Sirinat National Park, Phuket: history and interesting facts

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Sirinat National Park, Phuket: history and interesting facts
Sirinat National Park, Phuket: history and interesting facts

In Phuket, in addition to the standard entertainment and classic attractions, there are many parks. Among them, Sirinat National Park stands out with its special beauty, which annually hosts tens of thousands of tourists.

A bit of history

There are more than thirty beautiful natural parks on the island of Phuket. The famous Sirinat National Park ranks thirty-first on this list. In 1980, the governor of Phuket ordered subordinate departments to work on identifying sites that needed state protection. Many places were explored by specialists, and several coral reefs were discovered in the clearest waters of the bay. After that, the governor signed a decree granting national status to the place. The reserve was named Khad Nai Yang. The new name - Sirinat Marine National Park - was given to the reserve in 1992, when Queen Sirikit celebrated her sixtieth birthday.

national park

Flora and fauna of the park

The park is spread overterritory of ninety square kilometers and is located in the northwestern part of Phuket. The coastline of the reserve stretches for thirteen kilometers near the famous Patong Beach, where young people like to spend their free time.

beach forest

The island has the richest flora and fauna. In particular, the forest, which is called mangrove, is prohibited from being cut down. The forest is home to a great variety of lizards, snakes, amphibians. Another type of forest is called beach forest, because it stretches just along the coastline. In the dense branches of trees, birds make their nests, of which there are several dozen species on the island. There are also rare ones: spotted dove, wraith, maine. The main function of the forest is to protect the coastline from destruction.

forest on the beach

Description of the Sirinat National Park would be incomplete without mentioning its peculiar miracle - snow-white beaches, which sea turtles have chosen for their nesting. This spectacle is definitely worth a look. The Turtle Foundation annually monitors and protects nests from ruin.

How to get to the park

From the main city of the island - Phuket Town - Sirinat National Park is located only thirty kilometers. For such a short walk, you can rent a bike and boldly go towards the beauties of nature. From Patong Beach, the reserve is only a thirty-minute drive.

How to get to Sirinat National Park is also known in Phang Nga province. Those who decideto go from here, you should definitely take your camera with you and properly charge your mobile devices, because the path lies through the famous Saracen Bridge. It offers magnificent panoramic views. After the bridge, you need to drive another three or four kilometers, and you are there. You can also get through the airport. This road is not too different from the others. Having reached the airport, you need to drive a few more kilometers. Entrance to the Sirinat National Park is paid, about 400 rubles. All the money that is earned on the park, the management spends on its maintenance.

Monkeys in Sirinat Park

Sightseeing and entertainment

If you go to the northern part of the island, closer to Mai Khao beach, you can get to the famous Tachachai trail. The trail is unique in that it runs through mangrove forests, very valuable and carefully guarded by the island authorities. The trail is only six hundred meters long, but along the way you can see a lot of rare and interesting plants that the Sirinat National Park is famous for. Photos can be taken in the morning, when the sun is high above the island, or in the evening, but using the lighting function of a camera or smartphone. Among the roots of trees and foliage that lies on the ground, looking closely, you can see crabs. They make special sounds that add to the amazing atmosphere of this paradise.

Mai Khao Beach, better known as the wild beach of the Sirinat National Park, will appeal to those who want to be in silence, alone with nature and feel the wholethe strength and power of the three elements: water, air and earth. Walking along the beach is soothing and invigorating.

Housing stock

In this amazing protected area, you can stay for a few days, because the locals have taken care of where to stay for tourists. There are cozy small bungalows where you can have a great time as independent tourists, there is also a large company. There are excellent cafes in the park, where chefs offer dishes for every taste. But it is better, of course, to completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the island and feel its taste through those dishes that the Thais themselves prefer.

For tourists in search of real adventures, there is another interesting option - camping. These are specially equipped places for cooking, with showers and latrines. Tourist centers on the island offer to rent a tent for a small fee, which you can set up directly on the beach and enjoy the surrounding landscapes and a magnificent sunset for at least a day and a half. And for those who do not know how to put up a tent and doubt their abilities, a sleeping bag is offered for rent.

bungalow in the park

Reviews of tourists

Reviews of Sirinat National Park in Phuket are exceptionally positive. Tourists report excellent infrastructure that helps beginners navigate the large area. Everywhere there are signs and signs in English with markings that even people who do not know any language other than their native language will understand. Inspires travelers and cuisine, whichcalled one of the most delicious in the world. And, of course, nature - landscapes that you will never forget.

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