is no safe in the closet, then check the nightstand with a refrigerator and drinks;
  • in moreexpensive hotels have a pull-out shelf where document storage can be hidden;
  • in the most advanced hotels the safe is built into the wall.
  • To use the safe in hotels, you need to use a code or key that you should be given. A key card or a regular key can lie next to the safe, you invent the code yourself.

Basic operation of a hotel safe

When a guest checks into a hotel, the system prompts them to set their own code, which will be used to enter. If the code is not set, then by default the system sets the base case: "0000" or "1234".

Types of safe

It is important to change the code after the last guest so that no one uses the safe. This is the task of the administrator who changes the code using the master master key.

The code can only be reset with a master key. If you have forgotten your password, please ask your administrator to open the mailbox. There is a possibility that the procedure will not be free.

How to use the hotel safe? Carefully open and close the lock, entering the code smoothly and without pressing the buttons. Turn the key in both directions and remember which one will be correct to unlock.

If the safe is closed and does not respond to the new code, contact the administrator. In the event of a breakdown, an emergency opening will be made, batteries and keyboards will be replaced at the expense of the institution. Try to immediately call the administrator to fix the breakdown after the last guest.

How to use the safe in the hotel room? instruction,description, step by step

The hotel room should have step-by-step instructions for using the safe. Actions may differ depending on the model of the safe, but their principle is the same:

1. Code replacement. You need to change PIN1 to PIN2. The safe should already be open, use the red button to operate it. After a beep and a yellow indicator, you can start entering a new code. If there is no reset button, then press the Clear key to clear. If there is a reset button (most often it is red), then click on it.

how to use the electronic safe in the hotel instructions

2. Next, use the key combination to enter a new code. If the code is written to the system, then you will hear a characteristic sound. The yellow indicator will light up if the code is not accepted and it will have to be rewritten.

3. How to use the electronic safe in the hotel? The instruction involves closing the safe and checking its operation. Do not put documents in the safe for the first time, evaluate its work.

4. If the red button lights up during operation, the safe requires battery replacement. Possible system failure.

5. When reusing, enter the code, then press the Open or Enter button to unlock the vault.

You can put documents and money in the safe after several successful checks.

Tips and tricks on how to use your hotel room safe

Follow the instructions when entering the room:

  1. Check if the safe is well fixed in the wall, on the shelf.
  2. Change the previous code, checkoperation of the safe without documents. Close it 1-3 times and enter the code again.
  3. Try simple codes. If the safe opens, the service code has been triggered. Ask the administration to remove it.
  4. If the lock does not work well, the numbers flash and the sound of opening is not heard immediately, then the safe may soon run out of batteries. Please contact your administrator for new ones.
  5. If you have any difficulties, please contact the administration.

Using a hotel safe is quite simple. You need to try opening and closing 1-3 brands of safes in the hotel room several times, and you can learn!

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